18 Marvelous Examples of Long Hair With Side Bangs

If you are searching for long hairstyles with side bangs, you are in the right place! Bangs make a beautiful frame for your face and are pretty trendy right now.

You’ll get a fresh, cooler appearance with long side bangs and you’ll just love the way it makes people turn heads to see your beautiful eye-popping hairstyle.

1. Long Layered Hair With Side Bangs

Black hair color makes your eyes pop and gives a beautiful face frame. You must keep your long hair layered and your bangs swiped on one side. For the ends, use a brighter color such as dark brown caramel.


2. Long Straight Hair With Side Bangs

If you have prominent cheekbones, long brown hair cand do a great job at hiding them. Use a hair straightener to make your locks shiny and glamorous.


3. Long Curly Hair With Side Bangs

Get yourself a layered haircut for curly hair and dye the tips of your locks brown. Create some bangs and swipe them on one side if you want less dimension in front.


4. Wavy Long Hair With Side Bangs

If you are a fan of long bangs hairstyles, try side bangs with waves. Waves always give you a romantic look and if you choose to swipe your bangs on one side you’ll get a memorable appearance. Choose a honey color for your hair and you’ll fall in love with this hairstyle.


5. Korean Side Bangs With Long Hair

If you have a large forehead, bangs swiped on one side might be the best solution to hide that. Create some loose curls for the rest of your hair and keep your mane in its natural color.


6. Long Side Bangs With Weave

If you are a stylish girl, these side bangs for black women are definitely for you. Create an outside weave and straighten your long locks. This hairstyle is perfect for all those classy events where you must make a glamorous appearance.


7. Side Bangs With Long Bob

This long bob with bangs looks crazy! Create all sorts of highlights by mixing electric colors as green pink and burgundy.


8. Long Side Bangs for Black Hair

Even Beyonce will be jealous of your hair!  Those perfect curls go so well with some wide bangs swiped on one side.


9. Long Side Bangs for School Girls

If you want a beautiful look for school, use a natural color for your hair to give it some nice reflexes and get some side bangs. Make some waves for locks to give your hair dimension.


10. Long Choppy Hair With Side Bangs

Get a choppy haircut for your hair tips and keep your bangs layered and swiped on one side. You’ll add a lot of volume to your mane.


11. Long Blonde Hair With Side Swept Bangs

Easy waves make you look like you had a relaxing day at the beach. Keep your bangs long and swipe them on one side for a mesmerizing look.


12. Side Bangs On Thick and Long Hair

Thick long hair is something any girl wants! Use a conical iron to create some beautiful loops and make some medium bangs that you can blow on one side.


13. Side Bangs On Long Thin Hair

Layering and curling work so good together! Mix them to add more dimension to your hair. You can even layer your bangs to create a mesmerizing effect.


14. Long Dark Hair With Side Bangs

Wanna look like a rockstar? Here’s your chance! Keep a natural dark brown color for your hair and keep your bangs near the line of your cheekbones.


15. Highlighted Long Hair With Side Bangs

This long hairstyle with side bangs has it all and we’re in love with it! Those blonde highlights really give texture to your long mane!


16. Side Bangs for Long-haired Women With Glasses

This is the perfect hairstyle for women with glasses who want to try bangs. Keep your side bangs above your eyebrows and create some loose waves.


17. Long Side Bangs for Women With Round Face

This beautiful long bangs hairstyle looks like a kid’s playground and is truly mesmerizing. Create a beautiful gradient for your hair starting with a dark purple shade.


18. Long Brown Hair With Side Bangs

These days, everybody loves a messy side bangs look! Why? Because is so easy to style and look great on every face shape.

Even if you have a round face or a big forehead, a long hairstyle with side bangs is something you need. Tell us which one of these hairstyles works for you!