10 Best Long Layered Hairstyles for Curly Hair

Trust us when we say that you are neither the first nor the last to look for beautiful hairstyles for long layered curly hair.

There is so much beauty in diversity, and it is only right that everyone can find the perfect styles for themselves. Whatever hair texture you may have, we are sure that one of the hairstyles below will fit you just right.

Long Layered Curly Hair Ideas

Let’s take a look at the various layered hairstyles you can consider for your long curly hair! Who knows, you might just find yourself a hairstyle that you’d use for your wedding too!

1. Long Natural Curly Hair With Layers

Integrate two hairstyles into one by using a layering technique. Split your hair down the middle between front to back so that you can style your fringe a little differently from all those beautiful long locks at the back.

 2. Long Layered Curly Hair With Highlights

Create an awesome two-toned look when you highlight your locks. The best part about highlighting is that your overall look won’t be affected even when new roots start showing!

3. Long Layered Curly Hair With Bangs

Want a simple and straightforward hairstyle? How about keeping it real simple with long locks and just a little bit of fringe? You won’t even need to style this much!

4. Choppy Layers For Long Curly Hair

If your curls are somewhere between tight curls and loose ones, you only need to make sure that your hair is taken care of well. This means no dry, frizzy hair!

5. Long Curly Bob With Layers

Even long hair can look short if you have a thick head of tight curls. Most ladies with long curly hair use plenty of hair oil to make sure that their hair stays as neat as possible.

6. Thick Curly Hair With Long Layers

We love the cascading color tones here! This lady dyed the ends of her curls a lighter tone as compared to the roots – a smart choice that makes grown-out hair look as natural as possible.

7. Long Layered Curls With Ombre

If you’re one of the lucky ones with a gorgeous head of curly hair, then you might find your hair growing into tighter curls towards the end. It almost appears as if you only permed the end of your curls!

8. Kinky Curly Hair With Long Layers

This is as close to natural tight curls as you can get. Most ladies with this hairstyle only have to make sure that their hair is patted down towards the side instead of sticking upwards.

9. Long Layered Frizzy Curls

Ladies with finer hair usually find their hair a little frizzier than the others. However, frizzy hair can be a style on its own too, so everything’s fine!

10. Dyed Long Curly Hair With Layers

Nothing is more attention-catching than some long layered curly hair with vibrant colors. Choose a few colors that can easily blend into a color gradient for optimal results.

This list of wonderful hairstyles for long layered curly hair should have at least a couple of styles that have inspired you. Why not check out some other styles available for similar hair lengths and styles?