25 Long Layered Bob Hairstyles That Are Popular Right Now

Long layered bobs, also known as lobs, are very popular at the moment because these haircuts are suitable for any occasion. Your hair is long enough to braid and style and you can still create waves or curls to make it look romantic and elegant

A long layered bob hairstyle goes hand in hand with ombres, highlights and especially with bangs.

1. Long Layered Bob with Bangs

For this beautiful long layered bob with bangs, you can choose a ginger brown color or make a beautiful blonde ombre. Get yourself some short bans above your eyebrows and create layers to give your hair volume. You will adore your new look!

2. Layered Straight Lob

This long bob hairstyle looks undoubtedly mesmerizing. Use a straightening iron to make it look flawless and swipe your long bangs on one side. You can choose to make some ultra-thin highlights that will give your hair a lot of texture!

3. Long A-Line Bob with Layers

For this bob hairstyle, you need to keep your hair shorter in the back and create some easy waves. Highlights will make your hair stand out from the crowd wherever you go.

4. Long Angled Bob with Layers

For this angled bob, waves or curls are the main attraction point. If you choose to make some highlights, your hair will look textured and mesmerizing.

5. Balayage Lob with Layers

If you want your hair to have more volume, create layers for half of your hair. Highlights or even ombre can give you a romantic and elegant feel.

6. Face Framing Layered Lob

If you have a round face or prominent cheekbones, a medium bob hairstyle can help you dim those facial features. Choose a natural brown color and cut some layers for your tips.

7. Blonde Layered Lob

What do you think? Will it look gorgeous on you? We’re sure it will because these blonde bob ombres already look fantastic. Create layers for your hairstyle if you want to give your hair dimension and you will adore your transformation.

8. Choppy Layered Lob

The best thing about choppy haircuts is that will give your hair the volume you always craved for. You can choose to wear this lob with bangs or to part your locks in the middle.

9. Layered Bob for Black Hair

Black hair is such a great color for your hair, especially because your hair will look healthier and imperfections like split ends won’t be noticeable. More than this, black color reflects light and it will shine wherever you go.

10. Long Stacked Bob with Layers

This stacked bob looks like a real work of art. Those highlights perfectly blend with the base color and those easy waved tips are simply fabulous.

11. Long Layered Wavy Bob

For this bob hairstyle, you can choose to keep your roots dark and for the rest of your hair, you should get a blonde color. Easy waves will make your hair look elegant and glamorous.

12. Long Inverted Bob with Layers

This long bob hairstyle looks spectacular! Waves go so well with the long bangs and this is the best example that “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

13. Long Layered Messy Bob

If you want a romantic diaphane look, a medium messy bob hairstyle is the best choice. Create a fringe that goes near the line of your cheekbones and use a honey color for some subtle highlights.

14. Long Layered Curly Bob

When we talk about curly hairstyles, layering your twirls is something you must do. This way you will emphasize the upper part of your head. Create an auburn ombre for a spectacular effect.

15. Layered Lob with Side Swept Bangs

Layered bob bangs hairstyle for this hair loos fascinating thanks to those beautiful layers and swept bangs. If you want an even more glamorous touch you can choose to add some highlights.

16. Thick Layered Bob

If you want a classic hairstyle that looks gorgeous every day, choose a platinum blonde hair color and layer your tips. Split your fringe into two parts and swipe them on both sides.

17. Long Layered Bob for Thin Hair

When it comes to thin hair, getting it look textured and with more volume is a hard thing to get. Layer your locks and create a fringe that is longer on sides.

18. Layered Lob for Long Face

If you have a long face, this layered bob is for you. Create loads of layers and pick a ginger cooper color. Your fringe must reach the line of your cheekbones and you should swipe it one side to make your face look more round.

19. Layered Lob for Little Girl

She looks like an angel, doesn’t she? And besides that pretty sweet face, she has an awesome hairstyle that makes her look like a little princess.

20. Blunt Bob with Long Layers

Such texture! All of that thanks to highlighting done right! For this hairstyle, you need to get a medium wavy bob haircut and tousle your locks a little. It will look awesome!

21. Middle Part Layered Lob

This middle part layered bob is something we all want. Keep your roots in their natural color and create a beautiful blonde ombre. To give your hair dimension and texture use a curling iron to make some waves.

22. Side Part Layered Lob

This is one of the classics! Make some cascade layers for the front hair and swipe your long bangs on one side.

23. Long Layered Bob with Highlights

This hairstyle is perfect for a sunny day at the beach but also inspires warmth in the cold winter. Make some choppy ends and add some uneven silver highlights to your hair.

24. Lob with Side Bangs and Layers

If you want a good frame for your face, all you have to do is get a lob hairstyle with blonde highlights. Wear your fringe just below your eyebrows and swipe it on one side.

25. Long Layered Bob for Round Face

If you have a round face, you can opt for a cool tousled fringe and some wide highlights for your locks like this round face bob. Also, remember to create layers for your tips.

Whether you want an elegant hairstyle or a popular and glamorous one, lobs can be a good choice for both cases.