21 Long Box Braids for Your Perfect Looks

Long box braids are becoming popular among women that get their hair braided. Here’s why; Braiding is considered one of the best protective styles to put on your hair. Box braids especially promote hair growth and protect your ends from heat damage. They can last up to 2 months before you need to go back to the salon (as long as you frequently wash and condition the scalp). 

This hairstyle also gives your head a chance to relax from the constant pulling and combing.

long Box braids are easy to maintain, too; all you have to do is keep them clean and cover the braids when you sleep. Because of the individual nature of each box braid, it allows for versatility when styling. Spicing up the braids is a fun affair that includes color and beaded or string decorations. Take a look at some of these style inspirations for the next time you get box braids.

1. Long Jumbo Box Braid

Jumbo braids take a very short time to plait and make you look gorgeous. These box braids can have gold strands and gold metal beads, It is popular with women everywhere.


2. Small Box Braid with Long Hair

The neatest braid style is small box braids. The size is great for all face shapes and is easy to maintain, but undoing these tiny braids might take a few hours.


3. Medium-Sized Long Box Braids

Getting medium box braids is faster than small-sized braids. You don’t need to spend so much time on the salon chair, and the medium-long box braids take less time to take down.


4. Long Crochet Box Braid

If you’re going for an elegant look, then long crochet box braids are in at the moment. The light curls give you a  full head of hair. Add accessories to the braids for some shine.


5. Long Blonde Box Braid

Long blonde braids look great in the sun. If you have dark natural hair, it blends well with back length braids. Keep this in mind next time you want to braid your hair.


6. Long Bob with Box Braids

Getting bobbed box braids is what you need for a quick look. This hairstyle flatters your face shape because of how the ends curl inside, and it is easy to take down after a few weeks.


7. Long Box Braids with Color

If you want to try a daring hairstyle, try colored box braids. You can add gold beads to blend with any color. These bright red box braids give a bold statement to your look.


8. Updo with Long Box Braids

An updo with box braids gives off a sophisticated look. It can be great for the office or a job interview. This updo can be at the center or the sides of your head.


9. Box Braids on Long Natural Hair

If your natural hair is long, braiding box braids help keep it protected. Braids tuck in your natural hair allowing it to grow undisturbed. This hairstyle does wonders for all head shapes.


10. Long Box Braids with Beads

Spice up your long box braids by adding gold and silver metal beads. These small hair decorations make your hair look beautiful, and you can put the beads anywhere on the individual braids.


11. Middle Part Long Box Braids

One of the most common box braid styles is the middle part. Letting the box braids fall at the sides often gives your face a slimmer look. Everyone can look beautiful in this style.


12. Long Box Braids with Side Part

If you want to try something new, box braids with a side part is a good start. It can be on the left or right side. Try this to switch up an everyday look.


13. Long Bohemian Box Braids

Bohemian box braids are a beautiful style. The wavy braids are placed outside of the braid, giving a curly look mixed with braids. Blonde box braids blend well with darker hair roots.


14. Long Box Braided Ponytail

Braided ponytails are great for those faces with high cheekbones. If you want the long box braid hairstyle, try brown or red next time you go to the hair salon.


15. Long Box Braid with Curls

Blonde box braids can come with curled ends instead of braiding to the end. This elegant two-in-one style looks flattering in blonde. It looks good on all skin types.


16. Long Box Braids with Wavy Ends

Another way to braid box braids is to have the ends curled uniformly. We recommend this style if you want something low maintenance. Dark roots can blend well with any braid color.


17. Long Ombre Box Braids

This double-colored look is excellent for the summer since they are lightweight. The ends of ombre braids come in various colors depending on the style you want, like blue and pink.


18. Box Braids with Bun

Tying your box braids in a high bun brings more attention to your facial features. If you want a professional look, this is a better hairstyle than letting the braids fall on your back.


19. Long Box Braid with Weave

Getting box braids with weaves is one of the go-to hairstyles for women. The weave gives the braids a sleek look. All face shapes would look great in these braids.


20. Long Box Braids with Shaved Sides

If you want long box braids with a twist, try shaving one side of your head. This bold hairstyle gives off a modern cyberpunk look that anyone can pull off.


21. Half Up Long Box Braids

There are infinite ways to style box braids these days. Hold up half of the braids while the rest fall on your back, this simple style is great for going out on a sunny day.


It doesn’t matter what time of the year it is. Box braids are suitable for any season, and long box braids are a protective style for your natural hair. The braids enclose your natural hair to protect it from the harsh elements for healthy and robust hair.

The many ways you can style box braids also allow for expression in different forms. Colors range from black to green so that you can achieve virtually any style. You can tie the hair in a bun, ponytail, or let it down, depending on your mood. We love box braids because they honestly look good on everyone!