30 Stunning Long Bob Haircuts with Bangs to Express Your Personality

Ready for a hair change but don’t want to go as short as a pixie? Long bobs with bangs are trendy for a reason! Not only are they flattering on nearly any face shape, but they are easy to work with as far as creating texture, dimension, and movement.


Ways to Style Long Bob With Bangs

The variants of bob with bangs hairstyles are very popular among women. Whether you’re looking for a sophisticated hairstyle you can feel professional in at work or something more flirty you can rock anytime, you’ll find long bobs with bangs are both low-maintenance and stylish. Read on for hair inspiration!

1. Long Bob With Side Bangs

Wavy long bob cut with a side part gives a helpful dimension and is soft and feminine. Long side bangs for thin hair are easy to maintain and give the look a finished touch.


2. Long Layered Bob With Bangs

If you have thick hair, the easiest way to manage it is to get layers, which control unruly locks and frustrating frizz. Work in fun waves for a night out and straight bangs to give this look some edge.


3. Long Angled Bob With Bangs

Looking for a super trendy hairstyle? Angled bobs are blunt cuts that not only work on most face shapes, but they also show off cheekbones. Many styles are fashioned without bangs but on this option, they help frame the face.


4. Long Inverted Bob With Bangs

The inverted bob is another super flattering style of bob. Stacked with layers in the back, this style is more dramatic than other bobs, especially when paired with bangs. Choose this style if you want to look more polished at the office.


5. A Line Bob With Bangs for Long-haired Women

Do you have thin hair? An a-line bob is perfect for women with thin hair and fine hair as it uses layers to create volume. A side-swept bang cuts across the forehead creating dimension and movement.


6. Lob With Bangs For Thin Hair

Struggling to find the perfect hairstyle for your thin hair? The universal lob will help you feel your best! Use caramel highlights on a brunette base to bring warmth to your gorgeous face.


7. Long Bob With Bangs For Thick Hair

A simple yet classic cut, this long bob with side-swept bangs in a rich dark red stuns! Thick hair is smooth and polished given a semi-blunt cut and straightened.


8. Long Bob With Long Bangs

If you prefer your thin hair to be all one length, this bob with bangs for your long hair. It’s low maintenance but you’ll still feel beautiful!


9. Long Stacked Bob With Bangs

A stacked bob works wonders on women with thin or fine hair as it creates a lot of movement. It’s the perfect mix of angles and lengths!


10. Choppy Bob With Bangs for Long Hair

Choppy bobs are a great option for women looking to add more texture to their hairstyles. They look even better when highlighted or shown off with blunt bangs!


11. Long Bob With Chinese Bang

If you have thin hair or an oval face, Chinese bangs on a long bob would look great on you. Start with creating waves in your long locks, then make sure your bangs are pin-straight and just meet your eyebrows for a dramatic look.


12. Lob With Side Bangs For Round Face

Older women with long hair looking to keep their look young and fresh might want to try out this bob with side bangs. The overall look is straight while ends are angled.


13. Long Bob With Sew-In Bangs


14. Messy Long Bob With Bangs

Women with thick hair can’t go wrong with this beautiful blonde wavy lob. Lots of layers and choppy ends create texture your friends will envy you for!


15. Asymmetrical Lob With Bangs

A feminine yet funky cut, the asymmetrical cut allows you to keep the length you love while still trying out a shorter hairstyle. Go for a bold red to make them look even edgier.


16. Long Blonde Bob With Bangs

Women with thick hair can’t go wrong with the infamous blonde lob. With angled layers and bangs that frame the face, it’s a classic that will never go out of style.


17. Long Pixie Bob With Bangs

Another low-maintenance style, this long pixie bob leaves a little length on sides while keeping the rest short. Highlights keep the look fresh.


18. Long Straight Bob With Bangs

Not ready to chop your lengthy locks? A long straight bob with bangs will ensure you still feel feminine and flirty!


19. Long Wavy Bob With Bangs

A cute and flirty style perfect for women with thin hair, the long wavy bob has plenty of texture and movement. Short, blunt bangs complete the look.


20. Long Curly Bob With Bangs

Do you have curly hair? Play it up on a long bob with bangs! Whether your hair is naturally curly or you’re using a curling wand, this style will show them off.


21. Long Undercut Bob With Bangs

If you’re looking for the ultimate edge, a bob with an undercut is for you. A shaved side combined with another with angled length equals a bold haircut all around.


22. Long Bob With Bangs for Black Hair

Your naturally curly hair deserves to be shown off on a long bob with bangs! Use your fingers to shape curls and contain frizz for a beautiful cut.


23. Long Blunt Bob With Bangs

If you have thin hair, blunt cuts with highlights are one of the prettiest options in sleek shoulder-length style.


24. Lob With Bangs And Highlights

This long bob with highlights uses choppy ends to create texture and body. It’s the perfect style to feel flirty and feminine!


25. Long Bob With Curtain Bangs

Not feeling side-swept bangs? A blunt bob with long, wispy curtain bangs to frame the face are another beautiful option.


26. Long Bob With Feathered Bangs

If you have fine hair, feathered bangs are a great way to add volume and texture. Try them on a long bob!


27. Long Bob With Swoop Bangs

Not ready to commit to blunt bangs? Try swoop bangs on a long bob and see if you like this more versatile, soft option.


28. Long Bob With Wispy Bangs

For women with thin hair, wispy bangs are the best option because they’re easier to manipulate and arrange. Use a hairspray or texturing creme to hold your look.


29. Long Graduated Bob With Bangs

Stacked layers in back and long face-framing pieces up front create this trendy graduated bob. A side-swept bang keeps the look from being too hardcore.


30. Long Shaggy Bob With Bangs

A shaggy bob works wonders for women with thin hair trying to add volume. Create waves with a curling wand for texture and play with piecey bangs to frame your face.

With so many options for long bobs with bangs, you can’t go wrong with whichever one you choose!