15 Cute & Trendy Pixie Cuts for Little Girls

Cute, stylish, and manageable— the Little Girl Pixie Cut is the new in! This hairstyle is popular because of its uniqueness and it also accentuates your girl’s facial features. You don’t have to worry about tangles and split ends, you just need the big chop and your hair will be transformed into something new. For little girls, it’s time to take a risk with your hair!

These hairstyles for girls are a must-try if you’re tired of long locks. You could do a little tweak like adding accessories or adding a dash of funky color to make your girl look chic and stylish! They range in style from shaggy to short pixie cut, you just have to choose one that fits your child.


How to Manage a Pixie Cut for Little Girls

Have we already mentioned that a pixie cut is perfect if your girl is always on the go? This no-frills hair is low maintenance meaning you do not need to comb it as frequently. It also looks cute and gives a more youthful vibe! This trendy and chic style will give your kid a stylish yet classy vibe.

1. Short Pixie Cut for Little Girl

Whether you’re a girl or a woman, a pixie cut is a must-try for all ages. From its edgy vibe that it exudes, it also gives a manageable hair that you don’t need to blow dry every single day!


2. Long Pixie Haircut


After a short pixie cut, you can turn the awkward hair length into a longer version of the pixie cut. This kind of hairstyle frames your girl’s face shape, making her look chic and stylish. 


3. Asymmetrical Pixie for Little Girl

Girls could also rock short hair! Prove that statement by chopping off your locks and going with this kind of short asymmetrical hairstyle. Add a streak of color for your personal touch.


4. Black Little Girl with Pixie Hair

For kids with curly hair, make your mane more manageable by getting the big chop! Curly hair can be unruly at times and it’s such a hassle to fix and maintain. This hairstyle would define the curls more.


5. Blonde Pixie for Kid

Blonde locks and Little Girl Pixie Cut always go well with each other. It gives more definition by accentuating your girl’s natural highlights as well as the fine texture of the hair.


6. Curly Pixie Hair

Curly hair is always cute especially if you have short hair. If your little girl is tired of her long curly locks, take this as a sign to go short!


7. Wavy Pixie Haircut for Little Girl

If you have wavy hair, then this hairstyle is perfect for you! Wavy hair becomes tangled at times and it’s hard to upkeep with that hairstyle. Chop it off and go short!


8. Pixie Cut for Little Girl with Fine Hair

Don’t be afraid to go short even if you have fine hair. It will give you more volume and texture, perfect for little girls. A nice touch of accessories will spice up the style more!


9. Thick Pixie Hair

If your girl has thick hair, it has the tendency to weigh her down. Go short and enjoy the low-maintenance hair for a while. This hairstyle is a wash-and-go ‘do!


10. Kid’s Pixie Cut with Bangs

Not only boys could go short, girls could too! Prove it by cutting your hair into a Little Girl Pixie Cut with a nice touch of bangs. It makes your girl look cuter and frames her face more.


11. Spiky Pixie Hair for Kid

Little girls could be edgy too! Show this cute hairstyle to your hairstylist and be ready for a total makeover. Spiky hair is not only for boys, girls can also rock it!


12. Pixie Cut for Little Girl with Glasses

If your little girl has glasses, going short is the best bet. It frames your face more and leaves no distraction for a beautiful face! Did we mention it is low-maintenance, too?


13. Messy Pixie Cut

To give more volume and texture to fine hair, let’s try the short ‘do! It balances out your look, giving you a cute yet edgy style. Your hair will definitely look unique, too!


14. Little Girl with Pixie Bob

Peacock blue is the new trend! For adventurous girls out there, why not try something new? A bob with a streak of color will give you a funky and chic look, perfect for summer breaks.


15. Angled Pixie for Kid

If your girl wants a change in hairstyle, this is definitely something to consider. Not too short and definitely not too long, this angled pixie is the right balance for a new style.


Little Girl Pixie Cut is always a must-try because it could change up your look every once in a while. From a streak of color to a pin of accessories, you could always add a touch of your personality with this hair. Low-maintenance hair should always be the standard, especially for youngsters. Take this as a sign to let your girl get the big chop and embrace the short hair!