23 Inspiring Layered Curly Hair Ideas

Layered curly hair is the perfect choice when your loops are a rebel and your hair tends to look like a bird’s nest. We know curls can be a real struggle when you are in a hurry and your hair doesn’t want to stay in one place. Layered curly hairstyles are also a great option if you want to keep your hair long, styled and healthy.

1. Long Layered Curly Hair

When you have curly hair, it is quite difficult to keep it in one place. If your rebel hair is really hard to manage we advise you to create a layered haircut that will make your beautiful yet rebel curls look fantastic like this long layered curl.

2. Short Layered Curly Hair

If you want a hairstyle that beautifully frames your face and at the same time can tame your rebel curly locks, these short bob haircuts are a pretty good option. For a more romantic look, flip your bangs on one side.

3. Shoulder Length Curly Hair with Layers

These ringlets look like every woman’s dream but we all know that even if they are beautiful, they are hard to manage. Get yourself a layered hairstyle with bangs and you’ll forget about styling your hair.

4. Layered Curly Bob

If you want a haircut that gives a lot of dimension to your hair, a short bob haircut with bangs split in the middle is the best choice for you. It will keep your ringlets bouncy and shiny and all you need for styling is a tousle.

5. Curly Hair with Bangs and Layers

If you have tight curls your hair has a lot of dimensions. Create some highlights to make it look beautiful and choose a layered haircut if you want a nice shape for your rebel curls.

6. Messy Curly Layered Hair

This messy beach hair is something you can easily get! Get a layered haircut for medium-long hair and don’t forget about the bangs. They are perfect when you want to gorgeously frame your face.

7. Layered Curly Hair for Round Face

If you have a round face, and want to thinner your jawline or make your cheekbones look less prominent, choose a haircut that frames your face. This way you will get the look you always wanted.

8. Layered Curly Hair with Balayage

If you have tight ringlets and you are tired of holding back your rebel hair, you can always create gorgeous chocolate with milk brown ombre to make your hair stand out even more. Get some bangs and cut them longer on sides and shorter in the center.

9. Layers for Thick Curly Hair

So much dimension! These curls look perfect and that’s all thanks to a layered haircut that makes them sit just the way they should. You can wear this hairstyle with bangs on your forehead or you can flip them on one side, your choice.

10. Middle Part Layered Curly Hair

If you want the volume to be symmetrical, create a split in the middle of your head and part your hair locks. This way your hair will be equally distributed and you’ll get a fantastic look. Also, remember to cut your hair in layers if you want it to look fantastic.

11. Layered Kinky Curly Hair

These extremely tight curls look so beautiful! If you want to copycat this look you need to highly moisturize your hair so that your curls will look bouncy and perfect. Slip your bangs on one side and you will get this awesome look.

12. Angled Curly Hair with Layers

If you want a short bob hairstyle that gives your hair a lot of volume, this is the perfect choice for you. Keep it shorter in the back and longer in front and use some foam to get a wet look for your curls.

13. Natural Curly Hair with Layers

This hair looks outstanding! Getting this perfect shape never seemed easier! Get a layered bob hairstyle with bangs and your ringlets will have the form you desired.

14. Curly Updo with Layers

If you want a hairstyle that suits all those glamorous parties and occasions, a fancy updo is a right thing to choose. Keep your bangs untied, on your forehead and you sideburn loose. You will look elegant and classy and everybody will compliment your look.

15. Layered Curly Hair with Side Bangs

This hairstyle is perfect if you want to give your loops dimension and texture! Get a layered hairstyle and create some blonde highlights that will beautifully blend. Flip your bangs on one side and let your hair fall on your shoulders.

16. Half Up Curls with Layers

We guarantee you that this ombre hairstyle will look fantastic on your curled mane. Keep your curly bangs flipped on one side and your hair shorter in front.

17. Layered Curly Ponytail

This glamorous curly ponytail is the perfect hairdo for a wedding! Knit some ultra-loose braids on sides and spare your bangs. Part them in the middle and create some loose waves for your fringe and also for your rich mane. If you want more volume you can here-and-there insert some hair extensions.

18. Curly Braid with Layers

If you want a princess look for your long curly hair, create a honey blonde ombre and cut your hair in layers. Create some ringlets with a curling iron and braid one thick strand of your hair starting one side of your head to another.

19. Blonde Curly Hair with Layers

If well-defined hair is what you need, this is one of the best choices for you. Create some blonde highlights that will gorgeously blend with your caramel base. This way, each ringlet will look like it has its own personality.

20. Layered Curly Hair for Woman Over 50

If you are a woman over 50 that doesn’t mean to you can’t get a fresh modern haircut. On the opposite, this new hairstyle will make you feel younger and full of life. Choose a short bob haircut and flip your bangs on one side.

21. Fine Curly Hair with Layers

If you have a long face the best way to frame it is with some bangs. Keep your hair long and choose to wear your fringe short. Create some highlights and let your hair fall in cascade on your back and shoulders.

22. Blunt Curly Hair with Layers

This messy hairstyle is perfect for any type of hair but it really looks at its best when you have tight curls. Everyone will adore your ringlets and the fresh air that you inspire.

23. Choppy Layers with Curls

This is the perfect choice for a round face type. Keep your fringe uneven and very short and give it a tousle. Create a beautiful blonde ombre that will beautifully highlight your base color. For your tips, we suggest you create some choppy layered ends.

If you are one of those women with curly hair that always struggles with their rebel locks, the hairstyles we presented above are some of your best options. Choosing one of these hairstyles, you will not only have beautiful well-defined ringlets, but you will also forget about all those struggles that you have when you want a beautiful hairstyle that is easy to do. You have them all here!