18 Trendy Little Girl Haircuts with Bangs

It’s no surprise that today’s kids are fashion-obsessed and easily swayed by trendy outfits, footwear, and hairstyles. Little girl haircuts with bangs, fringes, side-swept, wavy, and see-through hair—there are so many variations on this classic cut that it is always in style.

Fashion is always something that changes fast over the decades, and so are the haircuts. Moreover, nowadays hairstyles are not confined only to the elder ones. Parents sometimes let their children cut or dye their hair to explore their sense of style.

This fashion-served generation is also one step advanced for the sake of social media, child influencers, TV commercials, daily magazines etc. Classic kid’s haircuts are upgraded in different ways to make your child look super stylish yet adorable at the same time.

The same old front bob has long gone. As most parents look for cute hairstyles, bangs are super popular among parents for their little princesses. Front fringe side-swept bangs have taken the lead over other styles, regardless of hair texture, facial feature, or skin tone.

Bangs for Little Girls

Bangs always give a visual transformation in any face shape, sharpens the jawline and cheekbone area, easy to keep and are trendy in all seasons. Bangs will make any little girl stand out in braids, straight or natural wavy hair.

Check out the bangs hairstyles for little girls below to see which one is best for your little doll!

1. Long hair with front bangs

Natural long wavy hair might be the favorite of all mothers. Just a simple front bang can take things a whole new level.

Try to keep a moderate distance between the bang lengths from the eyebrows. Leave her hair open or make a long ponytail; she will look stunning either way.

2. Short Blunt

Little girl’s hair with bangs is not always easy to maintain in the summer. Looking for something simple and easy to manage?

This chin-length short bob with a tiny front fringe will ensure your little ones look superb. Extremely low maintenance and go with all seasons.

3. Shoulder Long with Tiny Fringe

shoulder length haircut with bangs for little girls


Sleek and straight; It never goes out of style. Show off her smile with silky shoulder-grazing hair while blunt bangs must give the finishing touch. Make sure the symmetry between the both sides. Easy to brush; gives a feminine vibe.

4. Multi-Layer with Bangs

Only the bob and pixie look good on baby girls; we state otherwise. The all-time favorite classic multi-layered haircut will ensure your little princess is ahead of the style game.

Tuck a flower in her hair on some occasions. Look how gorgeous and grown-up this little girl with bangs!

5. Classic Chin-length Bob

Since its popularity, many varieties of bob came out but this classic chin-length was never out of date. Generally, bob cut suits well to everyone.

Additional front bangs are recommended to trim every six weeks so that it doesn’t fall on the eyes.

6. Short Pixie with Side-swept Bangs

Messy side-swept short pixie haircut is the new trendy ongoing. You can give a slight shaved undercut for sharp look or just leave it casual. Way too comfy and this tomboy is now ready to rock the party.

7. Afro-textured Curly Bang

There is a misconception that bangs never suit curly hair. Depending on facial features and hair texture, cutting bangs can dramatically change your look and give it a youthful touch, no matter how curly (2c or 3c) your hair is.

Keep the bang light to avoid messy forehead. Watch out for bangs cut too short. Blow dry the bangs if it gets frizzy.

8. Long Straight Hair Bangs

Simple yet elegant; if you are blessed enough to have natural silky-straight long hair, you can spice it up by adding a front bang.

Trim once a month, brush it regularly. Avoid using oily or rich cream on your forehead, it will eventually make the bangs sticky overnight.

9. Curtain Bangs

Curtain side bangs add extra dimension if you have a round or heart shaped face.

Also, this haircut is perfect in scorching summertime when front bangs tend to get greasy quickly. Comb your hair and then sweep your bangs in the opposite direction of your part to look fluff up.

You can use setting spray on occasion to keep fringes in place. So many cool variations in little girls bangs, right? More are coming.

10. Edgy Stacked Bob with Choppy Bangs

Bold, subtle, exquisite. We are talking about ‘60s trendy, edgy bob cut with choppy bangs. Variation in the length of the bangs is the uniqueness here. Perfect haircut for your baby’s back to school or casual outing.

11. Blunt Bangs

Natural straight hair and blunt fringe is probably the best of the best combination. If you want some fresh start for your little doll, this flawless sharp finishing might be a convenient option. Must trim in every six weeks.

12. Curly Top Bun

Messy is the new trendy. Wavy hair looks extremely stunning with asymmetrical bangs. This kinky high-pony needs a little effort to make you look more vibrant than usual. A funky sunglass and a matching hairband that all; ready to be the center of attention.

13. Top Hair bun with Whispy Bangs

Gather all the hairs, section it on two sides, pull all the way up on both sides, twist and make loose buns. Keep the bangs lightly feathered towards the end. Et voilà; what a piece of cutie she looks!

14. Wavy Hair with Thin Bangs

thin bangs for little girl

If you have thin hair, skip heavy bangs as they lack volume. A whispy, see-through appearance is currently popular. Twisting or curling will add some extra volume and make it look like a wave that looks best on a round face. Who doesn’t love loose bounces in every move?!

15. Stepped Layer with Thin Bangs

Craving retro vibes?

Check out this edgy A-line step layered visibly sophisticated cut. Remember, there should be a sharp demarcation between steps, making it look extremely flattering. Keep the bangs lightweight.

Back to school or house party; perfect for all occasions.

16. Braided Hair with Loose Bang

Braids do give geeky vibes always? We doubt that. She looks like little Rupanzel in her long braid. Those see-through bangs make her even more beautiful. You can add some colorful accessories like clips or ribbons twisting the braid.

Wearing this convenient style, your babygirl will still look superb even though the hottest days of summer.

17. Thick bangs in High Ponytail

Resembling our ponytail princess Ariana Grande, this easy-to-keep style is always in vogue. Straight, thick bangs leave prominent cheekbones following the jawline. Go for a quick trim every month.

18. Curly Double Pony with Thick Bangs

Simple low puff hair buns are damn adorable after dividing in half and making messy twists. You can pair it up with sparkly hairbands. If they got messy, let them be. Little babies are supposed to be that way and they are beautiful anyway.

That’s all the details about our all time favorite little girl’s haircut with bangs. Have you decided about any of these? It should be kept in mind that kids’ skin and hair are naturally healthy; it won’t be a wise decision to make their appearance look artificial or something that contradicts their personality.

You treat your toddler like your little prince/princess, so let them grow up confidently. Avoid stereotypical mentality, don’t limit your children’s choices.

Keeping your child up to date on the latest trends won’t hurt them unless it hurts their self-esteem or gets in the way of their schoolwork.