25 Cute & Stylish Braids for Little Boys (2023 Guide)

Nowadays, braids are not exclusively for girls. There are many great braided hairstyles that little kids can wear too. One of the best things about this braided hairstyle is its versatility and variety. You can opt for a simple style or something much more striking. And not only as a hairstyle, but you can also artistically use them if you want. There are many possibilities for this style.

For this reason, it would be a great shame if the braided hairstyles for boys were lost just because of the simple stereotype of being “for girls.” So, in 2023, we put gender-stereotyped hairstyles aside and appreciate how lovely braided hairstyles for little boys are.

Examples of Little Boy Braids

We’ve listed a few models that you and your son might find appealing for his new look below. Of course, always remember that you’ll need moderately long hair and some skill to do this yourself.

If not, you can always take these references to your hairdresser so that he understands them better and can braid your child’s hair without a problem.

1. Short Little Boy Braid

If you’re not a fan of long braids on your kids, you can also go for the ever-reliable short braids. These can be quite a suitable braided hairstyle for little boys.

Of course, a certain length of hair is still required. But besides being more manageable, it’s much less over the top than other designs.

2. Zigzag Boy Braid Design

Tiny braids in a zigzag pattern are perfect for deflecting attention if your child’s hair is fragile. You can make a pattern or a central or offset shape before you start braiding to give it a different look.

3. Graduated Little Boy Braids

You can tie the braids along the top of the head, creating a great pattern on the hair that gives a unique attitude. By graduating the length of the braid in different areas, you can also achieve impressive results.

4. Star Little Boy Braid Design

If wearing a cross sign or a somewhat peculiar-looking X in your hair is what you want, then let me tell you that it isn’t impossible at all. The design of this braid may not be ideal for going to school, but to stand out at any other event, it’s perfect.

5. Little Boy Braid with Faded Undercut

These braids start from the front to the back as the design flows out. You can combine the strands along the sides to create more delicate and refined braids. And if your hair is long enough, you can add a small rat tail to the front for a unique look.

6. Little Boy Braid for Black Hair

Perhaps some of us will need to go to a hairdresser for these designs. Once the braids are finished, you can take the necessary steps to maintain them, which will ensure that they keep their stunning appearance. You can take it for granted that your child will be the center of attention when wearing them.

7. Little Boy Box Braids

Another of the many options for short hair braids is to create small sections, which are shaped like boxes to begin the braid. The round scalp loop is relatively easy to achieve with practice and good technique, and it looks terrific.

8. Subtle Little Boy Braids with Bun

This braid looks so natural that you won’t notice it until you look closely. The braids are tied at the back with a slight bow in this style. It’s a perfect hairstyle if you want to add braids to your child’s hairstyle subtly.

9. Little Boy Braids for Short Hair

Create braid designs that will grab attention from every angle, no matter the length. It’s a pretty classic design used a lot by adults as well. Of course, the pattern can vary, but the idea is that it’s about making designs everywhere.

10. Little Boy Short Braids with Undercut

If your child has short hair, this is the best option you can choose. Try making small braid designs along the longest part of your hair and tie it up in a small man bun. As for the sides, it’s best to shave them to give the best appearance to the design.

11. Little Boy Mixed Braids

This design depends significantly on the amount of hair your child has, which will dictate whether you use tight or loose braids. This hairstyle always works best with thick hair. However, you can also leave spaces between the braids.

12. Little Boy Long Braids

To show off a mixture of natural hair and braids, we can make sections of hair in the middle of the scalp. We can incorporate different styles, especially braids that continue to the ends. These are spectacular and very common braids in the African-American culture that will look fabulous on you.

13. Little Boy Mohawk Long Braids

The different braid styles you can do with a Mohawk haircut show how versatile this style is. Little ones will love the shaved sides for a rouge touch and the braid details.

14. Long Little Boy Braids with Central Part

There’s nothing like imposing a good central part and asymmetrical braids in the hairstyle to enhance the simple braids. The thicker braids in this style are finished with black beads, helping to control the ends and make the hairstyle more even.

15. Diagonal Little Boy Braids with Undercut

Many tiny braids on top of the hair help control it when it’s too long. Also, they look fantastic when they are mixed with an undercut and wonderfully connected at the back with a bun.

16. Little Boy Double Braids

Double braids that control long hair on top are a fresh take on wearing a single braid. However, for the hairstyle to achieve a better finish, it’s recommended to finish the two braids together with a slight bow at the back to help control the ends.

17. Litte Boy Mixed Braids with Undercut

These braids start from the centre. You can blend the strands along the sides as the design flows out. In this way, you can create much more prominent and thicker braids or, if you wish, slightly finer ones. Truly a unique and beautiful braid style.

18. Little Boy Braids with Bun

Five simple braids on top of the head do an excellent job of keeping uneven hair strands under control. In this way, we can create a much more aesthetic appearance and, above all, much more refined in people’s eyes.

19. Thick Little Boy Braids with Braided Bun

This is a classic braid model, especially using a four-braid style with fairly open spaces in some areas of the hair. These give the most aesthetic and worked design, as well as care, to the hair. To finish, what can be added is a small bow at the back so that it controls the ends.

20. Crossed Little Boy Braids with Beads

Adding well-placed beads to your hairstyle can make some twin or criss-cross braids stand out and help set them apart. Connecting them at the back of your head with another bead helps lock them in place.

21. Twin Little Boy Braids with Beads

These short and thick braids, adorned with brilliant beads, are cute on children. This style is excellent and protective for natural black hair and is a striking and spectacular style.

22. Little Boy Braids with Loose Ends and Beads

This is another beautiful bead design, giving us another quite charming style. The style consists of making braids from the centre to the back, with curly ends joined with another basin favoring the design’s style.

23. Little Boy Cornrow Braids

A reasonably heavy fade helps magnify the braids on top of the head. In addition, it makes these look even more spectacular on children, giving them a special touch that another model will not give them.

24. Geometrical Little Boy Braids

By adding lots of shorter braids that can hang freely around the head and face, you can make this fantastic hairstyle work perfectly on little boys. Not only that but it can also be used by adults, giving it spectacular age versatility.

25. Classic Little Boy Braids with Undercut

This little boy’s braided hairstyle is a variation on the classic braid. It has the same look as the classic braid, but the sides have been cut short. These small changes make it more unique and give it a new style that can be more striking and popular than its predecessor.

That’s all there is to it! These are some adorable braided hairstyles for little boys that you can try. As you can see, there are several ways to customize a basic hairstyle, such as using braids to create a unique look. Remember that braids are one of the few fundamental hairstyles we can all wear, and they should not be limited to one gender!