30 Cute & Trendy Braided Hairstyles for Kids

While many consider a simple low braid to be dull, you need to know that there are so many styles out there that will fabulously work for kids and even for you. And these are far from being boring!

While black kids adore tight braids with loads of beads and jewelry, white girls are more into French knits and fishtails. Either way, braids can totally change the way you look and can help you get volume, color, intricate hairstyles and, of course, a lot of compliments. And all kids love a little bit of attention, right?

However, most of the time, the main thing you need from a braid style for kids is to pull the hair away from the face. Your kid doesn’t want those strands in his way when he is having fun and playing with his friends so a hairstyle that reveals the face is quite required. Isn’t it cool to have a hairdo that is both practical and cute?

Best Braid Styles for Kids

Box braids and cornrows are among Afro-American girl’s favorites not only because they take a lot of pride in their extremely curly hair, but also because their parents are their role models and these little beauties want to copy their style.

1. Box Braids for Kid

Box braids protect the hair from external factors, dirt and are so good-looking and versatile. You can blend some colored Jumbo hair by adding the extensions at the roots, close to the scalp.

2. Braids for Black Kid

When creating this hairstyle, spare the baby hairs from braiding and section the mane to build cornrows, then work their way towards the top. Use one piece of hair and change its braiding direction, orienting it down. Use a toothbrush and some styling gel to give them a gorgeous shape.

3. Lemonade Braids

For these lemonade braids, some of the plaits follow the hairline, while the others start from the top head and go towards the forehead. If your girl loves pink, you can add some black pink ombre Jumbo hair.

4. Crown Braid for Little Girl

A halo braid will be the perfect fit for girls with dark blonde hair and green eyes.

5. Braided Mohawk

Make the cornrows curved and meet the plaits in three buns: one on the top, the second in the midsection, and the last in the nape area. Also, the braid that goes just the ear should go in a different direction, connecting with the sideburn.

6. Feed-In Braids for Kid

Little girls love colors and a braided hairstyle with electric Jumbo hair extensions will make her fall in love with this hairdo for kids. Use colored extensions and all sorts of hair rings and decorations for the main knits.

7.  Braided Style for School

Go for a triangle section for the top and part it in two pieces. Braid each part in two French braids and tie one of the plaits with colored hair elastics from here and there.

8. Braid for Kid with Long Hair

Part the hair in three sections and again, each section into two pieces. Each piece must be braided, crisscrossed and connected with the other sections.

9. Braid for Short Hair

Reveal the forehead by styling two opposite braids on the top. The two French braids must start and go on opposite sides and the rest of the hair can remain untied.

10. Side Braid for Little Girl

Get a curved side braid that starts from the midsection area, going to the temples and back, behind the ear.

11. French Braid

French loose braids for kids are perfect for school days and friends gatherings. If you want to make them suitable for a party, add some glitter and your little girl will adore them.

12. Half Up Braid for Kid

Take a few strands of unicorn Jumbo hair and blend them with the two French plaits styled in the top. Create two messy loose buns in the midsection and sprinkle some glitter on the partings.

13. Kid with Pull Through Braid

On each side of the head, create four braided sections that go to the center of the head. Secure each plaited cornrow with silver and golden rings. Make a very loose braid and pull off the edges to give it more dimension.

14. Headband Braid

The parting for the two braids must be precise and start from one side of the head, following straight lines, to the other side. Connect the two braids with a thin ribbon.

15. Jumbo Braids for Kid

Build a bun on top of the head using the plaited section and decorate the rest of the jumbo braids with silver and golden threads.

16. Cornrow Braids

To pull off this braided hairstyle, you need to make sure your toddler has enough hair for the braids. Knit the hair towards the top where you’ll gather the plaits in tho small buns.

17. Kid with Double Braids

All girls love pink and if you pair this pale gorgeous color with a blue sky Jumbo hair, your little girl will have one of the most beautiful braided hairstyles for kids. The Dutch braid technique will allow you to feed in the braids and she will have those stunning long knits she always wanted.

18. Braided Updo

A halo braid is certainly a hairstyle that gets all the attention but a halo knit with a hair bow? That is certainly a whole new level of glamour!

19. Twist Braids

A twisted braided hairstyle for kids that will last for a few weeks is certainly going to save you a lot of time and your baby will look marvelous at school or kindergarten.

20. Bubble Braid for Little Girl

To pull off this amazing hairdo you’ll have to part the hair in two sections. Each section will have many other parts where the hair is being tied in a ponytail. Starting from the nape, take each pony and tie it to the one above until you reach the top. Here you can style two massive glamorous buns that will be highly complimented.

21. Curly Braid

Coarse Afro hair can be totally braided or kept loose and styled with a curl manager and some jam to better define the hair. On one or both sides, you can sport braids that will help to elongate the face.

22. Braided Bob

When your daughter has long, coarse hair, a braided bob hairdo should make her feel gorgeous and fashionable. Before braiding, prep the hair with moisturizers and edge control jam to prevent the threads from popping out of the braid.

23. Braid and Beads

Part the hair in the middle and on each side, direct the hair braid downwards. At the bottom, decorate each plait with white and pink beads and get two ponytails on each side.

24. Unicorn Braids for Little Girl

Buy mauve and pale pink jumbo hair and feed in the braids. Once you reach the nape, secure the braids and let the hair loose on her shoulders.

25. Braid Style for Mixed Kid

When your daughter has thick curly hair, she doesn’t need any help from hair extensions to pull off thick healthy braids. Go for cornrows because they will reveal the forehead can be brightened up with hair jewelry.

26. Braided Bun

French fishtail braids can act as a hair crown if you start the braiding from the forehead and continue along the hairline until you reach the back. Use the remaining braid to style a bun and secure it with bobby pins.

27. Braided Ponytail

First, you have to create two sections on the top, which you will braid in opposite directions. The remaining braid you will tie in a ponytail, with the rest of the mane. Make sure the braid is tight because you want it to look perfect.

28. Braid with Extensions

Buy the red and green bundles and mix them with your girls natural hair in two Dutch braids. Let them fall on the back and secure these tight plaits with translucent rubber bands.

29. Dutch Braid for Kid

This mix of Dutch braids is quite extraordinary because the sections used for the plaits are asymmetric and with a different thickness. Yet, they both meet in the back a twisted braid, creating a thrilling braided hairstyle for little girls.

30. Fishtail Braid for Little Girl

You will probably need to pay a visit to the salon if you want our little princess’s hairstyle to look this splendid. Combine different braiding styles like fish braids, French braids and add thin ribbons to get that heart shape in the back.

Braid hairstyes for kids are practical, low-maintenance and gorgeous. You can even transform this long process of knitting the plaits into quality time that you get to spend with your daughter.