23 Examples of The Best Box Braids for Kids

Box braids are hairstyles that you can pull off on your kids as soon as they start growing and thickening their hair. They can last between 6 to 8 weeks and if you have a child that hates the detangling and hairstyling process, as a mom, these plates will save you a lot of time, energy and money.

Box braids are also protective with the hair, but can damage the hair if made too tight at the roots, or if they are too heavy.

Make sure you don’t place unnecessary weight on your kid when styling them. Below you will find a stunning collection of the most requested box braids for kids and loads of tips and tricks on how to style them, so keep scrolling until you find the right one for your little girl or man.

1. Jumbo Box Braids for Kid

Thick jumbo box braids for kids that are decorated with colored rings or threads will make your little princess love her new hairstyle.


2. Kid with Medium Box Braid

Getting braids for your kid might be the best thing you did because it will save you a lot of time each day—Bye-bye annoying mornings when you have to get her a new hairstyle and be at school on time.


3. Small Box Braids

Box braids are ideal protective hairstyles for children’s hair and you can almost keep them throughout a whole season because they can last up to 8 weeks.


4. Long Box Braids for Kid

Add hair extensions to make the braid look thicker and even add some colors. You can also use colored threads that you’ll wrap around some of the plates.


5. Box Braid with Beads

Use a rat tail comb if you want to recreate those perfectly squared partings.  This type of comb is ideal for the hairstyle because it will give you those neat gorgeous braids.


6. Middle Part Box Braids

Box braids are versatile and great for kids because they protect the natural hair and can be styled and pinned in so many ways, including half up half down hairdos.


7. Side Part Box Braids

Wash your daughter’s hair and deep condition it before you start doing the parting and the actual braids. Wear the plates on one side and curl the ends.


8. Curly Box Braid for Little Girl

You can give the extensions the exact shape you want. Use perm rods and wrap the tips on them, making sure they are perfectly secured and dip them into boiling water.


9. Box Braided Ponytail

You don’t have to use the colored hair extensions for the whole hair length, just feed-in the box braids once you are nearly reaching the ends.


10. Box Braids with Highlights

Go for black braids and mix them with brown or blonde plates that will beautifully pop. Curl the ends by using perm rods and hot water.


11. Box Braids with Triangle Part

Triangle partings are more fun and curly bright pink ends make the difference between a funky hairdo like this one and a dull one.


12. Kid with Half Up Box Braids

If you want to reveal your daughter’s face and prevent the braids from getting in her way while playing, do a half-up half down hairdo with a big bun on top of the head.


13. Box Braided Bun

These protective box braids prevent damaging and are easy to clean. Remember that moisturizing the hair before braiding is essential for most types of braids.


14. Short Box Braids

Using edge control at the base of the braid is really going to give the hair that sleek base. Add some jewelry and curl the ends with foam sticks and hot water.


15. Crochet Box Braids for Kid

The crochet braids must be tight and with perfect sectioning, if you want them to look as sleek as they do in the image above. Feed-in the tips with brown extensions to create some highlights.


16. Crown Box Braid

Once you are done braiding, style a part sectioning, take the side braids and pin them at the base to obtain a hair crown for your baby girl.


17. Box Braids with Color

Spice things up for this hairstyle with some bright blue hair extensions. They will make the braids look thicker and add a pinch of color.


18. Box Braided Bob for Little Girl

Create thick bob-shaped braids and spare a few thin strands from the forehead area to create a gorgeous mix. Decorate the hair with golden hair rings and use purple hair extensions to add some color.


19. Box Braids with Natural Hair

Use jumbo hair extensions to thicken the braids and create the knot as close to the scalp as you can.


20. Box Braided Updo for Kid

Play with the sectioning and sport some triangle shapes. Use different colored threads that you’ll wrap around the plates and roll them all out in a big bun.


21. Box Braids with Extension

When your daughter loves colored hair, mix purple, pink, and lavender extensions to knit her braids. She will definitely love her new plates!


22. Unicorn Box Braids

These multicolored braids feature so many shades and nuances and create a real rainbow unique look.


23. Space Bun with Box Braids

There are so many ways you can use box braids and creating space buns is probably one of the hairstyles that little girls adore most.

Even if box braids are among the classic hairstyles for black kids, these plates never go out of fashion. All stars, singers, and these kid’s idols appeared wearing them at least once and I’m sure your kid will love to sport them too. Also, if we’re talking about their low maintenance, you probably know that there’s not that much to do once you have them.