20 Best Man Bun Fade Haircuts – Go For A Funky Hairstyle This Year

One of the trendiest and most effortless hairstyles for men is a man bun fade. It is easy to maintain and only needs a bit of trimming after every few weeks. A good thing about fade styles is they work well with all hair types, including straight and curly. If you are looking for a haircut to step out during the next occasion, try this hairstyle with fade.

Two of the most popular haircuts are the shadow fade and skin fade. With the shadow fade, hair is trimmed short as it goes down. With the skin fade, the hair is trimmed down to the bare skin. If you want to focus more on your facial features, this man bun haircut does it for you! The modern style is sure to turn heads everywhere you go, so why not try it out?

The two styles, when executed correctly, is not only a confidence booster but upgrades your style. The various ways to style the man bun guarantee a different look each day. Take a look at these fade styles for the next time you visit your barber.

1. Man Bun with Low Fade

Looking for a cool haircut? Try this low fade that starts a few inches above your ear. With a sun-like design till the back, you are sure to turn heads. Plus, it’s a great look for all skin types.

2. Man Bun with High Fade

A man bun with high fade begins above the temple, the perfect height to bring out your facial features. Just trim the hair short at the top as it goes down. Try this gorgeous fade cut with a curly-haired man bun.

3. Mid Faded Man Bun

Going out soon? Get a mid fade cut that shaves the sides of the head at the temple. The man bun at the top finishes off the bold look. With this haircut, your date is sure to be impressed.

4. Man Bun with Drop Fade

Get a drop fade to start at the top and end at the back. Try this sleek look, which needs very little maintenance. Just short hair and a man bun can make you look handsome every time you go out.

5. Man Bun Undercut with Fade

Want a  hassle-free haircut?. A man bun undercut with a fade is the go-to style for any man. If you want to bring out your facial features, we recommend giving this man bun fade a try next time.

6. Black Man Bun with Fade

Want to add versatility to your basic haircut? Get a fade that can go well with deadlocksFades add versatility to a basic haircut. Add a skin fade, and the captivating style is excellent for all seasons, including summer.

7. Skin Faded Man Bun

The skin fade includes cutting hair on the sides short and close to the skin near the ear. This haircut is suitable for any man looking to switch from an everyday hairstyle to a spicy man bun. 

8. Man Bun +Braided Fade

Instead of the regular man bun, try braiding it. A cornrow or two can look good on the sides, depending on taste. To complete the captivating look add a skin fade, so the focus is on the braided man bun.

9. Man Bun with Taper Fade

When you get a taper fade, the hair is cut short but not to the skin. If you want this man bun to fade, be ready to take care of it. The man bun looks dashing with curly hair.

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10. Man Bun Style with Bald Fade

Another popular style is a man bun with a bald fade at the bottom. Instead of leaving hair on the sides of the bun, try shaving the sides for a bald cut. This daring style is excellent for any season!

11. Faded Man Bun with Beard

Beard gang! This fade at the side goes well with a long beard. This style needs maintenance to clean and trim the beard. We recommend this if you are not scared of putting in the work to look good.

12. Man Bun with Burst Fade

Want a cut that compliments your face? Get a burst fade. Hair is only trimmed above the ear and a bit near the neck. To spice it up, add blonde braids, and no doubt, you will have heads turning everywhere.

13. Faded Man Bun with Curly Hair

Curly hair is easy to maintain when it’s only at the top of your head. This man bun fade includes short hair towards the ear. With this hairstyle, you can go to work and also attend other activities.

14. Man Bun with Fade and Design

Need a unique cut? Try getting a man bun with a low fade cut. For a unique touch, barbers recommend adding a design. It can be anything from names to numbers, whatever comes to mind.

15. Faded Man Bun with a Line

Adding a clean line on either side of your faded cut creates a more diverse look. It goes well with a skin fade so that all focus is on the line. The cut looks stunning with blonde hair.

16. Man Bun with Zero Fade

Small man buns with a fade are all the rage these days. A zero fade leaves a stubby feel on your head to show off your facial structures. This cut blends well for blonde hair.

17. Faded Man Bun for Blonde Hair

If you want to go blonde, try getting a haircut that matches the bold color. A high-fade haircut blends well with small man buns. Add a beard to the mix, and you have a modern manly look.

18. Faded Man Bun for Short Hair

This haircut goes well with short black hair! The daring cut is good for every face type but looks cute on chubby faces. Consider this short haircut with the man bun on top for your next style. 

19. Asian Man Bun with Fade

For a classical and manly look, try going for a skin fade. This haircut shaves the sides but leaves a healthy man bun at the top. It looks great if the hair is sleeked back.

20. Long Hair Man Bun with Fade

Looking for something to spice up your everyday look? This man bun with faded haircut does just that. A low skin fade goes down to the back of the head. That plus the bun give off a modern vibe.

The man bun fade look is a great style for any man looking for a bold look. It’s no secret that men prefer low-maintenance hairstyles. But getting a rocking haircut and only having to take care of a small man bun isn’t that bad. Why not try some man bun haircuts that will make you look 100 times hotter!