20 Variations of Fade Hairstyles for Curly Hair

Curly fades are a great way to get a trendy look that emphasizes your ringlets and waves. These curly fades can be styled to suit any curly hair, no matter the complexity. We are sure that guys with this type of hair find it quite challenging to style it, so we recommend you to book an appointment with a stylist who has experience cutting ringlets.

How to Get a Curly Hair Fade?

Curly fades can be cut to suit all face shapes. You can keep the top voluminous, style a faux mohawk, or create your favorite design. You can also opt for different types of fades for the sides and back and keep those sections as short as you want.

If you’re one of those guys who have curly hair and don’t know what curly fade haircuts are best, discover more options below.

1. Taper Fade for Curly Hair

A medium fade for the sides will stunningly complement the curly top.  Style the fade only around the ears and keep the curls on your forehead.

2. Low Fade for Curly Hair

A Low fade that accentuates the curly top will look so fresh and modern with a single-line design. Use a razor to style it just above the ear.

3. Curly Hair with Mid Fade

A bald mid fade will highlight the curly top. Keep the bangs long and messy, and use hair gel to give the shape and movement of your ringlets.

4. High Top Fade Curly Hair

A high-top fade is ideal for a black guy with coarse hair. You can arrange it upwards, giving it dimension. For a clean, cool look, keep a shaved, clean face.

5. Curly Mohawk with Fade

Create a bald fade for the sides and trim your hair to style a mohawk. Its length must be medium, so the mohawk won’t have too much length and fall on one side.

6. Temp Fade for Curly Hair

A temple fade will help you highlight that rich top. Use a razor and hair powder to get that forehead and nape hair contour. Also, using a sponge, rub your hair to get that twisted look.

7. Curly Fade for Black Man

Block haircuts are perfect options for men with dense, thick, coarse hair. Create the contour and use fading techniques to style the back design. Complete the look with a long thick beard.

8. Bald Fade for Curly Hair

A bald fade is perfect for the summer and men with curly or wavy hair. This way, you won’t get rashes when you sweat during your workout, and your hair will need no styling.

9. Curly Hair with Burst Fade

A bald fade around the temples with a simple design and a faux hawk is just the hairstyle you needed to look cool and with a free vibe.

10. Long Curly Hair with Fade

As a guy with fair skin, you can even dye your curls into a blonder shade. Maintain the sides in their natural color and pull off a mid fade.

11. Short Curls with Fade

Black guys with coarse hair will love this hairstyle with a fade. Getting this hairdo is one of the simplest ways to simplify your morning routine.

12. Drop Fade Curly Hair

Coarse hair is quite hard to manage, especially when it’s this thick and dense. Go for a medium fade and maintain a rich top that you can style with your favorite jam.

13. Curly Hair Fade with Color

Get a fresh vibe with a high fade for the sides and a curly top. Bleach and dye your hair in a dark faded purple-pink color.

14. Skin Fade Curly Hair

As an Asian guy with dark hair, a hairdo with a taper fade can take your style to a whole new level. Use some jam to give your curls a wet finish.

15. Curly Hair Fade for White Guy

Such a curly fade hairstyle for guys with fair skin will keep the hair short on both sides and in the back. The fade will create a great transition from the bald area to long curly hair.

16. Curly Fade with Beard

This look is sleek and clean, with well-defined edges and a gorgeous bald fade around the ears and back. The rich, thick beard trimmed in a V shape adds a lot of value to the whole look.

17. Curly Man Bun with Fade

If you want a hairstyle that keeps your curly hair in one place, dreadlocks or braids can be your best friends. Try a fade for sides and back and keep your beard flawlessly trimmed.

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18. Curly Fohawk with Fade

There are three types of taper fades that perfectly work with curly hair: low, medium, and high. Choose the one that suits you to match those cute ringlets.

19. Curly Hair Fade with Design

Getting a design on both sides will totally boost your confidence and look. Choose an abstract pattern and style a wide curly mohawk.

20. Curly Undercut with Fade

Guys who wear glasses will look so cute with a curly longer top and a fade for the back and sides. It is also a low-maintenance haircut that keeps curly hair in place.

Curly hair fades are ideal when you want a hairstyle that is easy to style each morning, that is low-maintenance, and modern. You can choose to build a mohawk, a side part, or a long top to highlight your curls. Either way, we don’t recommend doing this hairstyle by yourself at home. Curly hair is hard to cut, so going to a barbershop is the best idea.