25 Best Curly Hair Updos That Are Dominating in 2024

For those days when you need to rush out the door in a hurry but your curls seems major dramatic and unmanageable, some quick curly hair updos can be life-savor.

Naturally curly hair can be extremely frizzy, especially in the summer. You might not know how your curls will behave after having certain haircuts.

Putting those curls in a bun is always the ultimate solution we think. But not the typical messy top bun over and over again which eventually makes your hair more tangled and breakage-prone.

Holding your wildest waves in a right way can be breathtaking. Whether a braided bun or cornrow knots, you can easily master these ‘undone done’ Grecian Goddess like updos with some simple steps.

Always remember to avoid excessive heat while styling and visit your hairdresser every six weeks to trim the split ends.

Regardless of which 2C to 4C range your coily hair is in, we have the perfect curly hair updos for you.

With a few little tricks, you can add an instant touch of glam that are perfect for office hallways to grand red carpet. Check out our 25 quick and most sophisticated curly updos that are so trendy in 2022.

Cute & Trendy Curly Hair Updos

1. Updo For Short Curly Hair

Bring the twisted front section pulling behind the pinned down to the upper middle and make a los bun. Leave some loose side tendrils to frame your face. This style is casual, yet elegant. Wear it with some floral bobby pins and funky accessories for extra glam.

2. Updos For Long Curly Hair

This curly updo is an ideal for scorching hot summer weather. Pulling your hair together all way to up and make a huge pony with your wild tangles. Add further volume by pulling some front and side bangs. Use hair spray to keep your hair at their places if you have all day long busy schedule. Simple and stunning solution for anyone.  An warm tone of ombre or balayage will take this style to whole new level.

3. Curly Updo For Medium Hair

These golden cuffs are absolutely stunning! Multi twisted low bun with falling tendrils are super chic and whimsical. Keep the bun loose and don’t freak out about the texture. Messy is the new trendy now. Wrap the bun with floral bands for feminine touchup.

4. Updo For Natural Curly Hair

Bun on point! Super comfortable and secure fit. This topknot high bun is really easy to do, especially when you run errands. Use bobby pins or styling gel to adjust the center top position. Perfect for summer festivals.

5. Curly Updo For Wedding

Classic and traditional; embrace your curly locks effortlessly glamorous all day long on your wedding day. Choose your good side and a loose cascading halfway twisted bun is all you need. Soft tendril extensions will look breathtaking. Tuck a jeweled hairpin or real flower for super exotic look. Stay confident on your big day.

6. Curly Braided Updo

source | sourceThis utterly iconic hairstyle go well with hair of any length. Separate the lower middle section, make a braid and pull all the way up making a sky high pony. Caramel or graphite highlights will look ultra chic. Simply couldn’t get enough of this one.

7. Curly Top Knot

Using brush or bare hand gather all your hair in a high ponytail and secure it with hair bungee or elastic. Finish up with some bobby pins and hair spray for extra hold. You can wear loosen up or extra tight which of you comfortable. Cream beige or warm vivid tone highlights on knot will complete this bold makeover.

Keep on reading! There are more updos for curly hair.

8. Half Updo With Curls

Craving for fancy upgrade from classic! This half up half down hairdo is perfect for mermaid ladylike look.  Create a small pony on the center top of your hair and leave the rest of your loose bouncy curls sliding over your shoulder. Simplest way to change up your look; perfect for back to school look.

9. Low Updo With Curls

Make a low bun at the nape of the neck, twist and fluff them. Loosen up a bit more by pulling some tendrils sliding around your face which eventually frame your face and elongate it. Spritz on some hairspray to finish off. You can accessorize this with small beads or floral hairpins.

10. Curly Twisted Updo

source | sourceThis Faux Chignon folded updo is mesmerizing to look. Part your front section into several and twist them, roll them pulling behind into a messy bun and pin in place with some bobby pins. Allow it to be messy rather than look neat.

11. Curly Hair Updo With Bangs

Who says curly hair bangs doesn’t suit well. Just look at the gorgeous hairdo! Embrace your corkscrews with front choppy bang and sky high pony .This will soften the jawline and add extra sharpness to your cheekbone. Feel youthful and free-spirited all day long with this curly hair updo.

12. Kinky Curly Hair Updo

Give your kinky curly hair an afro style updo. Through it up onto the center middle tighter bun using elastic or scrunches. Use hair serum or shine for glossier look. Extremely low maintenance; easy to wear; picture-perfect all day.

13. Updo For Crochet Curly Hair

Bored out of your shrunken curls? Depending on your crochet coil texture, rock with a twisted and topped Faux hawk style. Braided lower portion following asymmetrical pixie will look absolutely superb. More affordable than sew in but need regular upkeep. Regular shampooing and deep conditioning is a must.

Have chosen one? No worries, we have more ideas of curly updos for special festivals.

14. Curly Updo For Bridesmaid

source | source

Stay all day stunning looking beside the bride on her big day. Gather several section of hair, twist and add hair until you reach the nape of neck and make a loose bun. Use as much bobby pins it needs to make sure it doesn’t unravel. You can do the same on both side creating a middle hairline. Leave some tendrils around your forehead.

Wasn’t that hard, right?

15. Updo For Messy Curly Hair

Your hair don’t have to look neat and parted 24X7. Pull behind your hair into a classic low ponytail and wrap around itself. Let some strands loose on your forehead and cheekbone to give extra messier look. Wear sparkly floral accessories for more ravishing look.

16. Curly Dyed Bun

Getting inspo from Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and Rihanna there is no denying you can rock on blue. Opting to dye your hair can be extra flattering. Ash blonde to dusty pink, dip-dyed curls looks glamorous. Your curls will look even more defined with highlights.

17. Side Updo With Curls

Looking for something feminine and elegant? This sleek side bun with edges are all time classic. Pulling the hair back in one side, loosely pin up in a secure positions shaping a kind of chignon. Let the strand fall naturally. Tuck a real delicate flower or sparkly hairpiece at the bun. Et voila!

18. Blonde Curly Updo

Wear this mermaid crown on your favorite occasion. Ideal for wedding, festival or any special event. Weave the hair in Dutch braid top of your head and wrap the messy cascade with bright colored clips or floral accessories. What a beauty!

19. Mixed Girl with Curly Updo

If you are blessed with such afro puff this hairstyle is for you offering wild braided twist following sky high bun. Chunky earrings and sharp eye makeup will complete the makeover.  Ready, set, go!

20. Curly Mohawk Updo

This purple passion fierce Mohawk takes some serious confidence to pull off.  This hairstyles will sharpens your cheekbone and frame the face. Your hair will be outrageous. Choose the hair color according to your skin tone, facial feature and hair texture. Spike and tousle with some hairspray and flex those ‘hawks all day.

21. Curly Hair Updo For School

Rock half up top knot on your back to school days. First section off the hair, twist the ponytail, wrap the bigger messier pony with elastics as tight as possible to secure just in place. You can tease the hair at the root for extra volume. That’s it. Ready to have all day fun.

22. Loose Curly Updo

This curly updo is sleek and well suited with any ages. Gather you hair and make a loose low ponytail using elastic hair tie. Make sure you leaving some volume. Let the tendrils bangs out around your cheekbone. Perfect hairdo when you rush out to door. Apply hairspray to secure the way it will be.

23. Updo For Thick Curly Hair

Managing thick curls might be difficult sometimes, it gets frizzy and dry easily. Styling your thick curly tresses into high bun can make your daily work schedule much easier. Blow dry using diffuser before styling it. Use hair serum for shinier look. Not a single hair out of place!

24. Curly Updo With Bandana

Trendier than ever, bandana in summer days are back in style. Fold your bandana diagonally, gently tie twice front of the ponytail. Let some side bangs sliding down your forehead.  Classic vintage hairstyle absolutely a piece of art!

25. Updo For Thin Curly Hair

Curly hair updos are perfect approach to make your hair outstandingly elegant without too much effort. Also it restrain your hair getting frizzy and dry. Wearing flawless golden cuffs high updo in grand evenings to daily corporate office friendly simple top knots, you can choose a perfect makeover.

Knowing how to pull off a perfect curly updo can save a lot of time and nerves when you’re perplexed right before an occasion. So, which one have you decided to take on your next adventure?