20 Incredible Hairstyles for Thin Curly Hair

Have you been fighting your thin curly hair lately? Instead of battling it, work with those curls to create a hairstyle you love. Whether it’s a short curly bangs or a lob with lots of body, there’s a style out there that’ll take your thin curly hair and make it look beautiful.

So before you do something crazy, check out the below 20 cute curly hairstyles for thin hair!

1. Thin Curly Short Hair

Curly hairstyle for short thin hair can be cute on its own with plenty of the right hair oil to scrunch up those tight curls with!


2. Long Thin Curly Hair

For long and curly fine hair, it’s all about adding as much body as you can handle. Make a curl creme your best friend for full locks.


3. Curly Fine Medium Length Hair

On a curly fine medium hairstyle, a side part gives a lift to thin hair with the help of texturizing creme.


4. Frizzy Hair

If you have thin curly hair that tends to be frizzy, a hair oil will smooth in the hair cuticle while also working with your hair’s natural curl.


5. Curly Hairstyle For Thin Hair and Round Face

For a round-faced woman with thin and curly hair, cut hair short near the jawline to flatter all the right angles and aim for a side part that creates lift.


6. Thin Curly Natural Hair

If you have naturally curly hair, a leave-in conditioner is a great product to keep your thin hair protected and shiny.


7. Wedding Hairstyle With Fine Curls

A beautiful updo for a wedding is easy to achieve. Pull it back but leave your tendrils loose for a romantic and sweet look.


8. Thin Curly Hair for Kids

If your daughter or niece has thin curly hair, keep it from becoming too unruly by brushing through a detangler after every wash. Leave loose for a beautiful natural look.


9. Fine Curly Hairstyle For Women Over 50

Over 50 and wondering how to style your thin curly hair? Work it into a cute blonde pixie to bring warmth to your face!


10. Curly Bob For Thin Hair

A gorgeous curly bob is a great way to style thin hair because it tricks everyone into thinking your hair is actually thick and full.


11. Bangs for Thin and Curly Hair

Rock your luscious curls on a shoulder-length lob with bangs that shadow your forehead and show off your eyes.


12. Curly Pixie For Fine Hair

Pixies are perfect for any type of hair, including thin and curly. This curly pixie with a fade is a seriously edgy hairstyle.


13. Layers For Thin Curly Hair

Instead of letting your curly hair just hang off your head like a blob, give it shape with layers, which work with thin hair to create body.


14. Very Thin Curly Hair

Very thin curly hair can be tricky to style, but by adding a little mousse and using fingers to scrunch curls, you can help bring curls to life.


15. Thin Curly Perm

If you’d rather not wake up early every day to have to spend time styling your hair, consider getting a perm for curls which can last several months. On a shoulder-length lob, it’s sexy chic.


16. Curly Updo

For date night or just to pull hair up and out of the way, an updo with a handful of curls loose by the ears is a soft beautiful way of styling thin curly hair.


17. Asymmetrical

This curly hairstyle looks amazing, thanks to an asymmetrical haircut. With heavier locks on one side, it tricks the eye into thinking there’s dimension even if there may not be. But there’s definitely style!


18. Thin Curly Hair With Highlights

Dress up your thin curly hair with highlights in gray for dark hair, or caramel or blonde for any lighter shade of hair.


19. Fine Haircut With Loose Curls

A fine haircut gets a boyish, edgy look with curls and bangs. Not into curly bangs? Straighten them or part them for an easy switch-up.


20. Messy Hairstyle With Thin Curls

For thin curly hair, a messy look is a great way to disguise it. Create as much texture as you want with creme or mousse.


As you’ve seen, there are plenty of gorgeous ways to style thin curly hair. Try to work with what you’ve got instead of against it and you’ll have a much easier time styling your locks!