20 Can’t-Miss Natural Curly Hair Ideas for Thick Hair

Thick and curly hair can be seen as a blessing and a curse. This is because curls don’t permanently settle the way you want them to. Instead, they often become excessively voluminous or simply stick out.

Does this imply that you should become friends with your flat iron? It’s exhausting to regularly deal with your hair’s curly structure, especially in rainy conditions. Isn’t it better to choose a hairstyle that fits your lifestyle and looks good on your face?

It’s a lot simpler to have a variety of styles that are both effortless and quick to pull up. So we’ll show you some of the trendiest curly hairstyles for thick hair for 2023.

1. Short, Thick Curly Hairstyles

When curly hair is cut short, it can look beautiful. Chopping part of those gorgeous locks is a terrific method to save time when it comes to style. First, however, find a haircut that complements your curl density, texture, and head shape. You’ll indeed discover a short hairstyle that’ll be perfect for you and will help tame your thick locks.

2. Long Thick Curly Style 

Long curly hairstyles are entertaining to experiment with. They always appear unique, even if all you did was wash your hair. Curly long locks can always get everyone looking since they stand out in their own unique and gorgeous manner.

On their own, long curling strands make a powerful statement. The hairdo possibilities are nearly unlimited when you have long, thick curly hair.

3. Mid-length Thick Curly Hairstyles

Mid-length curly hairstyles are one of the most popular hairstyles right now. It’s all about knowing your texture and figuring out how to make it work for you with this style. A decent haircut allows you to choose from various styles, including flirtatious, gorgeous, fun and professional. There’s a look for every mood and occasion.

4. Bangs for Curly Hair

You might be unsure what to do with your bangs if you have thick curly hair. But don’t worry, there are a variety of alternatives to choose from if you want to seem stylish. Straight blunt or wispy bangs are two great options. They may provide a unique contrast to the hairstyles, making them seem festive and ready for any event.

5. Thick Curls for Black Women 

Curly-haired black women are proud of their natural hair and don’t mind flaunting their curls. In addition, black ladies are true artists for weaving or braiding hairstyles. Curly black women understand hairstyling techniques that let them always come up with something spectacular, from extravagant huge buns to exquisite ponytails.

6. Thick Curly Bob Hairstyle

Curly bob haircuts are flirty, fun, and simple to style. You can style curly hair in various bobs. However, the perfect tip for these is to find the proper shape for your natural curls.

Bobs can come in various shapes, from inverted, angled, A-line, stacked, graded, and more. Messy curly bob styles suit everyday use, whereas neater gorgeous curls give you a more refined appearance.

7. Frizzy Hairstyle for Curly Hair

If you already have curly hair, you’re probably familiar with dealing with frizz, which is a curly-haired girl’s worst enemy. To get smooth, sleek strands, you must first learn to care for this delicate hair type.

It’s critical to understand how to style frizzy hair appropriately and create cute hairstyles that embrace its naturally coarse and curly nature. 

8. Curly Pixie Cut

A curly pixie cut is a fantastic short haircut option. You may wear it every day if you want to, and you won’t have to alter it up too much for special events. Do you have wavy hair, little spiral curls, or an utterly unruly mane? Because the pixie cut is such an incredible and easy-to-style hairdo for any of these hair types.

9. Thick Curly Hair for Oval Faces

The most straightforward approach to keep up with your hair is to choose a lovely hairstyle that suits your traits, such as your face shape and hair type. It’s OK if your hair is curly and you have an oval face. It’s crucial to think about your curls’ thickness and form. However, you’re in luck since an oval face takes care of the rest.

10. Thick Curly Hair for Round Faces

When styling curly hair, which is already difficult to manage, your facial shape may help or hurt you. So there’s no excuse to conceal your gorgeous curly locks behind a hairstyle that isn’t suited for you if you’ve been blessed with them.

You should, however, choose haircuts that assist extend rather than widening the round face.

11. Loose Curly Hairstyle

It’s a beautiful way to show off thick curly hair worn long and loose. Texture and dimension are important factors to consider whether you have short, medium, or long wavy hair. You may have some long layers to create movement and give your curls a little more form. Plus, they’re pretty adaptable.

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12. Balayage for Curly Hair

Because of the unique nature of curly hair, women with curly hair are typically afraid to explore new styles or treatments. But let me tell you something: Balayage was intended for curly hair! This color process makes it possible to highlight the flow of this hair texture significantly. As a result, you’ll emerge with lustrous locks and a revitalized attitude.

13. Gray Thick Curly Hair

Everyone is wearing their curly hair in a gray tint without any fear. Gray is one of those hues that look well on people of all complexion and tones, so you don’t have to worry when it’s your turn to use it.

The color is unique, yet it is also a color we all go through. It has a particular enchantment that no other hue can match. It’s also a great way to embrace your age.

14. Thick Curly Hair on Kids

If your kid has thick curly hair, you don’t have to worry. And yes, kids are messy, and it can be hard to keep their hair nice, neat and healthy. However, you do not need to spend a lot of money on curly kids’ hair products.

Neither you require a lengthy, intricate hair care routine. You only need a few decent items as they grow older and their hair changes.

15. Blonde Thick Curls Hairstyle

Blonde curly hair is a style that makes a bold and confident statement while exuding a relaxed and elegant feel. Blonde curly hairstyle is the epitome of feminine creativity for gals with outgoing personalities.

There’s no way to wear a lot of blonde ringlets without coming off as unrestrained and confident. You can graciously go for a subtle honey-blonde shade or a dramatic platinum-white tone.

16. Thick Curly Braids

Curls are widespread, and braids are trendy, so they don’t stick out much. However, when you combine braids with curls, your hair is taken to the next level. There’s no denying that combining braids with curls is a great hairdo. Curly-haired women may find it easier to braid their hair because the texture lends itself to plaiting.

17. Thick Curls for Asian Women

Curly hair is becoming a fashionable trend among Asian ladies. It brings out the woman’s quirky and humorous side, putting her old look behind. Asian girls know how to rock this style!

Curly Asian hair, on the other hand, requires special attention. Carrying your gorgeous curls in elegance is one thing; properly caring for them is another, so keep them healthy and happy.

18. Wedding Thick Curly Hairstyles 

Curly hair, whether natural or groomed, is a classic texture that never goes out of style, making it ideal for a timeless wedding.

Long, flowing curls look gorgeous in half-updos and downs. You can try a soft curly updo with flowers, loose braids, twists, or small hair items if you lack length. You can also use these tips if you want to show off your delicate neckline and shoulders.

19. Updos for Thick Curly Hair

Curly hair is super attractive! When it comes to styling curly hair, however, the more you do to it, the more knots and breakage it develops.

We recognize that finding inspiration for new hairstyles may be difficult for people with naturally curly hair. Updos for curly hair, on the other hand, are the answer! Curly hair looks airy and lovely in updos.

20. Thick Curly Ponytails Hairstyle

Ponytails hide terrible hair days, keep our locks out of the way, and are a go-to style we’re short on time. However, as much as we adore them, they may get tedious after a while. Don’t worry; there are several methods to style a ponytail. Be creative with your ponytails, from high to low, with or without braids, and make the classic hairdo stand out.

We love how more individuals embrace their thick, curly hair and wear it naturally. However, curly hair may become tiresome from time to time, so having options for hairstyles for thick curly hair is always a good idea.