12 Best Curly Shag Haircuts For Fashionable Ladies

Edgy and daring- a curly shag haircut is definitely worth trying, especially if you are looking to spice things up in your hair!

Even though a curly shag was a “thing” in the 1970s, it took the fashion world by storm in the new decade because of its charm and versatility. Featuring edgy layers with textures and volume, this hairdo never fails to add that oomph and glamour to the curly manes that you have been looking for.

Be it long, medium, or short hair, a rightly trimmed curly shag hairstyle will definitely transform your look instantly and make you more stylish and charismatic.

So, if you are tired of your hairstyle and looking for a new hairstyle for your amazing curly hair, the shag is a must-try for you.

Gorgeous Curly Shag Haircuts to Take Inspiration

The signature layers combined with the curly texture make a shaggy haircut extremely appealing. Our top 12 most gorgeous shag haircuts for curly hair would provide you with ideas and inspirations you need for such a chic haircut. Go through them and find the ONE for you.

1. Short Curly Shag

A short curly shag haircut is all about comfort and confidence. The texturized curls along with a perfectly trimmed shag draw attention to your pretty eyes are enough to make a woman beautiful and glamorous. And when you pair it with a shorter length, the outcome is “oh so charming”.

2. Curly Long Shag

Accentuate your features perfectly with a shag haircut for long curly hair. The shorter layers at the front provide volume, texture, and dimension while the longer length creates the right balance for a seamlessly flawless look. Pair this hairdo with a casual outfit or high street fashion, it will never cease to add the oomph factor to your appearance.

3. Medium Length Curly Shag

A medium-length shag haircut is a classic “do” for women with curly tresses. The several layers here and there frame and flatter your face and make you look better than ever. And because of such well-cut, versatile layers, your tresses appear amazingly bodylicious and you look effortlessly chic. Style this cut with a few spritzes of sea salt spray for a sexy “undone” finish.

4. Blonde Curly Shag

A curly shaggy haircut paired with a lustrous blonde will give you an iconic rock star-like outlook, no doubt in that. This undeniably edgy hair color, when paired with the alluring, sexy haircut, ensures a wild sense of style and an independent spirit. Wear it with your beach outfit and look like the modern version of Pamela Anderson!

5. Messy Shag for Curly Hair

Add more fun and flair to your curly hair with a messy shag haircut. The messy voluminous layers on the top combined with the expressive curls in the bottom give a very expressive vibe and make your hair appear even more attractive and flirtatious. Regardless of your hair length, this “do” will surely make you look stunning, on any given day.

6. Curly Shag Hair for Black Girl

The sexy shag in natural ringlets is nothing less than trendy yet classic! While the smaller curls in black tresses already have movement, the shaggy “do” enhances it with several notches and offers your hair plenty of bounce. This amazing haircut also removes a lot of weight from your thick natural hair and still manages to give you a gorgeous, feminine outlook.

7. 70’s Curly Shag

Step back into time with the original ’70s curly hair shag haircut! Even though it is not as trendy and feminine as a modern shag, it’s appeal is still unmissable. Featuring more volume at the crown and less in the ends, this classic haircut is the ideal option for ladies who love a relaxed vibe with a retro appeal.

8. Curly Shag For Round Face

Sculpture your round face with a sexy shaggy haircut! The several layers of this cut shape your round face precisely and make it appear slimmer and sharper than ever, without even trying hard.

9. Shaggy Bob for Curly Hair

A curly hair shaggy bob brings in a lot of edge and definition in your head full of bouncy curls. Even though the layers of the shag are not as visible in your ringlets, they definitely provide your sexy curly tresses with incredible bounce and movement. This fashionable haircut also gives more shape and direction to the curls so that they don’t look like a “hot mess”.

10. Curly Shag for Thick Hair

Thick-haired women love a good curly shag haircut in their manes! As the different layers of rock-n-roll haircut remove weight from thicker textures, it not only provides gorgeous movement but also helps you to get more attention from your peers. The rightly-trimmed fringe will frame your face nicely and highlight your best features for an even more flattering outlook!

11. Shag Haircut for Thin Curls

The super versatile curly shag haircut looks incredibly chic and glamorous on thin-haired girls too. The layers combined with the luscious curls in your manes create the perfect balance of texture, volume, and dimension and make your hair look as fabulous as ever.

12. Curly Shag Hairstyle for Older Woman

Add that volume and bounce in a mature woman’s hair with a curly shag haircut. The precisely formed layers along with the texturized curls will surely make your tresses look even fuller and provide the much-required glamour that you have been looking for. It doesn’t matter what type or length or curls you have, a shag haircut would make your tresses look spectacular, even at an older age.

Shag haircuts for curly hair have slowly but surely made their place in the fashion world. Anyone and everyone who seeks to up their hairstyle and switches it up a bit should go for this haircut in a jiffy. It will look incredibly well on anyone and everyone, regardless of their hair length, age and ethnicity too.