30 Curly Ponytails to Make A Real Statement

There are many types of curly ponytails, from long and short to thin and thick. Some have special color effects like ombre or highlights and others use cornrows or beads for details.

Curly Ponytail Hairstyles

Instead of only throwing your curly hair up in a pony, check out these 30 stunning ponytails for women with curly hair. You can wear these hairstyles for any occasion, like a night out with friends, errand-running on the weekend, or just hanging out at home!

1. Long Curly Ponytail

Loving your long curly hair and want to show it off? A ponytail will make it look twice as long as twice as dramatic.

2. Short Curly Ponytail

If your hair is short, put some pep in your step with a curly hair ponytail wrapped in a braid or colorful clip. Pair with your favorite set of dangly earrings.

3. Low Curly Ponytail

This slicked back low pony with a side part makes sure all the focus is on the voluminous curls.

4. High Curly Ponytail

Ariana Grande would be proud of this super high ponytail on her curly hair starting at the crown and draping over the shoulder like the Rapunzel you are.

5. Kinky Curly Ponytail

If your curly hair is kinky, it’ll still look amazing in a high pony. Slicked back or side-parted, it’s great with a red lip for date night.

6. Feed-In Braids with Curly Ponytail

Feed-in braids that turn into curls look great on their own but also pop with a boost of bold color, like this royal red.

7. Sew-In Curly Hair Ponytail

This sew-in curly ponytail gets a throwback to the 80s when pushed to the side. Criss-cross braid action makes this style anything but boring.

8. Two Curly Ponytails

Give a traditionally younger hairstyle a glow-up by braiding each ponytail halfway before securing it with an elastic.

9. Curly Ponytail with Ombre

Ombre will always look stunning, but on a curly ponytail, it’s even more appealing! Smooth strands back or braid in a pretty design for a style that truly wows.

10. Curly Genie Ponytail

The genie ponytail also sits high atop the head making fine and thin hair look full and long. Smooth strands back, encouraging baby hairs to lie softly against the forehead.

11. Curly Weave Ponytail

Take the best care of your weave curly ponytail by using coconut oil to smooth it back into its elastic and to shape and hold curl.

12. Slicked Back Curly Ponytail

Who doesn’t love a polished pony? Wear this one to a special work event or to drinks with the girls when you want to feel glam.

13. Curly Ponytail with Bangs

Curly bangs look super cute swept to the side on this curly ponytail but straight bangs will also look great swooped behind ears. Control extra kink with a bobby pin or hairspray.

14. Natural Curly Ponytail

Is your hair already natural? Brush your hair into a ponytail, smooth lumps and edges with gel, and scrunch curls with your fingers! The style is perfect for a casual day out or a fancy night on the town.

15. Curly Side Ponytail

Side ponytails give all the attitude. Throw your style back to the 80s with a high or low side pony and accessorize with a sparkly clip.

16. Two-Braided Curly Ponytail

A curly ponytail with a braided crown and then split into two over shoulders is not only super stylish but packs a lot of personalities!

17. Ponytails for Thick Curly Hair

Thick curly hair can sometimes be frustrating to style, but a high or low curly ponytail is a great way to tame and style it.

18. Messy Curly Ponytail

With a little teasing from a comb and texturing spray, a messy ponytail is easy to attain. Dress up this look with a pretty ribbon, hair cuff or clip.

19. Curly Faux Ponytail

An elegant faux ponytail shows how synthetic hair can easily be styled to make you feel stunning if you’re transitioning to natural hair but miss the length.

20. Cornrow Ponytail with Curly Ends

Cornrows are the extra detail this colorful, braided ponytail with beads uses to make a beautiful style. When let down after a long day, it’ll still look gorgeous.

21. Crochet Curly Hair with Ponytail

Pretty purple makes a high curly ponytail pop along with a matching lip and necklace.

22. Sleek Curly Ponytail

A low poofy ponytail is a style many celebs wear on the red carpet. Join the club and rock this super sleek style!

23. Half Curly Ponytail

If you want your curly hair where you can twirl your fingers around it, a half ponytail updo is just for you!

24. Tight Curly Ponytail

A tight ponytail on your curly hair makes the most dramatic statement right at the crown of the head.

25. Invisible Ponytail with Curly Hair

Invisible ponytails, also known as inside ponytails, are woven hairpieces that make ponytails look fuller and thicker. This one is accessorized with a shiny “Boss” hair clip.

26. Blonde Curly Ponytail

Be a blonde bombshell in a side curly ponytail packed with volume. The low-maintenance hairstyle only requires a bit of curl creme.

27. Cheerleader Curly Pony

Throw major cheerleader vibes with this ultra voluminous curly ponytail. Pull it tight throughout the day to keep this look slaying.

28. Middle Part Curly Ponytail

Instead of slicking your curly ponytail back, a center or side part is a fun way to change things up.

29. Big Curly Ponytail

The off-centered part on this curly ponytail creates dimension while the volume brings the drama.

30. Curly Loose Ponytail

Short curly hair looks super cute in a ponytail too! Form it at the crown of the head and pull it tight for maximum effect.

Not all ponytails are created equal, but they are all definitely beautiful. One thing is for sure, no matter which hair type you have, you can rock a beautiful curly ponytail and rest assured you’re looking your best!