25 Curly Pixie Cuts That Flatter Any Face Shape

If you have curly hair and have been thinking about going short, you might want to consider a pixie. They’ll always be trendy, versatile, low-maintenance, and flatter just about any face shape from round to oval.

Plus, there’s something for every woman no matter how you choose to express yourself. Whether you prefer a simple curly pixie cut with minimal color or a more bold look with ombre or balayage, you’ll find hair inspiration.


Pixie Cut Ideas for Curly Hair

If you’ve been hesitating to make the big chop, consider this list of 25 curly pixie haircuts for women.

1. Natural Curly Pixie Hair

Your naturally curly hair deserves to be shown off and a pixie can do just that. Encourage curls and healthy locks with curl creme.


2. Curly Pixie for Women With Short Hair

If you have short curly hair, a pixie cut will pull it together in a chic style. Soft curly baby hairs keep it feminine.


3. Long Curly Pixie Hair

A long curly pixie cut looks stunning with rich wide waves that reach past eyebrows. Check our dedicated article on long pixie cuts.


4. Thick Curly Pixie

Give your thick curly hair new life with a pixie cut whose voluminous curls perfectly frame a round face.


5. Pixie for Thin Curly Hair

A cropped pixie is perfect for thin curly hair. A mousse helps develop dimensions and the illusion of a fuller body.


6. Curly Pixie with Bangs

Keep the bangs you love but rock them on a trendy pixie cut that’ll show off your big curls and draw attention to your eyes.


7. Curly Sew-in Pixie

A sew-in is a great option for curly pixie cut if your hair is too short for the style you want.


8. Curly Messy Pixie

Nothing is cuter than a messy pixie with curls. Use your fingers to muss up curls and manipulate hair to get the look you want.


9. Curly Pixie Haircut with Highlights

We love a pixie with color and this one’s curls stand out with highlights that also brighten up the face.


10. Asymmetrical Curly Pixie

Looking for a haircut with plenty of shape? An asymmetrical pixie cut is perfect for you and works with most face shapes.


11. Curly Pixie for Older Women

For women over 50 looking to keep their hair short, a low-maintenance curly pixie with body towards the front is one option you can’t go wrong with.


12. Curly Pixie Cut for Women With Oval Face

Women with oval-shaped faces will love how a pixie cut complements bone structure by shortening the overall length.


13. Pixie Cut for Curly Frizzy Hair

Frizzy hair will be the last of your worries when you slay a curly pixie with a frizz-control serum doubling as curl creme.


14. Curly Undercut Pixie

An undercut is a fun edgy detail to set your highlighted pixie apart from all others.


15. Curly Pixie Bob

Not ready to let go of your long locks? A long curly bob is low maintenance but still gives you plenty to play with.


16. Curly Mohawk Pixie

This blue-crested mohawk pixie has a bold funky pop of color with a fashionable fade.


17. Tapered Curly Pixie

The sharp points on this tapered curly pixie give it that extra detail to take it from just another pixie to beautiful boyish.


18. Curly Pixie Cut for Round Face

Pixie cuts are great for found faces because there are many ways to style them – this one brings the volume toward the front to elongate the face shape.


19. Blonde Pixie for Curly Hair

The platinum curls on this pixie make the dark tapered sides stand out and a round face appear more oval.


20. Side Part Curly Pixie

Need an easy way to get volume on your pixie? A side part gives lift and body to thin hair and extra volume to thick hair.


21. Kinky Curly Pixie Cut

Naturally kinky curly hair is truly beautiful as a pixie. Encourage those healthy curls by putting in a leave-in conditioner while you slay the day with this style.


22. Grey Curly Pixie

Whether your hair is naturally grey or you color it, a curly pixie stands out more with an unusual color on just the top.


23. Curly Pixie with Ombre

Ask your stylist to give your curly pixie an ombre coloring to take it to truly gorgeous.


24. Curly Pixie with Bandana

Hair accessories, such as this colorful patterned bandana, are a fun, easy way to liven up a curly pixie.


25. Balayage Curly Pixie

A warm golden or honey blonde balayage gives the curls on this pixie a glow all your friends will admire.

With the everyday hairstyle doubling as the perfect look for a night out or special occasion, there’s no reason you shouldn’t try a curly pixie.