21 Mesmerizing Ombre Looks for Curly Hair

Whether you have short or long hair, a good old fashioned ombre for curly hair is something you need to try if you want a beautifully romantic look.

Ombre curly hair looks fantastic especially when you use electric colors or various blonde shades.

1. Short Curly Hair Ombre

If you want a spectacular look for your short curls, the best idea is to create a honey blonde curly ombre. Get a bob hairstyle and you’ll find yourself in love with your new hairstyle.


2. Long Curly Ombre Hair

If you want to give your tight ringlets texture, create a silver-blonde ombre to make them pop out even more. Now imagine how many heads you’ll be turning on the street by this long curly hairstyle!


3. Medium Curly Hair With Ombre

A medium hairstyle can easily be gorgeously styled with a beautiful caramel ombre. Use some hair wax to define your tight ringlets.


4. Ombre On Natural Curly Hair

If you want your natural curly hair to look fantastic, choose a brown chocolate ombre for your locks. Flip your hair on one side and choose some big golden earrings for the perfect look.


5. Curly Hair with Blonde Ombre

This blonde silver ombre defines each hair strand and curl in a mesmerizing way. It adds a lot of value to this inverted bob haircut.


6. Curly Crochet Ombre Hair

If you always wanted a well-defined mane, curly crochet hair is the answer for you! Knit those locks into your hair and create a magic ombre for those perfect ringlets. Remember, you can dye the extensions only if it’s natural Remy hair.


7. Ombre on Kinky Curly Hair

This mane is breathtaking and we understand why any woman loves and needs this! If you want it to look even more spectacular, create an auburn shade for the tips.


8. Balayage Ombre on Curly Hair

When your goal is to get well-defined curls, a layered haircut is something you need to get ASAP. Also, an ombre hairstyle will highlight your beautiful loops.


9. Black to Red Ombre

This gorgeous hairstyle will turn heads wherever you go and you can’t wonder yourself why. Just look at this fantastic red ombre! Real fire!


10. Curly Ombre for White Girl

If you have olive skin then having bright hair colors on your roots is not an option. They keeping your naturally dark roots and make a blonde ombre if that’s the color you want to get.


11.Burgundy Ombre for Curly Hair

Those twirls are absolutely spectacular! Start with a burgundy color for your roots and smoothy transit to a red color for the tips! Fantastic!


12. Purple Ombre

This is so satisfying to see! Choose two electric colors like mauve and purple and magically blend them with an ombre hairstyle. If you want your hair to look even better, create some simple easy waves!


13.Curly Brown Ombre

Indeed, this hairstyle takes a lot of time but the result is so out of the ordinary! Also, you need lots of patience because once you braided it, you will need to style those small gorgeous braids.


14. Curly Hair with Grey Ombre

If you want amazing textured hair, a silver shade will help you get the effect you craved for! Also, if you want your hair to fall on your back in a nice way you need a layered haircut.


15. Curly Ombre with Weave

Make this beautiful curly weave stand out even more with a bright brown ombre that will highlight those mesmerizing ringlets.


16. Reverse Ombre for Curly Hair

A reversed ombre is something that requires loads of boldness. It looks absolutely fantastic!


17. Curly Auburn Ombre

Create a beautiful transition for your curled layered ombre hairstyle. Keep your roots in their natural color and blend them with an auburn color for the rest of your hair.


18. Honey Blonde Ombre

If you want a messy look, create a bob haircut and flip your curly bangs on one side. For the hair color, a blonde ombre is something to go for.


19. Curly Blue Ombre

This pale turquoise blue ombre look fascinating and really adds texture to your curls. Flip your fringe on one side to give your hair volume.


20. Curly Hair with Pink Ombre


If you want a beautiful hairstyle, choose an inverted bob as your haircut and create a fuchsia ombre for your curls! You will definitely stand out from a crowd with this awesome look.


21. Copper Ombre on Curls

This cooper color is perfect for every season and undoubtedly looks mesmerizing on curly hair. You really need to try this!


If you have curly hair, you will definitely need your ringlets to stand out in a beautiful color. Even if we’re talking about auburn, cooper or honey blonde shades an ombre is certainly a good choice for your hairstyle. Name your pick!