Top 10 Curly Mohawk Looks for Major Inspiration

A curly mohawk would be the right way to go if you are struggling to find a new hairstyle for your amazing curly hair. This edgy and dramatic “do” took the fashion world by storm because of the charm it brings to the whole look.

Be it long, short, or even shorty short tresses, the signature features of a mohawk would never miss to add just the right amount of glamour for a super sexy appearance.

So if you are in the mood for a sassy, spicy hairstyle, look no further. Our list of the top ten most beautiful Mohawk hairstyles for curly hair will provide you with all the inspiration you need for a sexy, stunning hairstyle.

1. Long Curly Mohawk

Spice up your long curly manes with a uber stylish curly mohawk! While the pulled-up side strands provide an illusion of bare sides, the soft curls on the top create subtle volume in your manes for a more bodylicious appearance.

2. Short Curly Mohawk

Contrary to popular belief, you can style your short curly manes with a curly Mohawk hairstyle too. Be it blonde, brunette, or even black, the crisp, tapered sides with the short mohawk on the top lets your personality shine perfectly.

3. Curly Mohawk Mullet

If you love attention, this mohawk mullet is going to serve you right. The nearly shaved sides paired with the super short front fringe frame your face precisely and help you to “up” your glam quint instantly. With this curly hair mohawk, all the eyeballs will be on you, surely!

4. Curly Mohawk Updo

Combine elegance and style in your hair with this interesting curly mohawk updo. Featuring tight ringlets with a rather soft finish, this hairstyle is super glamorous and can be worn with evening gowns too.

5. Braided Mohawk With Curly Weave

Mix up the exquisite cornrows with a curly mohawk to add fun and flair to your otherwise boring hairdo. The perfect contrast between the free-flowing curls and the tight braids turns up the “wow” factor and draws all the attention towards you, in no time.

6. Curly Mohawk Fade For Girls

Instead of going full-blown bald, try a faded mohawk in your natural, type 4 hair. This curly Mohawk hairstyle would not only provide you the level of comfort you seek but would also look uber chic and sophisticated. Try coloring the curls for some added interest.

7. Red Curly Mohawk

Bring all the colors of the rainbow in your hair with this colorful mohawk hairdo! The bright red long top along with the colorful faded sizes will shed the spotlight on you, ALWAYS!

8. Curly Mohawk For Natural Hair

If you want extreme volume on your natural hair mohawk, then this quiffed hairdo is a must-try for you. The incredibly puffy up offers all the drama and focus and accentuates your look like none other. Use a lightweight hairspray to hold the mohawk in place for longer hours.

9. Curly Crochet Mohawk

When the crochet braids meet the mohawk, the result is something very edgy and full of character. While the crochet on the top provides movement and flair to the look, the shaved sides ensure comfort without looking out of place.

10. Blue Curly Mohawk

Bored of your same old mohawk? Try out this electric blue hair color in your curly mohawk style and turn heads anywhere and everywhere you go.

Fashion, sharpness, edge goes hand in hand with a mohawk hairstyle. And if you’re looking for a curly mohawk that would match your sense of style and suit your personality, pick one from the above list. We have talked about plenty of styles for both long and short curly manes so that you never feel out of options!