15 Cutest Middle Part Curly Hairstyles

Of all the ways you could part your curly hair, the middle part is the most under-rated yet fashionable technique. While it’s true both center and side parts make a face appear symmetrical, a center part is the only one that can truly make a simple yet dramatic change.

Trendy Middle Part Curly Hairstyles

If you’ve been thinking about new ways to wear your curly hair, check out these 15 pretty ways you can style a middle part. They’re fresh, easy ways to give life to your hairstyle!

1. Natural Curly Hair with Middle Part

Your thick curly hair deserves a cute hairstyle like this middle part with side pieces wrapped to the back.

2. Center Parted Curly Sew-In

If you’re a huge fan of volume, you’ll love the major heights this middle part takes your curly hair to.

3. Curly Weave with Middle Part

For an oval face, a middle part on thick curly hair will help it appear more rounded. Have fun with color!

4. Center Part Short Curly Hair

This center part on short curly hair is dressed up with embellishments such as beads, glitter, and a couple of braids.

5. Long Curly Hair with Middle Part

This long curly hairstyle is simple yet gorgeous. Wear it for a formal event, such as a wedding.

6. Middle Part Crochet Curly Hair

Your mane will look stunning and full of brushed out locks separated by a center part.

7. Thick Curly Hair with Middle Part

Short hair looks adorable with a center part. On a weekend out, take a couple of bobby pins and slide them on either side of your face to keep hair back.

8. Center Part Blonde Curly Hair

Center Part Blonde Curly Hair


Beautiful blonde locks stand out among gold jewelry with a statement center part. Tuck hair behind ears for a neat appearance or leave loose for drama.

9. Curly Bob with Middle Part

Curly bobs are playful and flirty with choppy ends. A center part is a simple way of styling that won’t take too much of your time in the morning.

10. Middle-Parted Kinky Curly Hair

Kinky curly hair loves to be shown off with a center part starting with short bangs. Don’t be afraid to fluff up hair with spray or hair oil.

11. Sleek & Simple

Colorful hairbands take this hairstyle from blah to beautiful. A sleek center part keeps it neat.

12. Center Part Curly Bun

Before you pull your hair up into a high bun, comb in a center part for that tiny yet noticeable detail.

13. Loose Curly Hair with Middle Part

Straight pearled hair clips align with the small center on this hairstyle for a dressed updo you’ll feel special in. Scrunch up curls with a mousse for max texture.

14. Center Part Curly Ponytail

Keep your ponytail from becoming like any other by parting hair in the center first. It’s a chic way to wear your favorite go-to updo.

15. Middle-Parted Curly Space Bun + Braids

Curly space buns look amazing with a center part and braided diagonal rows. Poof up the buns with a hairbrush for all the drama you want.

The next time you find yourself in need of an easy way to add style to your curly hair, try a center part! Whether it’s small and leads into a ponytail or a dramatic part on long loose and flowing thick hair, it’ll do the trick!