15 Most Inspiring Long Curly Bobs for 2024

As we all know, curly hair means quite a struggle for women. That doesn’t mean that you can’t find the perfect shape for your hair. Our recommendation is to get a curly long bob that’ll look fantastic whatever you do.


Attractive Long Curly Bob Haircuts

A curly bob is something you need if you want a near your shoulders mane that looks great even when you wake up in the morning. Below are some fresh ideas of long bob haircuts for women with curly hair.

1. Long Inverted Bob for Curly Hair

Define your beautiful curls with some blonde platinum highlights. Create a bob haircut with bangs that will amazingly frame your face.


2. Long Layered Curly Bob

Layers are very important when we’re talking about thick curly hair. If you want to avoid the triangle-shaped hair, layers are necessary. Flip your hair on one side for a cooler look.


3. Long Curly Stacked Bob

Dimension, loads of dimension! This is what you’ll get if you choose to get a stacked bob with blonde honey highlights. Get some volume for your top hair by creating some bangs.


4. Thick Curly Lob

Thick curly locks look fantastic if you choose a burgundy hair dye tor your ringlets. Flip your hair on one side and you’ll get a nicely framed face.


5. Long Bob for Thin & Curly Hair

Even if you have thin hair, this long bob haircut with a blonde ombre will make your hair look fantastic. Your curls will have a better definition and you’ll never get tired of this hairstyle.


6. Long Curly Bob for Black Girl

African American hair is so beautiful especially when you let it loose. It has loads of volume and looks pretty amazing when cut in a long bob haircut.


7. Long Bob with Curly Weave

Who doesn’t want a curly wave like this? Create some layers for your long bob if you want it to look spectacular. Flip your bangs on one side and you’ll love the effect.


8. Angled Bob for Curly Long Hair

Angled Bob for Curly Long Hair


A long curly angled bob is something you need if you want to look perfect each day, Your bangs must have a medium length and you can flip them on one side.


9. Curly Long Bob Haircut for Round Face

A round face gets a better framing with a long bob haircut. Create an ombre for your ringlets and you’ll adore the effect.


10. Curly Asymmetrical Lob

Such tight curly ringlets need a lot of control. A curly asymmetrical bob that is longer on one side and shorter on the other might be a modern and useful solution for your rebel hair.


11. Curly Sew In Lob

Define your beautiful wave with some hair wax. It will make your hair shine and beautifully sit in one place. You can also split it in the middle for a fascinating look.


12. Long Curly A Line Bob

Curl definition is the most important key to this A-line bob hairstyle. If you want your hair to look gorgeous, you can also create a blonde caramel ombre that will give your mane a marvelous touch.


13. Long Curly Bob with Bangs

Your curly hair looks like it has it’s own personality, right? Define your ringlets with some hair wax and create some bangs for better framing. You’ll adore the way they bounce and shine.


14. Curly Lob with Side Bangs

Black hair dye gives your locks a gorgeous shine that you’ll adore in an instance. Swap your hair on one side and let those bouncy curls glow!


15. Long Curly Graduated Bob

A graduated bob requires a good old fashioned ombre that will define your curly in such a marvelous way. You’ll never get tired of this hairstyle!

Long bobs are the best option for you if you want to get a good framing for your face. Also, if you want your curly hair to look perfect each day, all you need to do is to create some well-placed layers that will help you keep your rebel hair in one place.