23 Most Delightful Half Up Half Down Curly Hairstyles

Pretty much any woman can easily rock a half-up half-down hairstyle. The versatile look brings all the attention to your face for a beautiful look. These hairstyles blend well with any outfit so that you can wear them for work, dinner, or to stay home. Plus, it doesn’t take a lot of time out of your busy schedule to achieve. 

So if you are in the mood for a sassy, easy-to-maintain style, look no further. The 23 half up half down styles below will give you all the inspiration you need for a stunning hairdo.

1. Half Up Curly Hair with Weave

Protective hairstyles are more popular since everyone wants to grow their natural hair.  A half-up curly hairdo with light lipstick gives you a natural look. Try this long weave for healthy hair.


2. Half Up Half Down Curly Bun

Long curly hairstyles are the best for chubby faces. A high curly bun adds versatility to the plain black curls. Add a bold red lip and lashes for a pretty modern look.


3. Half Up Half Down Short Curly Hair

Looking to add some spice to your curly hair? Tie half of the curls at the top and leave the rest open. This classic half-up half-down hair nicely exposes your jawline for a stunning look.


4. Half Up Curly Medium Hair

Loose curls are a go-to style for medium hair. Hold the front strands of hair up to remove them from your face when you need to. It’s easy to do and stylish!


5. Half Up Half Down Long Curly Hair

Want to stand out with a popping hairstyle? A half up half down long curly hairstyle is an elegant look for any event. For a unique touch, braid the top half.


6. Half Up Curly Hairstyle for Wedding

On this special occasion, all the attention must be on you. This half-up curly hairstyle brushes all the hair back. A few decorative flowers and you’re ready to walk down the aisle!


7. Half Up Half Down Curly Ponytail

A half-up, half-down curly ponytail enhances your natural glow. It brings more focus to your features and jewelry. Lay the curly ponytail on your good side to give the hair volume.


8. Half Up Curls for Black Girl

Black girls have perfected the art of laying hedges. Instead of the usual black curls, go with blonde curls for an adventurous look. Add bold eye makeup to match the edgy hairstyle.


9. Half Up Curly Space Buns

Space buns are a super cute look. Leave the rest of the hair open. Pair it with a nice face beat, and you’re ready to show off your beautiful curls.


10. Half Up Half Down Curly Crochet Hair

Curly crochet hair is gorgeous but can be a lot to handle sometimes. Parting the middle hair a curly red bun. This half-up, half-down curly hair effortlessly enhances your beauty.


11. Half Up Sew in Curls

Sew in curls are tight, bouncy, and easy to style. Sleek down the front and hold half of the hair up. The long black curls paired with pink gloss screams beauty from head to toe.


12. Half Curly Top Knot

Curly medium-length hair gives good cheekbones a raised look. Hold the hair in a half curly top knot for a neater look to put more focus on your beautiful face.


13. Half Up Half Down Curly Braid

For an elegant style, try plaiting a braid at the top to make the curls pop. Add stud earrings to the half-up, half-down curly hair for a classy yet modern look.


14. Half Up Curly Blonde Hair

If you’re interested in a more complex look, go for a few twists at the back. It’s a messy look that stands out with blonde hair and dark roots for any event.


15. Half Up Half Down Balayage Curly Hair

Go all out with this half-up half-down balayage curly hairstyle. The mini curls take very little time to style. The messier the curls, the better for a charming date-night look.


16. Half Curly Updo

Part the front of your hair and leave two curly strands from the half curly updo. Shoulder-length curls and a few silver pins give you a stunning look fit for a princess.


17. Half Up Curly Bob

Bob styles bring out the confidence in all of us. Add curls to the blonde mix, and you’re sure to turn heads. A half-up curly bob makes the short haircut more stunning.


18. Half Up Half Down Loose Curls

Are loose curls getting in your face? Hold the front stands back with a neatly done braid. This half-up half-down curly hair is a go-to for a long fluffy look.


19. Half Up Half Down Curly Hair with Highlights

Looking for a cute way to style your curls? Just hold half of your hair up to form a gorgeous crown. Match it with dresses to exude elegance from head to toe.


20. Half Up Curly Locs

If you want beautifully manageable hair, then this half-up curly lock style is everything! Brown highlights at the end of the curly locks add some edginess for a natural look.


21. Half Up Half Down Twisted Curly Hair

For an elegant wedding look, go for a half up half down curly hair. It pulls back the hair from your face into messy twists. Add white flowers to the curls for a festive look.


22. Half Up Kinky Curly Hair

Kinky hair is versatile in the ways you can style it. Be daring with half-up kinky curly hair, with small curls at the back. This medium hairdo is great for all your moods.


23. Half Cornrow Bun with Curls

This double style is a creative take to add to your basic curls. Large-sized cornrows at the front with voluptuous curls at the back give you a modern, youthful look.


Whether the hair pattern is curly, wavy, or straight, you can turn totally heads with these fun, elegant styles. To dress it up, simply match it with either bold or minimal makeup for nights out or any occasion.

No matter how you wear it, though, you’ll be sure to look your best with these playful, modern styles. And more importantly, you’ll look and feel beautiful and confident when rocking these ‘dos!