18 Most Universal Curly Bob with Bangs (2024 Hot Picks)

Feminine, easy to style, and edgy —  Curly bob with bangs is a trendy hairstyle that will spice up your curly locks! Treat those tresses in for a new style. Inverted, angled, graduated, A-line are just some of the few styles of bob haircut. Top it off with bangs and you’re ready to strut your new look and make head turns because of your gorgeous hairstyle. The key in this hairstyle is the perfect cut for your perfect curls.

It’s hard to get out of your comfort zone if you have had long locks for a long time, but take this as a sign! Here are 18 suggestions that will freshen up your long curly locks into a fresh look with bangs.

1. Short Curly Bob with Bangs

Flaunt that gorgeous afro out! Looking for a fresh start for your curly hair? Try this short curly bob with bangs for a fresh look. It frames your face and brings out a youthful glow.

2. Shoulder Length Curly Bob with Bangs

For women who still don’t have the guts to go all short, this shoulder-length bob would still work to make your curls manageable. Add bangs for curls as a final touch and cute addition!

3. Curly Long Bob with Bangs

This hairstyle and hair color is a match made in heaven to bring out your edgy style. For teens who want to experiment with their curly hair, this is a must-try. 

4. Curly Bob Weave with Bangs

Love short curly hairstyles but doesn’t want to commit for a long time? Try a weave and style it into a curly bob with bangs. These ringlets are just to die for. 

5. Curly Asymmetrical Bob with Bangs

The best way to highlight your features is through a haircut. This asymmetrical cut will frame your best features or perhaps, your gorgeous earpiece! Pair it with bangs and this look is so edgy.

6. Afro Curly Bob with Bangs

Another gorgeous hairstyle to try out with women who have afro hair. If you got curly hair, flaunt it! Embrace the curls (with the perfect products) and perhaps, consider trying bangs.

7. Curly Bob with Side Swept Bangs

This hairstyle is perfect for on-the-go ladies out there. Easy, hassle-free while still looking beautiful. This is a low-maintenance look if you’re tired of being weighed down by curls.

8. Short Curly Stacked Bob with Bangs

A short curly stacked bob with bangs is giving us serious queen vibes! It highlights your luscious curls, making them look healthy and puffy in a nice way. It frames your gorgeous face too.

9. Curly Bob Sew In with Bangs

Glamour and perfection! This is what this hairstyle wants to achieve. Classiness and hip in one hairstyle. When matched with an outfit and that banger makeup, you’ll make heads turn for sure. 

10. Curly Bob with Blunt Bangs

For adventurous gals out there, this curly bob hairstyle is the one for you. If you want to bring out your personality, blunt bangs are your best friend. This hairstyle is very trendy right now.

11. Curly A Line Bob with Bangs

Want that curly bob but don’t want to deal with your locks’ thickness? Opt for layers, like this A-line hairstyle. Not only is it hassle-free, but it also brings spice to your bob cut!

12. Layered Curly Bob Hairstyle with Bangs

Layers are your friend if you have thick, curly hair. Having curly hair can be a mess, but this one gives it a fresh look. Add highlights to your hair to accentuate your curls!

13. Naturally Curly Bob with Bangs

This is a stunning take to flaunt that afro curls. Women with curly hair are very much blessed, they have so much dimension. Bring a new twist and try on bangs with curly bob.

14. Curly Angled Bob with Bangs

Girls who are on the go want a hassle-free hairdo, right? This curly angled bob with bangs best suits those kinds of girls! Effortless yet still looking cute, while maintaining your curls.

15. Curly Bob with Short Bangs

Opting for a cute look for this season? Try this curly bob with short bangs! Remove the bulk of your curls but keep the cute touch with shorter bangs. This look is just adorable. 

16. Curly Bob with Side Bangs

These bob with side bangs will accentuate your godly cheekbones and will make you look like a supermodel from the runway! It just screams gorgeous and beautiful. Curly bob paired with natural makeup brings out your rare beauty. 

17. Curly Inverted Bob with Bangs

An inverted bob is similar to an angled bob, just trendier and spunkier. The front is longer and more full at the top, giving you dimensions while taking off the length.

18. Curly Bob with Chinese Bangs

Chinese bangs help you frame your face. This curly bob with Chinese bangs works well with gals who have long face shapes. If you want to rock it, you do you!

Curly bobs with bangs may be difficult to handle, but with the right cut and right products to use, you’ll be out of the door in no time while still looking fabulous with those luscious curls. Women who have curly hair usually wear their hair long but what’s the fun in that right? Break some curly hair rules and have fun with the curly-girl life!