27 Stunning Curly Crochet Hairstyles for 2024

If you have natural hair, you might be getting sick of afros and flat irons, so why not consider a curly crochet hairstyle?

Crochet braids not only look gorgeous, but they’re popular for their luscious texture and the fact that they can last up to six weeks. Celebrities like Rihanna, Kelly Rowland, and Angela Bassett are fans of the style, which means you need to give it a try as well.

The below 27 crochet hairstyles with curly hair prove there are many ways to style it. If you’re feeling stuck, check them out for hair inspiration!

1. Short Curly Crochet Hair

Short curly crochet hair that meets the shoulders can be given easy style with alternating side parts.

2. Long Curly Crochet Hair

Long curly crochet hair is full of touchable length you can leave down for your friends to envy while occasionally hair flipping to show off.

3. Medium Length

A medium length curly crochet hairstyle that reaches past the shoulders looks beautiful wild and free but can easily be pulled into an easy half updo.

4. Crochet Hair with Bangs

For this more springy-curly hairstyle, cut in some bangs that can easily be brushed to the side for that sexy girl next door feel.

5. Bohemian Curly Crochet Braid

Boho hairstyles are all the rage. To get the look on curly crochet hairstyles, accessorize your hair with a couple of shiny beads and charms.

6. Curly Crochet Bob

For a long oval face, crochet hairstyles with curly hair as bobs work well for framing all the right angles. Comb the front of the hair straight back for a full look or do a simple center part.

7. Thick Curly Crochet Hair

Thick-haired women with curly crochet hair will want to leave it down to show off those enviable curls. If you’re heading out to a special event, wear a sparkly necklace to draw attention to your locks.

8. Curly Crochet Faux Locs

Faux locs are a great option for a temporary protective hairstyle. With highlights and gold or silver beads, this curly hairstyle will have so much flair to look at.

9. Curly Crochet for Natural Hair

Crochet hairstyles for women with naturally curly hair like this can look reminiscent to an afro in a gorgeous way. Who wouldn’t want crazy thick hair framing their face like this?

10. Blonde Crochet Hair

A rich caramel blonde colors this long curly crochet hairstyle. For women with darker skin, it’ll compliment the complexion perfectly.

11. Sew-in Crochet Curly Hair

When you have long curly crochet hair, you can wear it down and loose or pull it up into any kind of updo to show off curls.

12. Cornrows

If you choose cornrows for your curly hair, they’ll look most amazing as an accent on one side of your head, but you can also choose to add them all the way around.

13. Middle Part

When your hair is a beautiful rich burgundy on dark roots, a simple middle part is all you need to style it up.

14. Crochet Curly Hair for Little Girl

If you or your friend have a little one at home, treat them to their own special curly crochet hair. A center cornrow with a charm attached or rounded cornrows with beads down the tips makes for one cool hairstyle.

15. Curly Crochet Twists

Layering curly twists is a great way you can style them so you don’t end up with a bob of hair with no shape.

16. Two-Toned

If you love having color in your life, do it with crochet hairstyles with curly hair that are two-toned! Here, an electric blue draws attention to a crochet bob.

17. Crochet Hair with Highlights

Prefer to keep your color neutral? Rich brown highlights on a dark brown base will make your curly crochet hair a thing of beauty as well.

18. Curly Crochet with Balayage

A beautiful shade of blonde balayage will give your crochet hairstyle those Queen Beyonce vibes we all hope for.

19. Side Part

Instead of a center part, consider a side part which will create a faux side bang on your curly crochet hair if you don’t already have one.

20. Curly Crochet Braid

You might already have braids in your hair, but by doubling up and adding curly crochet hair to it, the overall style becomes twice as thick and stunning.

21. Curly Crochet Dreads

Do you have crochet dreads? Leave them down and dress them up with plenty of silver or gold detailed beads for a hairstyle fit for a princess!

22. Shaved Sides

Whether you choose to shave one side or two on this curly crochet hairstyle, the result is edgy and versatile. So no matter which way you flip your hair, you’ll have style ready to go!

23. Gray + Curly Crochet

Gray hair doesn’t have to get boring when you get older. On a curly crochet hairstyle, your natural color will shine.

24. Ombre + Curly Crochet Hair

For this layered curly crochet hairstyle, a touch of light brown ombre coloring makes it look like the sun is shining, hitting your hair in all the right places.

25. Half Up Half Down

For your night out on the town, your curly crochet hair can easily be pulled up into a half up hairstyle, such as this top knot bun.

26. Burgundy Crochet Braids

Burgundy for darker skin tones is always a great choice and on a short curly crochet hairstyle, it’s a sophisticated color option as well.

27. Crochet Curly Ponytail

Make a statement on your next night out and take your curly crochet hair to gorgeous heights with a super high ponytail wrapped in a gold band.

So how will you slay the style? Long, short, or medium, no choice is a bad one when it comes to curly crochet hairstyles!