25 Perfect Bun Hairstyles for Curly Hair

A curly bun is that hairstyle that can make all of your bad hair day problems go away. You can make it look messy or elegant and you can use to wear them wherever you go.

The great thing about a curly hair bun is that they are easy to make and wear and you can always accessorize them with some braids or even hair jewelry.

1. Messy Curly Bun

If you want a cool day out and you don’t need to look extremely fancy, this easy bun is the perfect solution for your rebel locks.

2. Space Buns With Curly Hair

If you want a look that will definitely draw attention to you, you will adore this hairstyle. Split your top hair into two sections and create two big space buns that will give you a fresh and childish look.

3. Curly Bun With Weave

if you want a voluminous curly hairstyle you can always use hair extensions to give your hair loads of dimension. Select two hair strands that are placed in front, close to your forehead and let them loose. Tie the rest of your hair in a big bun.

4. Low Curly Bun

For this bun hairstyle, you need to flip your hair on one side and tie it down in a low bun. Use some hair wax to make your hair shine. Use can use some big pins with messages to style this beautiful hairdo.

5. High Curly Bun

For this amazing curly hair bun, you need to tie your big hair in a big bun on top of your hair. In order to make this a messy look, you need to draw out some small locks and let them loose.

6. Curly Bun With Bangs

Create a big bun on top of your head and let your bangs fall on your forehead. Keep that in a round shape, longer on sides.

7. Half Up Half Down Curly Bun

If you want your African American hair to look perfect all you need to do is to deeply moisturize your hair and split it into two sections. Tie the top hair section into a bun, close to your forehead.

8. Curly Bun For Black Hair

For this black bun hairstyle, moisturizing is the key. Glue your hair to your scalp using moisturizing products to keep it still. This way you will look sweet and elegant at the same time.

9. Curly Side Bun

If you have in plan to attend a wedding or any other fancy event, this hairstyle is a perfect solution. Pin your hair in a bun on one side and add near it some fabulous hair jewelry.

10. Loose Bun With Curly Hair

If you want a mesmerizing look, this hairstyle is something you will adore in an instance. Pin your hair in a big low bun and use purple hair color for your mane.

11. Curly Bun For Wedding

If you want to look stylish at your wedding, this hair updo is a perfect choice! All you need to do is to tie your curls in a low bun and select two hair strands in front, near your forehead.

12. Kinky Curly Hair Bun

For this hair updo, you need to gather all your beautiful hair into a high bun. This hairstyle is perfect for fancy events because it will make you look glamorous and elegant.

13. Long Curly Hair Bun

This bun hairstyle for long curly hair is perfect for a relaxed day outside or even for school. Also, if you wear glasses, this updo will fit you like a glove.

14. Short Curly Hair Bun

Cut your curly hair in bob hairstyle and split it into two sections. Pin the top section into a big bun and let the lower section loose.

15. Bun For Thick Curly Hair

If you want a fabulous look, split your hair into three sections. Tie them all up in buns in the center of your head, to create a hair updo that looks like a mohawk.

16. Curly Top Knot Bun

This hairstyle is perfect if you want to keep the focus on your face and make-up. Tie your hair up in a knot and use some hair spray and hair wax to keep your hair glued to your scalp.

17. Faux Curly Bun

For this beautiful braided bun hairstyle, you need to create a few braids on the sides and add some hair extensions to create a faux bun. Your bangs also need to have the same color as the bun.

18. Ballet Bun For Curly Hair

If you want an elegant look, just like a gracious ballerina, you can create a big bun on top of your head. This way you will keep all of your rebel hair tamed into a beautiful bun.

19. Curly Bun With Braid

In order to create a beautiful voluminous big bun, use some blonde curly hair extensions to create some braids. Tie them up into a big bun on top of your head.

20. Curly Donut Bun

This donut bun updo looks flawless. For this hairstyle, you need a round sponge on which you can roll up your hair. On the sides, you can make some braids to make it look spectacular.

21. Big Curly Hair Bun

Create a mesmerizing blonde ombre for your beautiful curls and tie them in a bun. Style it to look like a fan and accessorize it with some big round golden earrings.

22. Curly Bun With Box Braids

Knot yourself some bog braids and at the roots add some golden hair jewelry. Gather all the half braided hair and pin it into a big bun for curly hair.

23. Twisted Curly Bun

Create a mesmerizing curly hair bun with some twisted braids that will keep all rebel locks tamed. Use these curly braids to make a big bun at the bottom, near your neck.

24. Curly Ninja Bun

For this hairstyle, you need a dense comb to style your hair and a resistant hairband. Use your favorite moisturizer to make your hair glued to your head and gather all those rebel locks into a big ninja bun.

25. Sleek Curly Bun

Sleek your hair with loads of foam, moisturizer, and even gel if you want your hair to be glued to your head. Use that dense comb to style and design the edges. If you want your bun to get more volume you can even use hair extensions.

When it comes to buns for curly hair that look glued on your head you need to arm yourself with a dense comb and some products that fix your hair: moisturizer, foam or hair wax. This way you’ll get an elegant glamorous look but you can always opt for a messy bun for relaxed days.