30 Must-Try Blonde Curly Hairstyles for Women

Those of us with curly hair know what a pain it can be to style it sometimes. You have to get the texture, the cut, and the style to work together in a way that expresses your personality just right. If you are blessed with curly blonde hair or simply want to style that way, you’ll be amazed to find the available hairstyle variations!


Vibrant Blonde Curly Hair Looks

If it’s a short haircut you’re looking for your curly blonde hair, consider a lob or bob that will work with your angles. Prefer to keep your length? A medium cut with layers and highlights will have you loving your curls, not hating them. It’s all about finding the right hairstyle.

Luckily, we’ve gathered 30 styles that will show off your blonde curly hair just beautifully!

1. Short Blonde Curly Hair

For short blonde curly hair, a neck-length cut that grazes the jawline shows off the neck and pretty much every other angle of the face.


2. Long Blonde Curly Hair

A side part on long blonde curly hair is the perfect way to create dimension and lift, not to mention it’s quick, low maintenance style.


3. Medium Curly Blonde Hair

For curly blonde hair, a medium haircut just past the shoulders has tons of body and enviable curl your friends will secretly hate you for.


4. Blonde Curly Hair with Weave

Give a curly weave fun color with white or gray highlights. Short layers are the way to go for shape while a heavy side part maximizes volume.


5. Honey Blonde Curly Hair

A rich honey blonde on a curly pixie is adorable on a round face. Wake up and spend less than 10 minutes styling this chic cut. Feel free to try pixie blonde too!


6. Natural Curly Blonde Hair

Naturally curly hair is stunning colored blonde. Kinky-curly bangs are fun, flirty, and the best way to show off your pretty eyes.


7. Blonde Highlights on Brown Curly Hair

Update your brown curly hair with blonde highlights. Whether you opt for skinny or chunky highlights, your hair will thank you.


8. Platinum Blonde Curly Hair

A cropped curly pixie becomes super edgy with platinum treatment. This look says bold and beautiful.


9. Ash Blonde Curly Hair

For ash blonde curly hair, a jaw-length cut and highlights look edgy with minimal shaving on one side yet still feminine with a heavy part.


10. Curly Blonde Ombre

Honey blonde ombre takes a curly lob to gorgeous level. Start your color dark near the roots and brighten it up majorly at ends.


11. Strawberry Blonde Curly Hair

Who doesn’t love a strawberry blonde? If you have curly hair, pair this favorite color with a shoulder-length cut for a sexy look.


12. Creamy Blonde Curly Hair

Big curls on a pixie will give everyone hair envy, especially when they see how the creamy blonde shows off your volume.


13. Curly Crochet Blonde Hair

Long crochet blonde hair looks super sweet with a small updo. Pull just a handful of hair back from the forehead into a hairband for a minimally dressed updo.


14. Curly Blonde Balayage

If you’ve ever wanted mermaid locks, the blonde balayage on your long curly hair will get you there.


15. Braided Hairstyle for Curly Blonde Hair

Headed to a fancy event soon? Pull side pieces into a thick braid and curl the rest of your hair for a beautiful curly half updo.


16. Curly Golden Blonde Hair

Curly beach blonde bobs are trending for the way they flatter oval and round faces. Pump up the volume with your favorite texturizing creme.


17. Pixie for Curly Blonde Hair

If you like your curly hair, keep the length while sporting a fashionable pixie with cropped sides.


18. Curly Blonde Bob

A rich blonde curly bob with bangs is just what you want if your goal is sophisticated chic.


19. Thick and Curly Blonde Hair

Thick hair can be difficult to style. Opt for layers on a loose hairstyle with a side part that shows off curls.


20. Blonde Curly Hairstyle for Wedding

Let your curly hair be your best accessory on your special day by wearing it in a half updo and accessorizing it with a pearled clasp.


21. Lowlights For Blonde Curly Hair

For your medium curly hairstyle, have fun with color by playing with lowlights. Whether they’re thin or thick sections, they’ll be pretty!


22. Blonde Curls with Dark Root

For tighter curls on long hair, dark roots with light color really make a hairstyle pop.


23. Blonde Curly Hair with Bangs

Pair your curly lob with bangs for a gorgeous thick hairstyle. To refresh throughout the day, run fingers through curls and scrunch.


24. Blonde Curly Updo

Instead of pulling your curly hair up into the same old plain bun, accessorize with a colorful bandana and dangly earrings.


25. Curly Ponytail On Blonde Hair

Your curly hair will look twice as long swept up into a low ponytail with romantic tendrils framing the face. Save this style for a special day.


26. Copper Blonde Curly Hair

For copper blonde curly hair, while layers will help give it shape, just leaving it loose and trying bangs is another way to show off that volume.


27. Curly Blonde Hair and Blue Eyes

Platinum blonde hair makes blue eyes pop on a shoulder-length lob. Layered side-swept bangs keep the style from being too minimal.


28. Curly Blonde Hair with Center Part

On curly hair, a center part is simple yet statement-making. Insert a few tiny braids for fun.


29. Curly Hair with Blonde Tips

The blonde tips on this long ultra-curly hairstyle are beautiful. Bangs that end with light blonde bring focus to big eyes.


30. Blonde Curly Bun

Whether you’re heading to work or out to a date, a cute ballerina bun will show off your curly hair in a chic way.

So don’t go chopping off your gorgeous curly hair. Try one of these lovely styles to embrace what you were born with!