15 Prettiest Balayage Colors for Curly Hair

The technique of balayage in general is beautiful, but for women with curly hair, it’s especially stunning. The many different types of color balayage help the curly hair texture shine and its movement stands out.

While the most popular color transition for balayage is from dark to light, many stylists choose to paint color on from light to dark for a pretty change. Choose a rich caramel, honey blonde, soft light blonde, copper or auburn, or a mix of two for a nice blend if you can’t decide!

For 15 beautiful curly hairstyle ideas on how you can work balayage hair technique into your mane, read on! There’s a color for everyone.

1. Short Curly Hair with Balayage

Does your short curly hair need a refresher? Blonde balayage will liven it up and make those curls really glow.


2. Balayage on Long Curly Hair

Long curly hair stuns with balayage weaved in. No matter which way you part it, you’ll look stunning.


3. Curly Hair Balayage

Who wouldn’t want the light blonde balayage for curly hair? This shade, in particular, warms up skin tone beautifully.


4. Brunette Balayage for Curly Hair

A half updo really shines with curly balayage.


5. Balayage on Curly Hair with Weave

To get the mermaid hair look, weave in light blonde and spritz with sea salt spray to amp up the texture.


6. Balayage Ombre on Curly Hair

A balayage ombre look like this will make your curly hair look like you spend hours in the sun, even if you don’t.


7. Balayage Highlights on Curls

With balayage highlights on a long curly style like this, any up or down style you choose will really stun.


8. Balayage on Natural Curly Hair

A short naturally curly hairstyle can look even better with light red or copper highlights.


9. 3A Curly Hair with Balayage

If your hair is 3a, meaning it’s more springy-curly, define their shape with a balayage in an auburn or copper color.


10. Balayage on Dark Curly Hair

For your dark curly hair, do something different and try a curly blonde balayage to make it pop!


11. Caramel Balayage

A rich caramel balayage helps super curly hair stand out. Leave loose or pull it up in a loose bun for a pretty updo.


12. Brown Balayage

Brown balayage on curly hair shines as a mix of straight and wavy locks for a fancy night out or formal event.


13. Honey Blonde Balayage

You’ll feel exquisite day or night with honey blonde balayage to show off your long curly hair.


14. Red Balayage on Curly Hair

If you love playing with fun colors, a rich red balayage on a short curly hairstyle will help you show off your playful side.


15. Balayage on Curly Hair with Bangs

For long curly hair with straight bangs, a warm honey balayage gives a dark hairstyle a light glow. Show off curls by leaving hair loose or pull up into a sleek pony or messy bun to show balayage off.


So whether you choose copper balayage on dark curly hair, honey blonde balayage with platinum highlights on long curly hair, or any other combination, you’ll obviously look beautiful. The key is to find a color you love and go for it!