20 Best Medium Blonde Hair Ideas to Try

Medium blonde hair is the new trend in the new decade. Anyone and everyone is talking about it and craving to flaunt this subtle yet sexy hair color to look their fashionable best. When you pair shoulder-length hair with a bright shade of blonde, it makes for an interesting contrast and instantly brightens your look, creating a striking look.

Also, as this blonde shade ranges from light, medium, dark to honey, ash, sandy, and caramel hues, you have the freedom to choose just the right tone that suits you the most. You can try balayage, ombre, or highlights—the options are endless.

But before visiting the salon to switch your hair color, check out these amazing blonde hair color ideas for medium-length hair. These will help you pick the “ONE” for you in no time!

1. Medium Golden Blonde Hair

The soft golden tone of this blonde will warm up your natural color for a more radiant result. It doesn’t matter if you are opting for a subtle, “girl-next-door”  image or a sexy siren one, this medium blonde hairstyle works seamlessly with any look you wish to create.

2. Medium-Dark Blonde Hair

This rich, in-between shade of blonde is just the perfect balance between blonde and brown hues. If you are not comfortable getting a full-blown sparkling blonde in your tresses, try a dark blonde- it would look good on you, regardless of your skin tone or the season!

3. Medium Light Blonde Hair

If you can pull off, a light, almost white, blonde would show off your medium tresses gorgeously. Adorn it with straight strands or curls and waves, the appeal of this blonde hue is never to be dimmed!

4. Medium Ash Blonde Hair

Highlight your perfect skin with pale ashy blonde tresses. With its silvery-ash undertones and a muted white color, you would never fail to look polished and sophisticated- all at the same time.

5. Medium Blonde Hair With Highlights

Who said you cannot add highlights in your blonde tresses? With the right choice and placement of colors, highlights add edge and dimension to your precious manes. Just make sure not to overdo the style.

6. Medium Platinum Blonde Hair

This medium platinum blonde is something you expect on a supermodel. If you too want a runway model aura, nothing could serve you better than these gorgeous white tresses.

7. Medium Straight Blonde Hair

Wear your medium blonde tresses with pin-straight locks and look as sharp as it sounds! Make sure to comb the manes thoroughly for a more sophisticated appearance.

8. Medium Length Blonde Wavy Hair

Add some depth and dimension to your medium blonde hair with the perfectly “imperfect” beachy waves. The twist and texture of these messy waves provide incredible body in your “otherwise” flat manes and make them look fuller and voluminous than ever before.

9. Medium Beige Blonde Hair

Even when you are not a fan of bright golden shades, you can still flaunt a gleaming blonde with warm beige tones. Unlike other blonde hues, it works for almost all hair types and accentuates all skin tones.

10. Medium Length Blonde Balayage Hair

What could be more trendy than a balayage blonde in your sexy shoulder-length hair? Pair this dimensional hair color with big curls or salty waves- the results couldn’t be more stunning.

11. Medium Length Blonde Ombre Hair

Have you ever seen a more flattering hair color than a stunning blonde ombre? Adorn your medium tresses with these perfectly sun-kissed hues and show off your sexy, sultry side to the world.

12. Medium Length Blonde Hair With Bangs

Make a striking statement with bangs in your medium blonde hair. The neatly trimmed smaller strands give you more personality and also help to hide that big forehead of yours.

13. Medium Icy Blonde Hair

Want to look as sharp as a razor? Get an icy medium blonde hair.

The pale icy cool shade along with the edgy shoulder-length “do” adds the right bit of fierceness to your look and sets the spotlight just on you girl!

14. Medium Honey Blonde Hair

Blondes are not only for light skin girls, and this honey blonde is the proof. The perfect combination of lustrous golden hues along with the brown lowlights works as amazingly with darker skin tones as it does with paler skin. Flaunt this medium-length blonde hairstyle proudly, regardless of your skin color.

15. Medium Length Dirty Blonde Hair

Just opposite to its name, dirty blonde hair color is unique, charming and so in trend. Pair it with sexy beach waves or a few twists here and there, this perfectly balanced shade will never fail to make you look like a true DIVA.

16. Medium Copper Blonde Hair

Refresh your regular blonde hair with the bright, warm reddish copper blonde hues. The perfect blend of red and bronze gives a sparkling shade that fits all seasons and all occasions.

17. Medium Length Blonde Hair With Layers

Ensure body and bounce in your limp medium-length hair with lots of layers and warm blonde color. The perfectly arranged layers and the rich tones of the blonde will provide an illusion of fullness in your tresses and make them look as bodylicios as ever.

18. Medium Strawberry Blonde Hair

A strawberry blonde is exactly what it sounds like- an alluring golden blonde hair color with strawberry red undertones. You can always play with the red undertones to match your skin tone perfectly and wear this rare blonde like none other.

19. Medium Length White-Blonde Hair

A white blonde is not just a hair color, it’s a lifestyle! It takes quite a lot of courage and confidence to sport these icy cold hues in your manes. If you are not afraid to grab a lot of attention on the street, this should most definitely be your hair color of choice.

20. Medium Caramel Blonde Hair

Want movie star-like hair? Try the caramel blonde hue in your medium-length tresses and let your hair do all the talking. When paired with the right hairstyle, this “brimming with shine” hair color would never go unnoticed!

Medium blonde hair can be styled in different ways, depending on your preferences. From opting for brighter tones to getting cooler, more understated hues, the options are vast when it comes to styling your medium-length hair. Take your time to decide the best match for you.