11 Stylish Icy Blonde Hair Trends of 2023

Say hello to being an Ice Princess! The Icy blonde hair trend has been around for a while now, and lots of celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Lady Gaga have been sporting the look already. It has a more classy and high-fashion vibe than your typical beach blonde hair!

For already blonde girls out there, this kind of hair color will be easy to achieve. Just a few touches of toner and bleach and you’ll be out of the salon. For dark-maned girls, it’s a whole ‘other story. 

Get your patience and budget ready if you ever feel like having this icy ‘do. The maintenance for this style is no joke, but it’s definitely worth the look. Matched with a sleek ensemble, all eyes will be on you.

Take note that your hair should have monthly or daily treatments so as not to damage your hair further. Keep on reading our list to be inspired to change your look!

Different Icy Blonde Hair Looks

Our first tip is: Do not DIY unless you have researched extensively or you are in touch with a professional. Unless you want your locks to snap off, an icy blonde hairstyle is best left to the professionals. Handling bleach and toner is not an amateur thing to do or else you’ll be featured in Brad Mondo’s videos in no time. Just take a trip to a salon and consider it as a pamper day for yourself.

1. Short Icy Blonde Hair

Icy hair does not only work for long hair, but also for short dos! If your hair has been damaged but still wants to keep this color, perhaps it’s time to chop those locks off and embrace the short mane.

2. Icy Blonde Balayage

icy blonde balayage

Now, this is a beautiful look for your hair! Make head turns with your icy locks by keeping your waves cascaded through your back. With a low heat curling wand, achieve these curls for a chic look.

3. Icy Blonde Curly Hair

As they say, blondes have more fun! But having icy blonde hair is much more fun, especially if it’s curly. Take note to wash your blonde curl with color-safe shampoo to keep it from fading and being damaged.

4. Icy Blonde Highlights

If you’re looking for a trendy hairstyle without the hassle of going full blonde, why not try having highlights? Highlights could define your waves and also your facial features.

5. Icy Blonde Hair With Dark Roots

Going for a low-maintenance look? Roots don’t have to look hideous! Ask your hairstylist to go with a technique that isn’t too high maintenance, make your roots blend to your Icy blonde hair.

6. Icy Blonde Bob

For an Anna Wintour-look, get ready for a Vogue-style if you will try out this long blonde bob style. Definitely, low maintenance but will look chic and classy at every event you will go to!

7. Medium Icy Blonde Hair

Bring out your bombshell side with this icy hair! Curl it with a touch of voluminous style, add lip gloss and you’ll look like an instant VS Angel. This look will give you a flirty vibe.

8. Brown And Icy Blonde Hair

Get the best of both worlds by mixing your dark hair with a few highlights to create a great contrast. To accentuate the color more, a romantic braid and bun will definitely give you a more beautiful hairdo.

9. Icy Blonde Ombre

Reluctant to dye your hair completely? Fret not, this hairstyle will minimize the damage but still get your dream hair color. This ‘do is quite low maintenance too and is less damaging!

10. Light Icy Blonde Hair

Go all in and enjoy the legally icy blonde life! This flirty hair-do is perfect for coffee day-outs, especially if you want to look extra cute for your date. A half-up half-down style will make your hair look more voluminous.

11. Icy Blonde Hair With Bangs

For matured women, an icy style will definitely give you a more youthful look! Match it with bangs to frame your face better and you’ll be ready without the hassle and less effort. 

If you’re looking for a hair color to try, why not try icy blonde? It looks more unique than your usual blonde but the only thing is that it’s more high maintenance. With this hair color, you’ll definitely look more chic, classy, and well put together especially if you match it with monochromatic outfits. Hopefully, our list will help you decide on what hairstyles to try if you do decide to try out a new icy hair color!