22 Inspiring Black Hair with Highlights Ideas For A Bold Look

Dyeing your whole hair might feel intimidating for first-timers. You should take baby steps in this case, and there’s an alternative. Shading your black hair with highlights can be a superb pick for your hair because of zero risk and fantastic results.

With excellent base color, it looks the best. The base greatly aids the shading in creating a fading effect. You don’t dye your entire head of hair, but rather a few strands in some cases and a few locks in others to add some color to your black hair.

Halle Barry, Jennifer Lopez, Beyoncé are your role models who have done highlights with their hair and looked dashing. So stop procrastinating and go to the hair salon for this new adventure with your black hair. See below to find out which suits you best.

Alluring Black Hair With Highlights For Women

Below are variations of black hair with different highlights for you to check out. The black hair highlights shown below are both intricate and simple. Enjoy!

1. Black hair with blonde highlights

Black hair and blonde highlights are all about using aluminum foil to take a lock of hair and dye it. The foil helps to contain the heat. Blonde on black hair adds a touch of allure to your hair. Without a doubt, a simple and lovely combination for a first try.

2. Black hair with red highlights

Black hair with red highlights is a great combination that draws attention right away. You can try face-framing highlights. These hairstyles work with the hair strands near your face. It dyes the hair along your frame to bring the focus to your face with red highlights among black hair.

3. Black hair with brown highlights

You can do this one in a snap. Wrap a few of your strands in aluminum foil after weaving them to the brown color. Less or more hair can create a different vibe, and fewer highlights are like a mysterious hint of something subtle, while more highlights are like a bold statement.

4. Black hair with blue highlights

As mentioned in the beginning, you can do a highlight with a lock of hair or just a few strands as well. No other color shines brighter than blue when compared to other highlights for black. Instead of weaving the hair subtly, take a few strands at a time and dye them blue.

5. Purple highlights on black hair

Purple highlights on black hair are quite intriguing. Previous hairstyles worked with hair near your face or the sides. Now let’s see what we can do with your back hair. It’s preferable to put locks of hair on your back and curl them after dyeing for extra flair.

6. Black hair with silver highlights

Silver is a very majestic color, and silver goes hand in hand with hair highlights. One of the lightest colors that attract the eye well. Highlight most of your back hair but keep the part near hair roots dark for a deep contrast. That’s the way to rock this.

7. Black hair with grey highlights

Grey is similar to silver but lighter. Silver gives a glow to your hair, and grey subtly beatifies your black hair. You can try a face frame by dyeing the hair around your face. If you have straight hair, then that’s cherry on top for this haircut.

8. Black hair with pink highlights

After silver and grey, pink is a bright color. With your curly hair, you can attempt to highlight locks of hair in intervals from the roots to the ends of the hair strands. This creates stripes of pink among black hair. Pretty interesting hairdo if you think about it.

9. Black hair with white highlights

Black and white are complementary colors – one can’t shine without the other. The same goes for hair highlights. Do highlights to a few strands on your back hair with little intervals and voilà. See the amazing contrast it creates to your hairstyle effortlessly.

10. Black straight hair with highlights

Straight Black hair’s bland in and of itself. Combine it with a few highlights of different colors, and suddenly you look dashing. Subtle weaved highlights on black hair will make the haircut look mysterious. Dye your hair near the roots for the best result.

11. Black curly hair with highlights

Black curly hair looks awesome, unlike straight hair. Add a few highlights here and there to get a refined look. With curly hair, you can attempt to partially highlight the top part and near the bottom of your hair in the same strands for a unique and astonishing hairdo.

12. Short black hair with highlights

You may think it’s hard to work with short black hair to get highlights. Rather it’s the opposite. You can easily highlight your short hair, with multiple colors as well. Dye parts of your hair green and part pink, undoubtedly an exquisite look you get with this combination.

13. Long black hair with highlights

You can also dye your long hair in multiple colors like short hair and look like a character right out of a fairytale. Instead of dying parts of hair, dye all over your hair except near the roots. This gives the feel of completely dying your hair.

14. Medium length black hair with highlights

If you have shoulder-length black hair, you can try highlighting hair strands with short intervals. You can even try layering it a bit for an added flair. This creates an alluring hue of red among dark black hair.

15. Black hair with green highlights

You might get a ‘Billie Eilish’ vibe from doing highlights on black hair in green. Highlight locks of your hair from the roots to the ends of all hairs strands. With straight hair, this looks more amazing than you can imagine. Undoubtedly one of the best on this list.

16. Black hair with peekaboo highlights

You know what a ‘Peekaboo’ means. Here it applies pretty much the same as the highlight will be subtle and will be applied under the top layers, only revealing themselves when your finger runs across them. You can also keep some highlights above.

17. Jet black hair with highlights

With shiny glossy jet-black hair, you can look amazing with a hint of highlights. For this, you can go with the color blue. Not much light and not much dark, yet the color pops up on jet black hair effortlessly. You can attempt it on your next makeover.

18. Black hair with orange highlights

Instead of thinking about the fruit orange, think how it would look on a pixie. Pretty fascinating, don’t you think. Pretty bright color orange highlight on black hair. If your hair is short, then orange will shine greatly. It brings more focus to your frame.

19. Rainbow highlights on black hair

Rainbow, is the color that engulfs the whole world on the lock of your hair. This works better if you highlight only a few of your hairs. Try doing frame highlighting with rainbow color. Use the power of seven colors to portray your profile even brightly.

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20. Black hair with yellow highlights

Yellow, is one of the brightest colors in the spectrum to do highlights on black hair. Unlike the previous ones, dye your hair from the roots to the end of the hair strands but not quite reach the end. Keep the ends untouched for this one to see its shine.

21. Black hair with lavender highlights

Lavender, the color of flora. It blends well with black hair. Use lavender color highlights on your hair for a subtle allure. It’s neither dark nor bright. Depending on the light it will show its brightness. Pretty clean choice of highlights if you are a newcomer in highlighting.

22. Black hair with caramel highlights

The sweet caramel and its color are pretty subtle. Highlighting your hair with caramel dye will look astonishingly good on black hair. You can endeavor to highlight only a few strands all around your hair. This gives the highlighting a casual vibe unlike other more bold alternatives mentioned previously.

An effortless hairstyle to try out is highlighting. Black hair with highlights looks rather fantastic. You can try highlighting to add more flair to your hair. Straight, curly, or short; all types of hair look amazing with highlights.

You have seen the list and all the types mentioned above. By now, you should have found your choice of hairdo. Comment the one that you will be trying out next to share about your attempt with highlights on black hair.