25 Stylish Ways to Wear A Choppy Bob

Choppy bob haircuts seem to take over the world! And there’s no reason why women wouldn’t adore this simple yet sophisticated haircut. A choppy bob is ideal for all types of hair and a great option for women who want that amazing “I don’t care” look. Also, those of you who struggle with fine hair will certainly love this hairstyle because it will provide more volume and a chic look.


Why Choose a Choppy Bob?

A choppy bob haircut will provide great texture for your hair. It keeps your strands in medium length so that you’ll still be able to benefit from the advantage of long hair: wave it, dye it or pin it in a short ponytail; this bob gives you all the opportunities. The haircut is so versatile, looks great with bangs or arranged on one side.

1. Short Choppy Bob

As a woman with thin hair, waving it will make a real difference. It will provide all the volume you wanted. Choose an ombre if you want a natural look with a pinch of color.


2. Long Bob Hair

A choppy long bob allows you to play around with your favorite color. If you want highlights that create texture, this haircut will provide a great canvas. Also, you will look brilliant with an ashy shade that turns into a platinum blonde.


3. Choppy Medium Bob

Part your hair in the middle or flip it on one side. Either way, your choppy bob haircut will look fantastic, and if you choose to create loose waves or curls, you’ll get a careless elegant touch.


4. Choppy Bob with Bangs

Great actress Maisie Williams from Game of thrones loves a good old choppy bob with bangs. If you want to draw attention to your facial features and frame your face, pull off a haircut just like hers! However, make sure you choose the right length for your fringe.


5. Angled Bob

An angled choppy bob haircut for blondes with highlights or ombre will totally add depth and to your look. We love both mild blonde nuances and great dark-to-lighter color transitions. So what would you pick?


6. Choppy Shaggy Bob

The shaggy haircuts are back in trends and don’t seem to go away anytime sooner! Get bangs and if you have fair skin, go blonde! It will highlight your eyes and gorgeously frame your face!


7. Bob for Fine Hair

Fine hair is a common problem among women, but certain haircuts can mask this type of hair. A choppy bob is certainly one of them! And if you also wave some of your strands, you’ll get that most wanted dimension!


8. Choppy Bob for Thick Hair

Having thick hair is one of our dreams and if you are lucky to have it, a choppy bob will suit you like a glove. Versatility defines choppy bob haircuts, so it will look astonishing on all hair types, including thick strands.


9. Straight Choppy Bob

A straight choppy bob will look even better if you give it a little more volume in the back. You can get this effect by layering those back strands, creating more dimension. The color choice is yours, just make sure it suits your skin tone.


10. Wavy  Bob

Waves are ideal for textured hair and ombres because they greatly highlight that color mix. Also, you get more volume and a refined touch for those lovable locks.


11. Choppy Curly Bob

Even as a woman with curly hair, a choppy bob will make miracles for you. When your hair has many ringlets, this haircut is recommended because it will make those curls fall amazingly without creating a triangle shape.


12. Blunt Bob

Short blunt bobs that reach your jawline are great face framers. Use a straightening iron and mess up your hair a little to obtain that styled but messy combination. Your look will be so trendy, and everyone will adore your new cut!


13. Choppy Layered Bob

Choppy bobs have a messy aspect but at the same time, they can have that elegant vibe. This makes them suitable for all sorts of occasions and day-to-day activities. So if you’re looking for versatility, this hairstyle really has it!


14. Choppy Blonde Bob

Even for older women, choppy bobs are a must-try at least once. You will be surprised by how well they can be adapted to any personality, face shape, or personal style!


15. Bob with Grey Hair

Tired of dull hair with no shape and volume? Choppy bobs are here for the rescue, and they’ll do such a fine job when you want something out of the ordinary! Opt for a gray nuance for your locks and feather the ends of your bob.


16. Messy Choppy Bob

Intense strawberry blonde is just… yummy! And if you have fair skin and green eyes, yes, that color will work with your complexion even more! Grab your curling wand and style some curls if you want to look 100% astonishing!


17. A-Line Bob

A-line bobs have longer strands in front and more volume in the back. Either way, this haircut looks great with flawless straightened locks and loosen wavy strands.


18. Choppy Bob for Long Face

Medium curtain bangs make such a great pair with chin-length bob haircuts. The cut solves all your styling problems, and you need just a blowout to look spectacular once you leave the house.


19. Choppy Textured Bob

Epic green colors are still trendy this year, so don’t be afraid to opt for an electric color that really pops out. Use a razor to style those choppy and keep your roots dark to create great contrast.


20. Ombre Bob

Start with a platinum blonde nuance that gradually transforms into an eye-popping purple-pink color. Apply the same technique for your bangs and swipe them on one side.


21. Inverted Bob

When you want great texture, add blonde almond highlights on a brown base color. The overall look will be elegant and eye-popping. As for your inverted cut, build more volume in the back by styling layers that gorgeously fall one over the other.


22. Brunette Choppy Bob

Go for a chin-length bob and use your curling iron or a rotative brush to style the tips inwards. Bangs should fall just above the eyebrows, chopped, and spread on the forehead. Wear red lipstick for a French romantic look.


23. Asian Woman with Choppy Bob

Asian girls who want to feel and look amazing can opt for a choppy shoulder-length bob haircut. As for the color, a pastel red is everything you need to stun and make a killer impression each time you leave the house. Give this hairdo a glammy touch by messily waving your hair.


24. Choppy Bob Haircut for Round Face

Adding a warmer brown tone to your dark bob hairstyle is a must-try if you want a natural and elegant look with a twist. Part your hair in the middle and smoothly wave some of your strands. It doesn’t have to look perfect to grab all the attention.


25. Choppy Bob for Woman Over 50

Women over 50 will instantly fall in love with a choppy bob. It provides all the texture they want and it can be styled in multiple ways. Depending on your personality and personal preferences, you can opt for natural colors or go for something more dramatic.


Choppy bob haircuts are incredibly versatile and ideal for all women who crave a hairstyle that doesn’t require too much effort. A choppy bob can easily be pulled off by teenagers who love crazy colors and even older women who want an elegant but modern look. Either way, if you want to stun with a new look, this hairstyle will undoubtedly match your expectations!