20 Ways to Style Space Bun Hairstyles

Space buns are fantastic and they are very easy to make. They are ideal for women who want to look younger and childish.

Space buns leave a lot of room for creativity using braids, or regular in the top of your head. Here are some amazing styles to try this year.

1. Braided Space Buns

Create two braids that start from your forehead and create two buns from them. You can also do the same thing from the back. Start braiding from the neck and the effect will be fantastic.


2. Half Up Half Down Space Buns

There are lots of ways to use and make space buns hairstyles. Pick the top hair section from your head and split it in two. Create two buns and keep the rest of your hair in a wavy.


3. Space Buns for Short Hair

Space buns are also ideal for short hair. Combine them with braids and curls for a magnificent effect. You can also make two space buns and leave two hair sections of hair, in front.


4. Space Buns for Long Hair

If you want two big hair buns, you can also use hair extensions. This way they will look voluminous and you won’t have to use too much from your natural hair.


5. Space Buns on Curly Hair

If you want to keep your curls in one place, you can choose some space buns for curly hair. Use some beautiful hair bands.


6. Space Buns for Straight Hair

If you want a crazy modern young look, make two pointy space buns on top of your head. Take two strands on your hair and twirl them to obtain two amazing buns. You can even make some here and there braids.


7. Wavy Hair with Space Buns

Get your self a conical iron to create some amazing long hair waves. Braid your top hair and twirl it in two buns. You can even use glitter to draw attention to your braids.


8. Low Space Buns

You can create your buns wherever you like. These are perfect if you want a childish look. Create two braids and transform them into two low space buns.


9. Space Buns on Natural Hair

No matter the hair type, buns suit even natural hair. They are ideal if you want to keep your hair in one place and in the same time, get a breath-taking hairstyle.


10. Space Buns with Bangs

Buns with bangs are modern and perfect if you want a childish look. They are perfect if you have an electric color for your hair such as pink or red-orange. For a cooler effect, create some waves that will make your hair look even better.


11. Space Buns for Thin Hair

If you want to give your thin hair a spectacular look, try combining braids with buns. Knit your hair starting your forehead and your neckline and when the two braids meet, make an easy bun.


12. Space Buns with Box Braids

Buns go so well with box braids. Even if you have long or short braids, or if you use a natural color or an electric jumbo hair for the knits, buns cand really make a difference for your hairstyle.


13. Mini Space Buns

Split your hair in the middle and create a bun on top of your hair for each side. You can accessorize your hair with some hair jewelry such as starts.


14. Space Buns with Undercut

If you have an undercut, these buns are the best way to highlight that short designed area. You can even choose to use more electric colors for your hair and buns.


15. Space Buns with Glitter

Glitter makes everything look better! Create two big buns pour some colored sparkling glitter between them. Your new look will be eye-popping.


16. Space Buns with Weave

If you have natural hair, use that to your advantage. From this voluminous hair, you can create two big space buns that will turn heads on the street.


17. Blonde Space Buns

Buns look so good on blonde hair. By using this hairstyle you will get a beautiful hairstyle that will make you look elegant, romantic and childish at the same time.


18. Messy Space Buns

Your buns don’t need to look perfect!. You can create a messy look that you will love. You can also use some beautiful colors to spice up things a little bit with a messy bun.


19. Space Buns for Kid

Space buns for kids suit any little girl that wants to look like a princess. Accessorize the hairstyle with some playful rubber hair bands and they will love them!


20. Rainbow Space Buns

If you love colors, create a rainbow hairstyle for your hair with some space buns and combine them with some easy curls. You’ll love the way they look.


Even if you have long or short hair, natural or curly, space buns are something you need to try. They are playful, childish, and work so well with electric colors and braids.

Space buns are easy to do and you’ll make them in just a few minutes. Which of the hairstyles we presented is the one you are going to try next?