15 Most Trendy & Flattering Chignon Buns for 2023

Managing hair in a functional way and looking presentable are two challenges we often face. Chignon buns are often considered a one size fits all solution for both the fashion and function departments.

Whether it’s the weather, or occasion- keeping hair in its place in a fashionable way is always a good idea. Also, it never hurts to stand out with just a little twist and turn in the mane to create a new look.

Why A Chignon Bun

Chignon buns suit all of the hair type out there and can be worn in many different ways. Low chignon bun, high chignon bun, loose chignon bun, tight chignon bun – take your pick that fits your need.

Chignon buns are also a go-to bridal hairdo. If you’re looking for the perfect bridal hairstyle that will complement the outfit and make you look beautiful while letting you carry on, you might find the perfect hairstyle for the big day.

1. Low Chignon Bun

A low chignon bun is an elegant way to style the hair for any semi-formal or formal occasion. Hair pinned down elegantly along the nape of the neck in a fine chignon is a functional way to look stylish and presentable in any outfit. At the same time, there’s no need to worry about “adjusting” the hair as once the chignon is pinned, it’s a done deal.

2. High Chignon Bun

When the time demands a bold fashion statement without changing the outfit or even touch-ups, a high chignon bun is an easy go-to. All that is needed is to pin the hair up in a chignon bun high on the top of the head. Whether it’s a grunge flannel or a cocktail dress- high chignon can accentuate the boldness of fashion statement in any of the outfits. Also, it’s quite useful while wearing packs at home, as all the hair is tucked up, which makes it pretty convenient for applying and cleaning off the packs.

3. Twisted Chignon Bun

For an elegant and regal look, a twisted chignon bun is a great choice. Especially with long dress gowns for formal events, a twisted chignon bun is just the perfect hairdo. It also adds a nice touch to a classy bridesmaid look.

4. Braided Chignon Bun

Maintaining long hair is not always the easiest of the task, especially when doing spontaneous tasks are counted. It is always helpful to have something to take care of the long hair and keep it in its place when you’re doing your thing. Braids often do a good job to organize hair, however, long dangly braids are not very functional when you’re baking or maybe setting the table when people are around. A braided bun is a nice way to look presentable while having the hair tucked in a nice chignon, braided for safety.

5. Side Chignon Bun

Side Chignon Bun


Who doesn’t love to stand out with their twist of fashion? Side buns are one of the easiest ways to get that done, ball gowns and side chignons are a match made in heaven to serve women who want to enjoy their time without fixing their long hair every ten minutes. Side chignon bun is elegant, charming, yet very functional when it comes to managing long hair.

6. Chignon Bun Black Hair

Chignon buns can give dark, especially black hair a very beautiful dimension. Chignon buns are very basic and can be improvised with ethnic accessories easily. When adorned with different cultural accessories, a black hair tucked in plain chignon bun can complement any respective ethnic outfit.

7. Chignon Bun Short Hair

Chignon bun might sound like a long hair deal, but that is not always the case. Even short hair can be tucked into a chignon bun. Chignon bun short hair is a nice touch on any given face shape. It also keeps the hair tucked, so it is a rather fashionable and functional way to style your hair for work and gym.

8. Chignon Bun Long Hair

There are many reasons to wear long hair in a chignon bun. A very good one is, to add a new dimension. Braids, ponytails, etc only give a linear impression, but a long hair chignon bun gives the hair a personality. It adds character to the long hair while keeping it still, So you can even run a marathon without worrying, or at least argue about your points in board meetings without having to push strands of your hair away from your face.

9. Chignon For Shoulder Length Hair


Shoulder-length hair tucked in a neat chignon bun is a beautiful party look. It suits almost every outfit, a jumpsuit, a cocktail dress, a full-length gown – any look can be completed with a twist of elegance with shoulder-length hair worn in a chignon bun. The best part is, due to the length, the chignon will be a very small bun, and even though big chignon buns are beautiful as they are, a small chignon at the nape of the neck presents a minimalist beautiful look.

10. Messy Chignon Bun

A messy hairdo is always an effortless way to look casually beautiful. Messy chignon buns are a good way to style your hair, especially for wavy, curly hair that is generally a little challenging to manage. It’s easier as literally, nothing can go wrong since it’s a “messy” chignon. A messy chignon bun is an ideal way to style hair with casual outfits, and carrying daily errands in like shopping, and maybe even hosting an impromptu gaming night or maybe a sleepover.

11. Chignon Bun Wedding

Chignon buns are especially appropriate for weddings. With or without the veil, and the dress- hair pulled in an elegant chignon always makes any bride shine like a star in a wedding. Any wedding outfit ranging from trail gowns to pantsuits- chignon bun will give a bride the regale she deserves. It also holds the hair tight safely, so that leaves one less thing for the bride to worry about. A chignon is also an appropriate hairdo to put a nice hair accessory in, so the bride looks even more beautiful.

12. Loose Chignon Bun

Loose chignon buns are a fun way to dress your hair for a fun-filled day. Casual outings like walking the dog, shopping, or maybe for lounging with friends and eating junk food calls for a functional hairstyle, keeps the hair away from the face, but also comfortable so you don’t feel uptight. Loose chignon bun has all of that in-store, the loose chignon keeps the hair breezy so it’s very comfortable, but as the chignon bun is tucking the hair in, so you won’t even have to worry about the hair to whip on your face when you least expect it either.

13. Tight Chignon

Formal and sometimes delicate events call for a hairdo that keeps the hair in its place and let you continue with your work. Tight chignon is the perfect hairstyle for that. It is a very impressionable hairdo when it’s called for. Tight chignon goes well with power suits and semi-formal outfits. The tightness of the chignon bun also makes you somewhat self-aware and helps you up with your posture, so you stay mindful and do your thing with more ease.

14. Smooth Chignon

Smooth chignon is a beautiful hairdo for any formal and/or semi-formal event. Hair slicked up and smoothened and then tucked in nice chignon guarantees a beautiful presence regardless of the outfit. Smooth chignon complements any outfit ranging from gowns to cocktail dresses. Once the hair is put in a smooth chignon, it’s a done deal. That is why smooth chignon is a good bridesmaid look, as it’s very functional, so the bridesmaids can look beautiful while dealing with their bridesmaid duties on the wedding day, without worrying about their hair.

 15. Chignon Bun Thick Hair

Chignon bun is a blessing for people with thick hair. Thick hair is not always the easiest to maintain. That is why when functionality and fashion are both called in one go, chignon bun is the easiest answer. Chignon bun always gives hair a touch of regale, while it keeps the hair in its place. That is thick hair tucked in a chignon bun is an easy way to look presentable on any occasion, dealing with any responsibility. It also goes with every sort of outfit easily.