11 Manly Braids for White Guys to Try in 2024

White guys with braids are anything but boring and unappealing. If you are struggling to find a befitting new hairstyle for your manes, try a braided hairdo and see the difference it makes in the way you look. This edgy, trendy style has been at the top of the list for white men all over the world because of the charm and uniqueness it offers to your overall appearance.

It doesn’t matter if you have longer hair or shorter ones, a braided hairstyle would always add fun and flair to a white man’s hair.

And if you are allured by this hairdo too, check our top 11 braided hairstyles for white men. You would definitely find the one that suits you the best.

Manly Braided Hairstyles for White Men

To help you find just the right braided hairstyle for your hair length, type, and your face shape, we have made a list of some of the most versatile and stylish white men’s braid hairstyles around. Go through them and pick the one that would flatter you the most.

1. Box Braids for White Man

Box braids are an incredibly versatile hairstyle for white men’s hair. The closely knitted braids add texture and charm to your manes and make you the ONE in the crowd. What’s interesting is that you can create them in any hair texture and length for a more personalized style.

2. Braided Man Bun

Draw some attention to your hair with a sexy braided man bun. The thin braids tied all together in a high bun not only create an interesting “do” but also ensure comfort and class. Because all the tresses are tied up, there won’t be any hair strands to annoy or make you feel uncomfortable, in any way!

3. Ponytail with Braids

Wear your braids in a ponytail for a stylish yet practical look. This braided hairstyle for white men is super easy to create, comfortable and can be paired with almost any outfit you wear. It also looks good on all face shapes and hence, you wouldn’t have to worry whether it would suit you or not!

4. Braided Half Updo

Wearing your hair in a half-updo is a stylish and classic way to rock your long hair. And when you add a braid to it, its charisma reaches a new height. The French braid tied into a top knot with cascading manes ensure a relaxed, comfortable “do” while also make you look as sophisticated and charming as ever.

5. Viking Braid

Show off your cool yet bold nature with this edgy braided hairstyle for white men. The various length braids created here and there in your long or medium-length tresses oozes masculinity and uniqueness and looks “oh so chic”. If you want to make a statement with longer locks, this is the hairstyle to try.

6. Man with Long Braid

Long braids are fun, comfortable, and smart. Created by sectioning hair into different parts, this “do” blended texture, style, and comfort so perfectly that you would want this style always if you have longer manes. Add a few beads and rings in the braids to make them even more appealing.

7. Braid for Short Hair

Who said a braided hairstyle is only for men with long hair? You can also try it in your short hair with an undercut to bring in more visual appeal to your look. The faded undercut will make the braid the center of attention and offer a smarter vibe in the way you look.

8. Cornrow for White Man

Adorn your tresses with fantastic cornrows to add more style and personality to your appearance. This edgy and expressive hairdo can be styled in a number of different ways to go with your personality seamlessly. You can either create these thin braids in your long hair or shorter ones, the striking effect it has on your overall looks won’t change a bit.

9. Dutch Braid Style

Perfectly done Dutch braids are expressive and fun. This interesting braid helps you to embrace your masculinity even in long hair and gives you the ruggedly handsome appearance that you have been looking for. The sleek and neat braid along with the faded sides provide a very versatile look and draw all attention towards you, in a good way.

10. Braided Mohawk

A braided mohawk makes for an interesting hairstyle in white men. Its several cornrow braids at the middle with designed faded sides make this “do” unique and modern and ups your fashion quint greatly. If you are someone who loves to take risque, this braided hairstyle will do you justice.

11. White Men French Braid Style

Try the timeless, classic French braid in your hair if you are looking for a chic braided hairstyle for white men. Even though it might require a few extra minutes to create this bun, its appeal is unmatchable to none. Wear this style to work, casual outings, or anywhere else, it will never miss making you the STAR of the crowd.

Even though it is widely believed that braided hairstyles are for black men, white men with braids are dapper too. And with all the braided hairstyle inspiration for white men we have discussed above, you will never run out of ideas when it comes to decking up your manes with some braids.

Try them and let us know boys!