18 Glamorous Two French Braids That Girls Love

From its versatility, stylishness, and uniqueness—it’s no wonder that two french braids are the perfect hairstyle especially if you want to rock a new style! It gives you more of an edgy vibe, its versatility could make it fit at day outs or even night outs. Well, french braids may be tricky to do especially if you are a beginner but with a few videos and patience, you’ll learn it if you give it a try!

Practice makes perfect! This kind of hairstyle might look intimidating but fret not, with the right styling and choice of outfit, you could tweak it to the vibe you want to exude. Within just a few steps, you’re ready on the go without the hassle. Grab your comb, your hairspray, and ready your hands for a hairstyle to remember!


How to Execute Two French Braids

If you have a day to hair, this hairstyle will be executed better. Ready your hairpins, ties, and brush. Create a center parting down to your hair, if you want to spice it up, you could also choose a zigzag parting. Divide your hair into three per partition, and weave the left over the middle. After that, place the right part on top of the middle part and create that pattern. Finish the plait and voila! Your two french braids are ready for the day.

1. Two French Braids with Extensions

For more volume, you could opt to add playful hair extensions in different colors to amplify your french braids. Express yourself further by showing it through your hair, the more playful, the better!


2. Double French Braids into A Bun

If you want to get your hair out of your face, try this hairstyle out. From the traditional ponytail, mix it up with more style by placing your braids into a beautiful yet messy bun.


3. Messy French Pigtail Braids

Looking for ways to wear your hair down? Try this one out! It’s definitely a new style for french braids. This look gives you more femininity and playfulness, perfect for day-outs!


4. Half Up Two French Braids

An edgy style never goes out of style, so try this hairstyle out to bring the edginess out of you! Match this rocker chic style with a simple outfit and you’re ready to go!


5. Two Long French Braids

Bored of your straight locks? Fret not, we’ve got the perfect style for you. This Coachella-Esque hairstyle is perfect for summer music festivals. This Two french braids style fits well with your summer outfits!


6. Double French Braided Updo

Feeling romantic and feminine? Bring out your inner Juliet by trying this updo with a braid. This hairstyle definitely fits if you are a bridesmaid in a romantic garden wedding.


7. French Braided Pigtails with Bangs

If you have bangs, this is the fitting hairstyle for you. For a change, why don’t you try to put your hair up in a braid? Mix your style every once in a while!


8. Two French Braids with Curls

Looking for ways to amplify your traditional curls? Try this half-up half-down braid hairstyle, it is perfect for when you’re on the go. Keep your locks neat and chic with this style!


9. French Braids for Short Hair

Short hairs can be braided too! If you have a shoulder-length bob and you’re getting bored already, amp it up with this style sometimes, we just need a little bit of creativity!


10. Two Reverse French Braids

This cute two french braids hairstyle will bring out a youthful vibe! This 2 french braid style is quite tricky, so make sure you practice the stability of your hands before getting into it.


11. Two Fishtail French Braids

A new style of french braids can be interchanged with fishtail braids. Fishtail braids can be worn two ways, messy or neat but either way, the style will always look good especially if you have longer locks.


12. Two French Braids to The Side

For a shift up, let’s shift this braid to the side! This hairstyle gives a Kristen Steward vibe, a very glamorous yet punk look. For more edginess, a smokey eye will complete the look!


13. Double French Braids for Black Hair

A protective hairstyle is a must especially if you are growing out your textured locks. This two french braid hairstyle could work as a protective hairstyle to keep your locks secured and neat!


14. Blonde French Pigtail Braids

Match your icy white hair with a french braid style. Straight locks could look and feel boring sometimes, we just need a bit of a change to suit our lifestyle more.


15. Two French Braids to The Back

Looking for gym hairstyles? Here you go! Two french braids are perfect for on-the-go days or if you’re heading to the gym! This will keep your hair tidy, without having extra hassle if you’re getting active.


16. Two French Braids with Color

Natural colors are versatile but at times, they may look boring. Let’s switch it up with some funky colors every once in a while. As they say, we only live once so why not live colorfully?


17. Two French Braids for Kid

For moms out there who are seeking a braid hairstyle for their active kids, this might be for you. Cute, yet functional! This look is a must for daycares and playground dates.


18. Double French Braid into A Ponytail

Spice up your hairstyle by adding french braids to your ponytail. It definitely gives more oomph than your normal pony and you could achieve this easily without any hassle, perfect for beginners!


Two french braids may be a tough style to try, especially for a beginner but fortunately, there are lots of tutorials on the internet nowadays! With patience and a few tips and tricks, you could achieve this kind of hairstyle that is perfect for every occasion. You totally have control over what vibe to pull off, whether you want it messy and chic or neat and professional. Hopefully, our guide will help you choose what style to pull off for the day!