30 Ways to Wear Side Braids (2024 Ideas)

Side braids have always been known to add some elegance to any outfit of the day. While the name may sound simple, there are actually many wears to wear these braids! Trust us – it’s really more than just some side swept braids.


How to Style Side Braids

Take a look at our list below to get an idea of how a side braid look might look on you! Who knows, you might get inspired by some of the styles here too!

1. Feed In Braids to the Side

If you can plan ahead and segment your hair well before attempting this look, then you’ll find the end results looking absolutely perfect. Who wouldn’t love the swirling pattern?


2. Side Braid Ponytail

A simple yet graceful hairstyle for those new to the world of side braids, this is the type of hairstyle that you can pull off almost effortlessly. Now, you just need someone to help you tie it all at the back!


3. Side French Braid

You may have seen several ladies wearing this exact hairstyle during dinner parties or even wedding receptions! The gentle curls always look amazing when you tie it up this way.


4. Side Lemonade Braids

Partially dyed hair is no problem when you’re adopting this hairstyle! What color would you choose to go along with your braids and why?


5. Side Braid With Curls

Love your curls! While it may be a little difficult to braid curly hair, you can rest easy knowing that you won’t have to braid the entire length of it all. It can still look just as amazing!


6. Side Braid Bun

Honestly, who doesn’t love braided buns? Tie up your hair with some big braids and sweep it towards the back to become a unique wrap for your bun.


7. Side Braids For Kids

Your child is going to get so much attention in school with these side braids for children! You might want to check with the teachers to see if that hairstyle is allowed in the premises or not first, though.


8. Side Fishtail Braid

You’ll need some skills to pull off this look. The neat appearance will pay off well when you’re pairing it with a formal dress or any other gorgeous outfits for a day out!



9. Side Braids Black Hair

Remember how we said that you don’t have to braid everything? We meant it! In fact, you could just braid up a small section of your entire hairdo and look just as fabulous.


10. Side Braids With Weave

Long hair will work amazingly with these side braids with weave. The thickness of these braids are completely up to you! Test and experiment with different levels of braid thickness to see which look you like better.


11. Side Cornrow Braids

Give just one side of your head a unique look by tying your hair at the side like this! This look could bring out the rebellious style that you have in you.


12. Big Braids to the Side

Loosely curled hair will look perfect with this hairstyle. If you’re looking for a low-effort hairstyle that will still make you look graceful and ladylike, here it is!


13. Side Braid Hair Down

This could be the perfect hairstyle for you if you want to add just a little bit of accessories to an otherwise plain hairstyle. You’ll only need to braid up a short segment of your hair for this!


14. Side Braid Updo

It would be much more helpful to have someone tie this side braid for you, since it requires a lot of attention towards the back. Where would you wear this look to?


15. Side Dutch Braid

This is one lovely look that you can wear while showing off its simplicity! These side braids will make your ponytail look stunning with any outfit!


16. Side Braid Short Hair

Don’t trust anyone when they say that a side braid is only for medium to long hair. Even if you only have short hair above the shoulder length, you can still find ways to twist a braid or two into the hairdo!


17. Side Braids For Long Hair

A unique hair color makes any hairstyles look stunning. Sometimes, it’s the simplest hairstyles that will create the best look for you!


18. Ghana Braids to the Side

These are some wonderfully segmented hair if we’ve ever seen one! The small, neat gaps between each individual segment bring out the thick quality of the hair.


19. Messy Side Braid

Many would say that a natural look is the best, and this slightly messy hairdo sure reflects this fact! Don’t be afraid to leave out some loose strands when you tie your hair – you could be looking effortlessly graceful!


20. Loose Side Braid

You’ll need really thick hair to be able to pull this off! Alternatively, you could probably get some hair extensions to get the braids looking perfect. Either way, this hairstyle won’t look out of place when you wear it to a formal function!


21. Side Mohawk Braids

With enough hair at the top of your head, you could create this look! This means that even men can adopt this hairstyle, but you may want to keep your hair a little longer before attempting this mohawk braid look to ensure that there’s enough to work with.


22. Side Braid Wedding Hair

We probably won’t need to explain why this side braid is called a wedding look. However, it’s as plain as day that a simple flowery accessory can do wonders for your hairstyle!


23. Side Waterfall Braid

Not sure what to do with the remaining strands of your hair when you’re wearing it naturally straight? How about just leaving it out like this? This could be a new look that you can work to perfect!


24. Twisted Side Braid

It might surprise you, but some of the side braid looks will not even require any braiding works! This is one of the hairstyles that you can create just by twisting the hair together.


25. Sew In with Braids On the Side

This is some intricate work! Creating tiny, individual strands is not an easy task, but the resulting look sure does make everything worth it, don’t you think?


26. Side Braid for Layered Hair

If you currently have a layered hairstyle, know that you can still make the side braids work for you. You can definitely expect the look to be a little different from the others though.


27. Side Braid Thin Hair

We’ve shown many examples of such hairstyles requiring thick hair, but we are definitely not excluding the thin haired members from it all! Choosing a location to pull off this hairstyle will change the final look, so choose wisely!


28. Side Braid Bob

Get this fun and flirty look for a picnic or just a chill day out! Golden blonde hair color will make the hairstyle more beautiful, but who knows how it’d look like with darker colors?


29. Four Strand Side Braid

This is not a hairstyle that you’ll see everyday! If you’re tired of the basic hairdo and want to show off something more complex, this is the look that you can go for.


30. Side Dutch Fishtail Braid

The difference in colors in this lady’s hair gives a soft contrast to the overall colors. If you have your hair dye job well done, you could wear any basic or advanced hairstyles and it will always look just as amazing.


So, that’s all for our selection of side braids for now! Would you be considering any of these for your next event? If not, there are still many other different styles and we’re sure that at least one of them is bound to catch your attention.