30 Gorgeous Braided Hairstyles for Short Hair

If you want to make your haircut look out of the ordinary, one of your best choices is braids for short hair. You can braid all your hair or you can opt for braiding only one side of your head.


Lovely Braids for Short Hair

Braided hairstyles are definitely an option for those women with short hair who need to make a change or want a fancy hair look for an important event. Take some inspirations from the various braids listed below.

1. Braids for Short Black Hair

If you are not a fan of long hair you can always have the option of getting a great hairstyle for short hair. Get 2 packs of black bundles and start braiding! For the tips of your hair, you can use various hair jewelry that will make you look amazing.


2. Crown Braid for Short Hair

For this hairstyle, you need to choose a platinum gray color with purple shades. Start creating your crown by braiding from one ear to another. You will look like a real princess!


3. Braided Updos for Short Hair

This amazing hairstyle is a great option for any event where you have to look your best! Spare 2 strands from your bangs before you start braiding your hair on the sides and tie it into a classy bun.


4. Short Hair Braids for Kids

Is your child getting ready for a kid’s party? If the answer is yes, this is the perfect hairstyle for the little one! Split the hair in two and create two half braids. You can also add some gray hairspray and glitter to make her love this hairstyle.


5. Short Curly Hair Braids

If you want a clear forehead, create some half braids for your bangs and top hair. This way you’ll have some impressive knots and will add value to your curls.


6. Braids for Short and Straight Hair

If you want a stylish yet simple hairdo, you can bride only one section of your hair and use a straightening iron for your locks to make them flawless.


7. Short Hair Braids With Beads

This African look is undoubtedly mesmerizing! Braid your bangs and your hair starting from the top of your head. At the time use seashells to decorate each braid. Create a thin long bun on top.


8. Braided Bangs for Short Hair

If you want an astonishing romantic look, use a burgundy color for your roots and create a transition to a blonde color. Bride your bangs and keep your hair in a short bob hairstyle.


9. Braided Buns for Short Hair

For this hairstyle, you need to create 6 braids knitted near your scalp. For a unique touch, you can tie them up into a low bun.


10. Braids for Very Short Hair

If you love short hair and want to transform your pixie haircut in a fabulous hairstyle, all you need to do is to create two thin braids on one side and flip your hair on the other part.


11. Braids for Short Layered Hair

If you have layered short hair you will love this hairstyle. Wear your locks in a short layered platinum silver bob and create a few loose braids. For this hairstyle remember that you don’t have to knit your hair until you reach your tips.


12. Fishtail Braids for Short Hair

This short braided hair look is absolutely astonishing. The faded purple highlights amazingly blend with the silver mane. Create some pretty waves and an easy braid for one side of your head.


13. Kinky Braids for Short Hair

Kinky braids are amazing and they fit any hair type. Create some regular braids for one part of your hair and smoothly make the transition to the other part where you’ll knit the kinky braids.


14. Two Braids for Women with Short Hair

If you want a mermaid-inspired look, this hairstyle is for you. Keep your hair in a blonde silver hairstyle and split it in twp. Create two braids and add some blue glitter.


15. Bohemian Braids for Short Hair

This is the perfect example of well-defined hair. First, this hairstyle has loads of highlights that make each strand pop out. Second, those curls add a lot of volumes and make your hair bouncy. The braid is the item that gives this hairstyle a unique appearance.


16. Short Braided Weave Hairstyle

Make your hair look eye-popping with some red styled braids that end up with some fine beads for your locks.


17. Mohawk Braids for Short Hair

If you love mohawks, now you can have plenty of them. Split your hair into 5 parts, and keep the one from the top the largest. If you want this to look even better you can use some hair rings to style your braids.


18. Rope Braids for Short Hair

keep your hair in a blonde shade and create a rope braid for your bangs. For the rest of your hair, you can create some easy waves. We guarantee you that they will work nicely with the braid.


19. Braiding Short Hair for Sew In

This type of braiding is perfect if you are planning to use some sew-in extensions. Beautifully knit them and start sewing your bundles.


20. Braided Hairstyle for Short Fine Hair

Give your pixie haircut a beautiful appearance by knitting two braids on one side of your head. Create some weaves for your bangs and flip it on the other side.


21. Braids for Women With Short & Thick Hair

This pixie haircut looks much better with a loose braid that starts from your forehead and goes to your back. For it to beautifully blend, try to avoid knitting it till the tip of your hair.


22. Cornrow Braids for Short Hair


If you want thick braids but your hair is very thin you can always choose to create some cornrow braids using some hair extensions to make your braids more voluminous.


23. French Braids for Short Hair

French braids are a little bit different from the regular braiding because you knit them upwards. If you wear your hair in a pixie haircut with razored sides, split your top hair in two and create those amazing braids.


24. Messy Braided Hair

If you want a relaxed look, you can create a messy braid on one side of your head by starting the knit from your temple and following your ear line.


25. Short Braided Hairstyle for Wedding

If you are searching for the perfect bride look for short hair, this is a really good option for you. Select two strands from your bangs and let them loose and make a knit that starts from the top of your hair.


26. Short Braided Ponytail

This look is absolutely fantastic. That metallic silver color gives your braids such an amazing touch. Create small braids on the sides and a big knit on top of your hair and tie it in a bun.


27. Braids for Short Blonde Hair

Give your bob haircut a fine touch by knitting one side of your head into a braid. FLip the rest of your hair on one side.


28. Short Bob With Braids

If you want your bangs to look marvelous you can flip them on one side and knit them in an easy braid. It will look fantastic!


29. Dutch Braids for Short Hair

If you want a fairytale look, select a thick strand of hair from one side of your hair and brait to the other part. Your mane will look like it has a beautiful crown made on hair.


30. Flower Braids for Short Hair

Create some fantastic waves for your short hair and select two locks near your ears. Knit them to the back of your hair and toll them into a flower bun.

Even if you choose to create weaves for your hair or just want to spice up your pixie haircut, braids are always an option. They are suitable for any events: receptions, dates, and even weddings.