21 Chic & Super Cool Red Box Braids for 2023

Red box braids are fierce, powerful, and look stunning on independent women with strong personalities. The thing about these vibrant, electric red box braids is that you need to make sure you wear them and not the other way around. They are mindblowing, and the person who gets them should be a real force of nature.

However, red comes in different tonalities so if you think a bright, explosive color is not meant for you, opt for burgundy shades or pastels, to soften it up a little bit.

1. Red And Black Box Braids

You don’t need to hide your natural black hair under the red Jumbo braid. Instead, make it shine. The combination between the two is so powerful, and if you opt for squared parting, your braids will look flawless.


2. Long Red Box Braids

Red ombre long box braids that start with a black base that turns into an eye-popping red are a MUST for all those who want a versatile hairstyle with a vibrant shade.


3. Red And Blonde Box Braids

Want to spice things up a little bit? Parting your hair in the middle, into two equal sections, will help you achieve a two-colored hairstyle that is quite jaw-dropping. For one side, go for fierce red knits, as for the second, opt for bright platinum blonde braids.


4. Red Knotless Box Braids

Several red shades can suit you as a black woman, and if you want to get the complete red experience, dye your natural hair before adding Jumbo hair. Section the hair in squared equal parts to achieve a flawless look.


5. Medium Red Box Braids

Blending more shades of red like burgundy and wine nuances will make them astonishingly mix. At the bottom, after securing the knits, use translucent beads to decorate your plates.


6. Red Bohemian Box Braids

Create small red box braids and knit only half of the hair. Roll the remaining hair on rods and dip them into boiling water. You will obtain this bohemian curly look that will amp up your mood, and your waves will stay the same no matter what.


7. Red Ombre Box Braids

If you have dark hair but want to nicely switch to a red color, opt for a smooth gradient. Your stylist will easily make these two nuances blend, and you will end up falling in love with your new hairdo.


8. Dark Red Box Braids

Switching to the redhead’s team is a true statement, and owning your new bright color should be part of your game plan. To spice things up, even more, decorate some of the braids with silver hair rings. If you want, use ombre Jumbo hair that features burgundy roots and electric red tips.


9. Red Box Braids for Dark Skin

These fiery red box braids will highlight your gorgeous black skin and nicely frame your face. Keep them small and let them fall in a cascade on your back and shoulders. They will certainly look astonishing!


10. Red Box Braids for Light Skin

Half up, half down burgundy box braids are a hairstyle that won’t pass ignored among braid lovers.  They reveal your face, keeping the top hair up. Make them look youthful with a colored scarf tied around the half ponytail.


11. Red Jumbo Box Braids

Such bold makeup will always work hand in hand with bright electric fierce hair like red thick box braids. Use the upper hair and tie it in the back to show off that stunning glow.


12. Bright Red Box Braids

If red box braids aren’t powerful enough, create two bold space buns on each side of your head. Complete your look with glittery makeup and some shining round earrings.


13. Burgundy Red Box Braids

Cut your red wine box braids in a straight line to achieve a volumizing effect. The feed-in braiding technique features small strands of hair inserted while weaving to obtain a natural and even look for the length of the whole braid.


14. Red And White Box Braids

Contrasts are always eye-popping, and if you choose to insert some white braids between your pink, red box braids, you will certainly grab all the attention. Make sure that when you create the knots, you don’t put too much pressure on your scalp.


15. Small Red Box Braids

Small red box braids will give you all the volume you crave for. Besides, they are quite versatile and can be easily styled, just like regular hair. Use the to create buns, larger braids, space buns, or ponytails.


16. Red Box Braids with Curls

Orange box braids with a tint of red is a look you should screenshot and show to your hairstylist next time you book an appointment with your favorite salon. Ask for small braids with waves that gorgeously fall on your back.


17. White Girl with Red Box Braids

Put these stunning braids on full display by pinning them in a voluminous bun on top of the head. Spare two knits and let them fall on your forehead. Want to stand out even more? Go for a full red outfit and killer matte red lips.


18. Red And Brown Box Braids

Burgundy and red box braids are fabulous however you choose to style them. This time, use these knits to style a voluminous large braid. To give it an elegant note, decorate some of the braids with some golden hair jewelry and keep the knit unsecured.


19. Wine Red Box Braids

Wine red box braids are the new hype in terms of knits. All Hollywood celebs have them, and even Rihanna was photographed several times wearing such flawless knits. Create a fab look by wearing a bandana and decorating your braids’ tips with two white beads.


20. Triangle Red Box Braids

Perfect sectioning can take you a long way! So, create triangle equal parts before knitting your box braids. Insert some pale burgundy Jumbo hair that you will curl once your braids are finished. This way, you will emphasize this newly added shade, and you’ll get an elegant touch.


21. Ginger Red Box Braids

Thick brick red box braids will keep you awake at night because they look totally mind-blowing. And it’s not only their color that blows your mind away but also the thickness of the braid and technique.


Red box braids are low maintenance and pretty versatile. Even if they are protective hairstyles, that doesn’t mean they can’t look absolutely gorgeous at the same time.

If you have dark skin, there are so many shades of red that will suit you: burgundy, copper, fiery red, or pastel red. Also, ombre hairdos are among our favorites so give them a try when you are out of ideas and want something truly spectacular.