21 Ways to Style Poetic Justice Braids

In 1993, Janet Jackson wore her poetic justice braids in the “Poetic Justice” movie. It not only won several awards but it also launched a new hairstyle trend that inspired all black women around the world.

Poetic justice braids are again in trends and people can’t get enough of them. They are not an easy thing to do but the result is fantastic!

1. Poetic Justice Box Braids

If you are 6-8 hours to spare for a hairstyle that will last up to 6 weeks, these box braids are something that you will love in an instance.


2. Big Poetic Justice Braid

If you want your box braids to be bold and thick, you can choose this option. Also, you can style them with some golden threads and the will look fabulous!


3. Medium Poetic Justice Braid

Choose your color and length and get down to business! There are no limits when we’re talking about these amazing braids.


4. Small Poetic Justice Braid

If you want a large volume of braids, you can choose to make them thin. This way you’ll get loads of them and you’ll be able to create many cool hairstyles.


5. Brown Poetic Justice Braid

Long, thin or thick, these brown box braids suit anybody! All you need is just a few packs ok jumbo hair and… start braiding.


6. Braided Bob

These bob box braids give you the shape of the haircut. You can even make them look cooler by using some cuffed beads at the ends.


7. Blonde Poetic Justice Braid

Keep your brown natural hair and start making your braids with blonde jumbo hair. You’ll get a beautiful braided ombre effect.


8. Poetic Justice Braids on Natural Hair

If you long natural hair and it’s getting harder to keep it tamed, get yourself some beautiful poetic justice braids. No more stress in the morning!


9. Crochet Poetic Justice Braids

Get creative! You don’t need to braid it all the way, do it just for half of your hair and leave your curly extensions free.


10. Short Poetic Justice Braid

There are all sorts of poetic justice braids hairstyles from which you can choose. Keep them in a medium or short length and apply some hair jewelry.


11. Poetic Justice Braided Updo

Box braids updos look fantastic and you can style them with some golden threads or hair jewelry.


12. Poetic Justice Braid in A Bun

If you want a mesmerizing look, choose some gray jumbo hair and mix it with your natural hair into some beautiful box braided bun.


13. Poetic Justice Braid with Curly Ends

Long and beautiful! Get some curly hair extensions and start creating some mesmerizing poetic justice long braids. Cuffed beads are a must and you’ll immediately adore your new look.


14. Kid with Poetic Justice Braid

For a spectacular effect, you can try something different. Use some ombre red jumbo hair and get yourself some memorable red poetic justice braids.


15. Poetic Justice Braids for Long Hair

If you want to look like a real queen, this caramel-colored jumbo hair is the right thing to choose.


16. Ombre Poetic Justice Braids

Don’t be afraid to combine colors for your hair! These ombre poetic justice braids are something you’ll adore.


17. White Girl with Poetic Justice Braid

Black women love box braids but so do white girls! Get a fantastic look with some silver poetic justice braids.


18. Triangle Braids

If you want something out of the ordinary, get different types of purple jumbo hair and mix them for an astonishing look.


19. Braided Ponytail

Everybody loves ponytails and if you get it in silver color, your new look will receive everyone’s appreciation.


20. Poetic Justice Braid with Beads

Poetic justice braids with short bob are something you can choose if you want a new look. Beads and hair jewelry take this hairstyle to a whole new level.


21. Gray Poetic Justice Braid

Blend your natural hair with gray jumbo hair. Not only that you will adore this new look but you’ll have a great hairstyle that lasts for weeks.


Sort or long, thin or thick, box braids can totally transform your look. You’ll give the impression that you have so much hair and you won’t have to fix your hair every day, for weeks.