30 Daring Mohawk Braids for Major Inspiration

If you have a mohawk, have you considered braiding it? Or if you have long or short hair, have you considered going shorter and adding a fun feminine touch to a mohawk braid no one would expect?

If you want to try a hairstyle with a mix of tough edginess and feminine flirtiness, you’ll want to look at these 30 cool mohawk braids!

1. Mohawk Braided Updo

While the main part of this mohawk is in one thick braid, the sides have several thin intricate braids for amazing detail.


2. Cornrow Mohawk

For short natural black hair, first, work it into cornrows to shape the mohawk. This is a nice protective hairstyle that is also stylish.


3. Braided Mohawk Weave Hairstyle

To get a mohawk braid like this if you have naturally black hair, you’ll want to weave in the length for the thickness. Creating 10-11 braids on each side will be extra work but will look gorgeous in the end.


4. French Braided Mohawk

You can create a mohawk on your French braid by starting it at the very top and creating the mohawk shape with a little teasing. Hold the style with hairspray.


5. Mohawk Box Braids

Braids with curly tips come from every side on this mohawk hairstyle. It’s nothing short of style.


6. Mohawk Braid for Black Hair

A creative mohawk braid for black women. Tiny braids decorate the middle of the style for a special touch.


7. Braided Mohawk with Fade

Lara Croft’s Tomb Raider meets style with this braided mohawk. To really make it stand out, set it against a dark root fade, and go platinum. Smooth any frizz with a hairspray.


8. Braided Mohawk with Curls

Soft curls are set loose to flow free on this mohawk whose sides are intricately braided. To keep curls enhanced, a curl creme can be used for shine and shape.


9. Braided Mohawk for Straight Hair

Long straight hair will look twice as long when you give it a mohawk and portion it into three teased sections. Starting near the nape of the neck, braid upward toward the mohawk and wrap into place with colorful or neutral bands.


10. Mohawk Braids with Shaved Sides

If you have a pixie haircut, this type of mohawk braid will be a breeze. Sides should be shaved close to the scalp and the mohawk is then braided or fishtail braided into a thick braid.


11. Mohawk Braided Top Knot

A half updo mohawk braid is a little less in your face for those of us wanting a more feminine style. Form the top half of your hair into a braid, then top knot into place. Curl the rest of your hair or leave straight for a gorgeous style.


12. Mohawk Crochet Braid

If your hair isn’t long enough yet, crochet extensions in to make a braided mohawk. The tiny braids all around the head on this style make this one of a kind.


13. Mohawk Dutch Braid

A gorgeous colorful Dutch mohawk braid like this can be worn for the most formal of events, such as a wedding. Thick Dutch braids combined with smaller ones make it one to remember.


14. Mohawk Braided Ponytail

A mohawk braided ponytail is another hairstyle you can wear for a fancy event. Plenty of teasing up top will help braids stay thick and luscious while a low pony will pull everything together.


15. Mohawk Braid with Beads

A long mohawk braid gets full-on glam with help from large gold beads. You can choose whichever charms you want to help your style stand out and make you feel like a princess.


16. Mohawk Pull-through Braid

Although it might look complicated, a pull-through mohawk braid is a very easy style to create and you can customize it to be as long or as short as you want.


17. Mohawk Braid for Short Hair

Do you have short hair? Shape the middle of your hair into the mohawk shape with plenty of hairspray and mousse, then braid the sides for a gorgeous take on the mohawk braid.


18. Braided Mohawk for Long Hair

You’ll be a brunette Rapunzel with a long mohawk braid you can drape across your shoulder. Loosen the braid to keep it soft and not too uptight.


19. Mohawk Braid for Little Girl

Your little one will love you for sending them off with this cute mohawk braid secured with colorful elastics!


20. Sew-In Braided Mohawk

For this sew-in braided mohawk, combine braids with twisty knots for a fun updo you can dress up with faux flowers or other clip-ins.


21. Mohawk Fishtail Braid

If you’re a fan of the fishtail braid, you’ll love the way it looks on a mohawk with braided sides.


22. Half-Braided Mohawk

This messy sexy half-braided mohawk looks like you just rolled out of bed with your hair already done up in beautiful braids. It’s half the work and all the beauty!


23. Afro Mohawk Braid

Do you have afro hair? Tame it into a smooth mohawk with a thick braid for a professional yet stunning look you can wear day or night.


24. Big Braided Mohawk

A big mohawk braid coils into a neat little bow at the nape of the neck for a sophisticated chic hairstyle you’ll want to wear all the time.


25. Braided Mohawk Bun


Turn your braided mohawk into a part bun for a special updo. If you’re an older woman, your slivers of gray will show elegantly with this style.


26. Mohawk with Feed-In Braid

Wavy braids on the side of your head put the finishing touches on a curly mohawk with a feed-in braid.


27. Mohawk with Ghana Braid

These stylish detailed Ghana braid twists form a mohawk with a pink pop of color you’ll love rocking.


28. Mohawk Braid for Thin Hair

If you have thin hair, a little hairspray will texture it up and help a soft mohawk braid hold in its gorgeous style.


29. Mohawk with Side Braid

Switch up the mohawk braid and move its center to the side for a different look of dimension.


30. Braided Dread Mohawk

For women with dreads, work them into a high mohawk filled with volume for amazing drama.


So if you’re looking for a hairstyle you can work with your thin, thick, curly or wavy hair, and one that will make a dramatic statement, try a mohawk braid. There are plenty of levels of the style here whether you’re a hair amateur or used to the more advanced styles!