21 Photos of Milkmaid Braid Prove This Is Trendy in 2023

A milkmaid braid is perfect if you want a romantic casual look. This hairstyle looks sophisticated and glamorous, and it’s incredibly easy to recreate. You can wear it at school, office and if you accessorize it well, it’s suitable also for weddings or other fancy events where you need to look impeccable.

If you want to create a milkmaid braid, remember that this hairstyle is recommended for medium or long hair. Before you start creating this gorgeous hairstyle, make sure that you have all you need: bobby-pins, thin elastic bands, and hairspray if you want to fix rebel strands.

1. Milkmaid Braid For Short Hair

If you’re going to recreate this spectacular milkmaid braid for short hair, dye your hair in a beautiful brown color and get a fringe that is just above your eyes. Make sure you leave some strands longer on sides. Part your hair in two sides and start braiding each side. Secure your braids with elastic bands and lay your braids on top of your head. Use some bobby pins to hide the secured area under each braid.


2. Milkmaid Braid For Medium Hair

This milkmaid braids are the perfect hairstyles for weddings! Create two braids on each side and lay them on top of your hair. If you have long bangs, select two strands of hair and let them loose. You will curl these locks later. If you want to accessorize your hairstyle, use some bobby-pins that have jewelry on top. Everybody will adore your wedding look!


3. Long Hair With Milkmaid Braid

For this red milkmaids braid hairstyle, tousle your bangs and let them cover your forehead. Also, you can leave your sideburns loose for a more casual look. Create a thick braid for your long hair and place it on top of your head if you want to make a beautiful hair crown. Pin the ends with some bobby pins.


4. Dutch Milkmaid Braid

In love with romantic looks, in this case, this milkmaid braid for blonde curly hair is perfect for you! Leave some strands from your bangs loose and split your hair into two parts. Create a French twist on each side, starting from the top and reaching your neck, then normally bride the rest of the hair in a regular twist. Once the braids are done, crisscross them, pin them with bobby pins and go back and gently pull out the sides of the braids to make them look larger.


5. Knotted Milkmaid Braid

For this mesmerizing hairstyle, you need to split your hair in two, create two knotted braids and crisscross them on top of your head. Use your long bangs to create a weave and use some bobby pins to pin your fringe. Give your hairstyle a romantic look you a flower accessory placed on one side.

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6. Messy Milkmaid Braid

When you want to recreate this crazy romantic look, you need to be prepared to change your hair color. Choose to create an ombre with pale pink and purple shades. Lay your braids on top of your hair, and then if you want to make them look bigger, start to pull from the sides gently.


7. Milkmaid Braid On Natural Hair

This African inspired milkmaid braid for natural hair looks flawless, and it’s so unique. Split your hair into two parts. The back part you can use to create a big braided crown. The front part you should split again into tho parts to build three braids on each side. Use some wooden jewelry to accessorize your hairstyle!


8. French Milkmaid Braid

For this beautiful crazy look, choose your favorite colors, and create an actual rainbow for your hair. These colors will beautifully blend in a braid. Create a French braid that starts from your forehead and bride it all down to your neck.


9. Milkmaid Braided Updo

Craving for a spectacular look that is out of the ordinary, choose your favorite ribbon and use it to create a mesmerizing hair updo. Split your hair in two and create two braids that you need to lay on top of your head. Pin them with bobby pins, and you are done! You will look fantastic with these gorgeous braids.


10. Bohemian Milkmaid Braid

For this outstanding hairstyle, you need to keep your bangs loose and select some strands of hair to frame your face. Split your hair into two sections and create two tight braids. This hairstyle is perfect for women with long and medium hair. Crisscross your braids on top of your head and pin the ends with a few bobby pins.


11. Fishtail Milkmaid Braid

When you need this fishtail braided hairstyle to look perfect, you have to keep in mind that your hair must be quite long. Create two braids on each side and meet them on top of your head. Slip one under each other and pin the ends with some bobby pins.


12. Milkmaid Braid For Curly Hair

This hairstyle is perfect for you and it’s all thanks to your gorgeous natural hair. You need to part your hair in two and create two loose french braids on each side. Because your hair has so much volume, your crown will have a lot of dimensions.


13. Milkmaid Braid For Wedding

Part your hair in the middle and create two French braids on each side. When you reach your neckline, continue braiding the rest of your hair in a regular knit. This look is ideal for a glamorous event and be sure that you’ll turn a lot of heads.


14. Milkmaid Braid With Bangs

If you are searching for a hairstyle that is classical but looks so amazing, this milkmaid braid with bangs is the ideal choice for you! Part your hair in two and create two braids that crisscross on top. After you pin them, take each side and easily pull the braid to give it volume.


15. Reverse Milkmaid Braid

This hairstyle makes you look like a Greek goddess! French braid each side of your hair and tie the braids with transparent elastics. This time you will do the crisscross at the bottom, at your neck, and will go up with the rest of the twist. Hide them under the French braids and apply some flower accessories.


16. Asian Milkmaid Braid

For this incredible hairstyle, flip your bangs on one side and tousle it a little bit. Create two braids at the bottom and lift them on top of your head, one over the other. This way, you will create a beautiful braided crown.


17. Floral Milkmaid Braid

Any girl with long hair can create a wide braid on top of the head that can be easily accessorized with some floral elements. Flip your bangs on one side and leave some hair strands loose. You can even curl those if you want your hairstyle to look more elegant and glamorous.


18. Milkmaid Braid For Little Girl

Milkmaid braids can be used on any occasion for all women and work awesome on little girls. This time, instead of crisscrossing your braids in front, do it the back, just a little bit. Kids adore floral accessories, and this is an excellent time to make your beautiful baby happy with a fascinating princess look.


19. Milkmaid Braid For Fine Hair

Is fine hair your biggest problem? This gorgeous hairstyle will totally make you forget about that! Keep your bangs free and split them in the middle. Create two braids on both sides and meet the on top of your head. You will adore this hairstyle because it’s not only perfect for fine hair but also works for women with large foreheads.


20. Milkmaid Braid For Thick Hair

You are one of those lucky women that can create so many beautiful hairstyles and it’s all thanks to that amazing thick hair For you, a milkmaid braid is a real blast and will transform you into a real-life princess! You can make your braids more full by gently pulling each side out and keep in mind that your hairstyle will look fantastic if you also add some flower applications.


21. Milkmaid Braid For Layered Hair

If you are a bride to be, this can be the lucky hairstyle for the wedding! We know how hard it is to find the perfect one! This hairstyle also works very well with layered hair, and it’s so easy to make. Make this look romantic and messy by selecting a few strands and let them loose.

Are you searching for a gorgeous idea to make your hair look eye-popping? Milkmaid braids are the best choice! They are easy to create, perfect for every occasion, and we don’t have to mention that the result is clearly outstanding!

We adore every one of the examples presented in the article, but we would love to read your opinion in the comments area.