20 Mermaid Braids You’ll Want to Copy

Most of us wanted to have mermaid braids at some point or another in our lives. It’s not surprising really. I mean, if you can see how beautifully the colors and braids cascade over each other in this hairstyle, you’ll feel like you’re a fairy tale character too!


Mermaid Braids

If you’re new to mermaid braid hairstyles, this is the right place to be for you to see just how beautiful these braids can be. Take a look at the following 20 beautiful mermaid braids below and save your favorites!


1. Mermaid Box Braids

Yes, it sure will take time to create so many box braids for this look, but the final result is so beautiful that you won’t’ be able to stop taking pictures of it! The colors do a lot to make this hairstyle beautiful too!


2. Mermaid Braid with Weave

This looks like a fierce mermaid braid hairstyle, and we love it! This style even looks warrior-like, which can be empowering to some women. An amazing braids hairstyle to try!


3. Mermaid Tail Braid

This complex way of creating mermaid braids is not going to be easy. You’ll need an experienced hairdresser to create these braids for you, but you’ll end up looking like a princess afters!


4. Mermaid Braid with Bangs

Not all mermaid braids need to be matched with long fringe. In fact, having bangs can make further highlight your hair color from all around, which is awesome too!


5. Double Mermaid Braids

To create this look, you have to create smaller braids first before braiding them together to create bigger braids. The result looks like you have a mermaid tail at the back of your head!


6. Mermaid Braid for Black Girl

Mermaid braids are for everyone. The way this braid is linked together is really neat and it even extends to where the bangs would normally be!


7. Side Mermaid Braid

If your hair isn’t super long, you can create a side mermaid braid and hang it over your shoulders to make it appear longer than it actually is. You also get to admire your hair without needing a mirror!


8. Fishtail Mermaid Braids

If you’re ever out of idea on how you can make mermaid braids more beautiful, this is it. Get some colorful hairbands and just go wild with the hair deco items. You can integrate these into your braid as you tie it.


9. Half Up Mermaid Braid

We aren’t quite sure about the words we’d use to describe this unique and detailed mermaid braid. However, we DO know that this is one awesome look that we can all get behind! You’d be lucky to find a hairstylist who can do this for you.


10. Mermaid Braid for Medium Length Hair

Even if your hair is not as long as you’d like it to be, mermaid braids would still work on you. This lady here has her mermaid braids decorated with tiny flowers!


11. Mermaid Braid for Short Hair

See how the mermaid braid does not discriminate against any hair length? Even if your hair is short, a mermaid braid can work beautifully for you.


12. Blonde Mermaid Braid

This blonde-platinum hair color works super well with mermaid braids too! We love the subtle highlights at the end of the braid. If your hair has bright colors, loose curls can create this look.


13. Mermaid Braid for Wedding

Mermaid braids have been a popular choice for a wedding day hairstyle, simply because of how graceful it looks when paired with wedding dresses of any design. What do you think about it?


14. Mermaid French Braids

A mermaid french braid is slightly different from your typical mermaid braids. The braids are a lot tighter, giving a neater look.


15. Mermaid Ombre Braids

The beauty of mermaid braids shows itself the most when the wearer’s hair is in an ombre tone. If the transition is more subtle or gradual, it will look even better!


16. Mermaid Waterfall Braids

These braids certainly look like it came out of Medieval folklore! The silver-white hair definitely has something to do with it, and we have no complaints because – look how gorgeous this style looks!


17. Messy Mermaid Braids

Remember, messy can be a style too! If you’re ever rushing to get this hairstyle done, you can expect the result to look something like this. It won’t be too neat, but this looks just casual enough to go out with.


18. Pull Through Mermaid Braids

This one is certainly unique! To pull this hairstyle off, you’d first have to create one braid and pull it through a hairband before you create another braid and repeat the process.


19. Twisted Mermaid Braids

You can twist your hair before tying them up in a braid if you want to give a little bit more style to your mermaid braid. The name clearly reflects what the hairstyle would look like!


20. Dutch Mermaid Side Braids

Yet another gorgeous hairstyle, the Dutch mermaid side braid is one that involves leading the braids to the side rather than all the way at the back only. The flower accessory is a nice touch!

So, which mermaid braid hairstyle you are going to try? Remember that colors and small floral accessories can do wonders in making your hairdo look awesome!