21 Best Jumbo Lemonade Braids That’re Trendy in 2023

Lemonade braids are at an all-time hype, along with real lemonade beverages. As we have observed, they definitely have similarities. Cool, refreshing, and fresh! If you could guess, who is the person who made this style famous?

Yep, it is the one and only “Beyonce”! This hairstyle is trendy while still exuding a classic vibe.

Trying to switch up your style for a trendier one? Jumbo lemonade braids are your best friend, especially if you have long, textured hair.

For women of color, this could also be a protective hairstyle, giving you the best of both worlds. This kind of hairstyle is a side-swept cornrow style that works for longer hair, particularly past the waist or mid-back.

You could also add in hair extensions for a longer look, which could give more volume and texture to your natural mane.

How to Maintain Jumbo Lemonade Braids Hairstyle

Many ladies choose it because of how low maintenance it is. These Jumbo Lemonade Braids will test your and your stylist’s creativity because there are so many different styles to select from!

Once in place, this hairstyle also serves as a protective and low-maintenance option. Extensions, trinkets, and ornaments can be added to enhance it further.

Jumbo Lemonade Braids with Curls

1. Hip-length Curly Lemonade Braids

This kind of style is appropriate whether you just want a casual day-out or a more formal look. With the luscious locks, you’ll definitely make a statement. The loose strands also give an extra touch.

2. Jumbo Lemonade Braids with Colorful Strings

Additional touches like hair strings could also be added to this braid. It brings out your personality further and exudes a casual vibe. It’s perfect if you’re a teenager that wants to experiment with hair.

3. Curly and Wavy

If you prefer a voluminous style, opt out for curly loose strands. Compared with braids, this is more laid back and casual in style. It also gives more volume and attention to your locks.

Jumbo Lemonade Braids with Color

4. Black and Yellow

Young women could definitely give lemonade braids a try! To make it more age-appropriate yet still cool, add in a dash of yellow like in the photo above. You’ll surely make heads turn!

5. Caramel Brown Lemonade Braids with Bun

Classy and boujee is the vibe that this hairstyle exudes. With the added hair color, it accentuates the braid, even more, giving it a luscious look. This is perfect for night-outs with your gals!

6. Blue, Yellow, and Purple Jumbo Lemonade Braids

Embrace your creativity by showing it to your hair. The blue, yellow, and violet complement each other, making it a spectrum of colors in your hair. These jumbo lemonade braids will make sure you stand out! 

Bohemian Big Lemonade Braids

7. Wavy Bohemian Chic

From light to dark, the ombre is the key if you want a daring look. The golden brown-blonde is a twist from the usual black hair color. Now, this is a style to spice it up!

8. Cranberry Red Curly

Let’s paint the town red, or perhaps, let’s start with your hair! Red hair paired with jumbo braids will make you an eye-catcher in the crowd. With the loose waves, it’s definitely a statement.

9. Blue and Purple Jumbo Lemonade Braids

You can rock these braids without an additional weave but with this one, she did it with a twist. The blue-violet combo will add oomph to your luscious locks, accentuating its beauty.

Jumbo Lemonade Braids with Ombre

10. Blue Ombre With Jumbo Lemonade Braids

Beyonce rocked the jumbo lemonade braids and made it into a sensation. Add your sense of personality and uniqueness with a touch of color. You could use blue or other different colors! 

11. Sunset Jumbo Lemonade Braids with String

The cascading ombre in the braids resembles a sunset. When we talk about creativity, this hair embodies it a lot! With the added strings and hair color, this is such a unique ‘do to try.

12. Pink Lemonade Braids for Longer Hair

As they say, the longer, the better. It definitely suits the pink lemonade look because of its bright pink color. With this ‘do, it’s perfect just in time for the summer.

Large Blonde Lemonade Braids

13. Beach Blonde Curly

From the usual black lemonade braids, why not step out of your comfort zone and be goldilocks for a while? This bright blonde will give the beach babe vibes, perfect for tanning on the beach!

14. Ombre Lemonade Braids with Beads

Embrace your ethnicity and add decorative beads to your hair for more oomph! This black, brown and blonde braid definitely aims to appreciate the culture! Match with this style while still looking stylish and cute.

15. Pale Blonde Jumbo Lemonade Braids for Thinner Hair

As the quote says, “blondes have more fun!”. Perhaps now is the time to change your look and switch out to jumbo lemonade braids. Although being blonde may be high maintenance, it is worth it!

Feed-in Jumbo Lemonade With Side Braids

16. Patterned Lemonade Braids with Weave

Feed-in braids are the kind of style that makes use of hair extensions that will be integrated with the hair. Get your weave pattern on and trust your stylist with their utmost creativity!

17. Side Jumbo Lemonade Braids for Thinner Hair

If you have short and thin hair, fret not. You could still rock your braids by adding a full-on extension to add volume and texture. Rock your braids by the side too!

18. Red Lemonade Braids with Bun

For a change, why not go with a bun? No-frills and will always stay classy, jumbo braids that are styled as a bun will exude uniqueness and will make you the star of the show.

Jumbo Lemonade Braids with Beads

19. Jumbo Lemonade Braids with Gold Trinkets

If you want to be more creative, bring out your artsy self by showing it through your locks. Beads can be a part of your culture or could be used to accentuate your ‘do!

20. Ombre with Rings

For an edgier look, bring out the beads! Add this decoration to bring out more spunk in your hair. This is perfect if you have night-outs or events to go to.

21. Multi-Colored jumbo Lemonade Braids for Girls

Last but definitely not least, let kids have fun with their hair. Different hair colors and accessories will bring more youthfulness to them. Leave your hair out in waves too!

Jumbo Lemonade braids are truly a trend not only this summer but for the whole year. Beyonce, a total style icon, has made it trendy, bringing out the creativity of women. You can also mix and match with the accessories and trinkets that you may prefer, along with a variety of hair colors. Hopefully, this list will inspire you to change up your look and go longer with these kinds of luscious braids!