23 Fresh Looks for a Girl’s Headband Braid

Want a unique, eye-catching hairstyle? Then a braided headband is perfect for you. This hairstyle uses your own hair to be braided into a headband look.

Even if you aren’t actually wearing one, the braids can make it look as if you were! Below, you will find 23 such examples of headband Braid. If you found a style that you like, remember to save the picture for future reference!

1. French Braided Headband

A French braided headband can make you look like a Disney princess straight out of a fairy tale. At the very least, she looks like what Aurora would be if the tale was to be modernized!


2. Braided Headband With Updo

A popular style for brides in weddings, a French braided headband can be fashioned into a bun at the end. This makes the hairstyle an elegant and unmistakable one!


3. Dutch Braided Headband

Having a thick head of hair would certainly come in handy when you want to get a braided headband look. You’ll still need quite some skills in braiding and segmenting the hair, but otherwise, it’d all be a breeze!


4. Headband Braid For Short Hair

Even ladies with short hair can sport a braided headband! Of course, this hairstyle would look better with longer hair, but it’s not a must. The hair around the front and sides can be fashioned into a braided headband just fine!


5. Braided Headband With Long Hair

With long hair, this is how your French braided headband hairstyle can look. Long hair works very well with this hairstyle, and you can wear it for a casual outing or for a formal event.


6. Headband Braid With Curls

Lucky enough to have a head full of amazing curls? Well then, you’re going to love the headband braid look. This hairstyle fits pretty much every type of hair texture and types imaginable.


7. Straight Hair With Braided Headband

You can also create a look truly reminiscent of wearing a headband by braiding the hair at the side to the back of your head.


8. Reverse Headband Braid

Try creating a headband braid all the way from the front – if you can get this done, the headband braid look will be much more focused on the textures here than the length of your hair at the back.


9. Two Braided Headband

You can also create a more unique braided headband by having more than just one braid. This eliminates the need for long or thick hair, since you only need two thin braids to get this look perfected.


10. Braided Headband For Wedding

This hairstyle is ever so ready to be decorated with small flowers or any other headband designs that the brides and bridesmaid team has settled on. Just pair it up with a nice gown and you’re all set to go!


11. Bow Braided Headband

Prefer not to let your hair down? Don’t worry – you can still stylize it with a big bow for your ponytail at the back. Everything works perfectly!


12. Headband Braid For Natural Hair

Even African-American hair textures can be modified to get the headband braid look. With a little effort and proper braiding, you can let the rest of your hair flow free and natural!


13. Headband Braid With Ponytail

This girl here has also utilized multiple braids in her version of the unique hairstyle. We’d probably suggest tying a high ponytail rather than a low one as pictured here, but this look would be suitable if you’re looking for something more low-key.


14. Braided Headband With Bangs

Let’s say that you don’t braid the bangs area – this would be just about how your hairdo would look. This just goes to show that you can still retain your bangs when you get this hairstyle up!


15. White Braided Headband

First of all, white hair like this would remind any Game of Thrones fans of the Mother of Dragons. The popular series aside, these loose curls paired with the braids are sure to make you instantly more elegant.


16. Big Braided Headband

Make a bold fashion statement by getting a big braided headband rather than several small ones. These bigger braids are easier to create, and attract more attention too!


17. Blonde Braided Headband

Get a hipster look by tying your braid horizontally across your head rather than in a typical braided headband hairstyle. Paired with sunglasses and some hippie clothes, you’re all ready to go to a live concert!


18. Braided Headband With Flower

With some skills, you can perfect your braided headband with a flower design on the side. You’ll need some long strands where you end the braid. The longer your hair, the bigger the flower!


19. Brown Braided Headband

Every hair color goes well with this hairdo – black, brown, blonde, white or anything else. The focus of this look lies in the hairstyle rather than your hair dye, so there’s no need to break your head over the best hair color to complement it!


20. Headband Crown Braid

When you braid your hair around your head, the loose curls around the back will cascade down gracefully, giving the appearance of an elegant, beautiful princess.


21. Headband Braid With Pixie Hair

Even short pixie haircuts aren’t a problem when you want to style it with a headband braid. On the contrary, these braids give the wearer a more accessorized hairstyle that they can use for a casual day out!


22. Waterfall Headband Braid

What better than a cascading waterfall-like headband braid for a perfect day out at the beach? With the way that brads are tied, there’s not much need to worry about your hairstyle getting messy after going into the sea.


23. Pull Through Headband Braid

Think of this variation as a headband braid with a few extra elastic hairbands. As the name suggests, the braids are to be pulled through the hairbands to create this look suitable for little girls.

And so that’s it for our collection of headband braid hairstyles! We hope that you have found some inspirations for your own hairstyle after going through this list. If you haven’t, try exploring some of our other hairstyle list articles on this site!