30 Beautiful Halo Braids You Need to Try

Are you attending a formal event or holiday party soon? Instead of the usual bun or simply curling your hair, why not try a beautiful halo braid? Halo braids typically involve creating one long Dutch braid and then winding it around your head, pinning it in place.

However, new versions of the style have adopted the crown braid: creating two French braids and wrapping them around your head. Thankfully there are plenty of tutorials online!

If you’re feeling bold and want to try a new style sure to make you look and feel stunning, here are 30 gorgeous styles of halo braids to try.

1. Halo Braid For Black Hair

Is your thick black hair craving a new hairstyle? Wind it up in a beautiful halo braid and let loose tendrils complete the soft, romantic vibe.


2. Faux Halo Braid

A faux double halo braid like this is easy to style. Just make two low braids, then wind up over your head. Keep frizz at bay with hairspray or gel.


3. Halo Braid For Short Hair

You don’t need long hair to rock a gorgeous halo braid. Women with short hair can pull off the style too by moving the braids closer to the neck. Get inspiration from these short hair braids.


4. Halo Braid For Long Hair

If you’re going to a formal event, such as a wedding, these braided hairstyles with well-placed loose tendrils of curled hair are perfect.


5. Halo Braid For Medium Hair

The great thing about halo braids is they work for long, short, and medium-length hair. They’re also perfect for showing off that new pair of earrings you just bought!


6. Halo Braid With Weave

Stun everyone at the next holiday party with a chunky braid accented with silver beads and an intricate braided design at the crown.


7. Double Halo Braids

Looking for a wedding hairstyle? A thick fishtail halo braid with plenty of loose curls will make you feel like the princess you are.


8. Halo Braid With Curls

This half updo incorporates this curly braided hairstyle as a royal crown with long highlighted curls that drape over the shoulders.


9. Crochet Halo Braid

With crochet braids, first, braid the hair into cornrows, then thread in hair extensions with a crochet hook. It’s an easy way to get long beautiful braids wrapped up in a pretty style.


10. Halo Braid With Side Part

To create this different take on the gorgeous halo braid, part hair on one side before finishing the look. Tiny face-framing braids are a beautiful finishing detail.


11. Twisted Halo Braid

Another great style perfect for a fancy event, this thick blonde halo braid uses small colorful flowers to make the look really pop.


12. Halo Braid With Bun

Not all halo braids have to be wrapped up around the head, try this braided bun. This one takes the ends and pulls them into a side bun for a casual take on the traditionally elegant style.


13. Halo Braid With Box Braids

Low-maintenance box braids give an old-fashioned milkmaid style a trendy update and lots of dimensions.


14. Halo Dutch Braid

Celebs like Sienna Miller and the Olsen twins have proven the Dutch halo braid is a classic go-to you can’t ever go wrong with.


15. Pull-Through Halo Braid

If you struggle with braiding, a low-maintenance pull-through halo braid is just for you. Make small ponytails around the head with one side of the hair, then weave in the other side of the hair.


16. Fishtail Halo Braid

If you have a little extra time in the morning, a fishtail halo braid is a beautiful style worth your patience. A colorful barrette is the perfect finishing accessory.


17. Halo French Braid

Halo french braids, which are braids that start near the top of the head, work with any type of hair from thick to thin.


18. Big Halo Braid

Women with thick hair should aim for a chunky halo braid, the bigger the better. It makes hair look luscious and healthy.


19. TWA

Women with TWA’s – or teeny weeny afros – can use weave in extensions. Smooth edges with gel or hairspray.


20. Halo Braid With Bangs

Halo braids with bangs can look just as beautiful as those without. For a chic look, keep bangs super straight and embrace fly-aways or loose tendrils.


21. Beaded Halo Braid

A halo braid with small face-framing braids gets some sparkle with beads of all shapes and colors.


22. Bridal Halo Braid

Feel like the star of the show on your special day with this romantic stunning bridal halo braid accessorized with small flowers.


23. Halo Cornrow Braid

If you’re already pretty advanced with halo braids, you can take the style one step further and add unique cornrows at the crown of your head that weave into your braid.


24. Halo Braid For Kid

Move over, Mom, these braided hairstyles aren’t just for adults! Your little one can be styling the halo too with braids that come off the side.


25. Feed-In Halo Braid

Achieve the feed-in braid by adding in braid extensions to your natural hair and then making it into a halo braid. Colorful beads make the look really stand out.


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26. Half Up Halo Braid

Leave some of your long hair loose with a half-up halo braid. Depending on the vibe you’re going for, leave the bottom half of hair straight or load it with curls.


27. Halo Braid With Sew-In

This thick sew-in halo braid is the perfect style for you if you’re looking for something feminine and elegant.


28. Messy Halo Braid

The normally picture-perfect braid gets a relaxed makeover when worn a little messy. Save this one for a weekend day date with the girls.


29. Halo Braid With Locs

Locs, also known as dreadlocks, are sections of hair that are uncombed and left to twist into themselves. Let your natural hair go and shape it into a beautiful halo braid.


30. Halo Braided Updo

This half halo braid is one to save in your stylebook. Side bangs are its perfect soft match as are a couple of loose tendrils that snake down the neck.


Now that you have 30 new options for halo braids, which one will you choose? Remember you can always add sweet accessories such as beads, flowers, and clips for that extra special touch!