23 Winning Looks with Ghana Braids

Ghana braids are amazingly popular among black women, but not only. There are thousands of styles and lengths you can choose for your hair! Also, the extensions don’t need to be in your natural color; you can adopt any tone you want.

Ghana braids can last for several weeks if you really take good care of them: sleep with a scarf or bonnet on your head and this way, you’ll stop the tangling.

Some women love them because they are real artwork for their hair; others just want to keep their unruly mane set for a more extended period. Either way, the images we prepared for you are pure pleasure for the eye, so check them out below.

1. Ghana Braided Ponytail

Separate the more full braids with thinner twists to create a beautiful pattern. Pin them in a long ponytail, and you’ll get a surprising look.


2. Jumbo Ghana Braids

Jumbo hair is usually used for braiding these beautiful Ghana twists. Start them from one side with one braid and close to it, knit the others.


3. Ghana Braids Updo

Buns never looked better, especially if you use a red Jumbo hair for knitting your wide braids.


4. Ghana Braided Bun

These types of braiding bun can easily be named real artwork. Even if it will take you hours to get it, the result is mesmerizing.


5. Ghana Braids To The Side

Start braiding your hair from one side of your hair and knit it to the other side. This way, your twists will fall only on one part.


6. Ghana Cornrow Braids

Wide, prominent black braids really stand out! Separate them with some thinner twists for a great hairstyle.


7. 2 Ghana Braids

This Ghana braid pattern really looks mesmerizing! If you don’t want to struggle with your hair for weeks, this beautiful style is the solution to all of your hair problems!


8. Ghana Braids For Kids

Four wide braids look fabulous, but if you add some golden hair jewelry, the output is astonishing!


9. Ghana Feed In Braids

Even if you have short, natural locks, braids are always an option for you. A visit to your favorite hairdresser and you can have these beauties knitted in your hair.


10. Small Ghana Braids

Braids don’t always need to be broad; you can create multiple thinner twists that you’ll adore in an instance!


11. Ghana Braids To The Back

Start small and go bigger! If you want a breath-taking look, add some hair jewelry on top of your head.


12. Ghana Braids With Shaved Sides

Create six Ghana braids that start near your forehead. Shave your sides and get ready for some compliments about your new look!


13. Long Ghana Braids

Spiral twists are something you can’t easily ignore! Why? Look at them; they are certainly fascinating!


14. Ghana Braids On Short Hair

You don’t need to have long hair. Inspire your branding from a bob haircut, and you’ll get a fascinating short braided hairstyle.


15. Ghana Crochet Braids

As we said before, you can use many colors for your twists. In this case, combine some black and silver Jumbo hair, and your ponytail will stand out from the crowd.


16. Half Up Half Down Ghana Braids

Ghana braids leave plenty of room for creativity! Pinup some of your golden twists and let the other ones loose on your back.


17. Ghana Bob Braids

This is one hairstyle you won’t easily forget! Red bob Ghana braids with golden applications at the ends; you’ll look like a queen!


18. Ghana Box Braids

If you want some braids that are out of the ordinary, get yourself some Jumbo black hair and mix it with some red locks. They will beautifully blend with your natural hair, we assure you!


19. Ghana Braids For Big Foreheads

For a spectacular look, pin half of the braids on the top of your head and make your sideburn twists more visible.


20. Ghana Braids For Round Faces

After seeing these amazingly crafted Ghana braids, you’ll give your beauty salon a quick call to make an appointment. Yes, we know, this knitting is FA-BU-LOUS!


21. Ghana Braids Mohawk

Who says you can’t have braids and a mohawk at the same time? With these hairstyles, everything is possible!


22. Ghana Braids With Beads

If you want a hairstyle that looks both elegant but doesn’t let your hair loose, this knitting is something you should know about!


23. Ghana Tribal Braids

Create a braid that splits your head into two parts and guided by that specific twist, start twisting beautiful long braids. These amazing tribal braids will make you feel like an ancient queen from Ghana.


Aren’t they amazing? When we’re talking about Ghana Braids, Jumbo extensions play an important role in the process. Tell us in a comment which of hairstyles you would love to have!