30 Flattering Braids for Long Hair (2023 Picks)

Getting bored with your normal long hair and are looking for a new style for inspiration? Braids for Long Hair are perfect if you’re looking for a new trend as it is quite popular. It’s also fun and easy to pull together with its versatility, and above all, its low maintenance.

We’ve listed down these 30 gorgeous braid hairstyles for those of you that have long hair. There’s no shortage of hairstyles that you might want to check from this article, so let us know in the comments down below which braids for long hair you’re willing to try!

1. Long Box Braids

Although regular braids are great, long box braids are more exciting and pair well with lighter hair colors. Gather a small portion of your hair and tie them in a braid until the end.


2. Lemonade Braid for Long Hairtah

This trendy lemonade braid hairdo with a side braid will surely improve your day. For this hairdo, you need to style your hair with a line braid, and a horizontal line braid on the side.


3. Long Braided Ponytail

If you’re looking for a cozier style, then this hairdo is the perfect match for its clean and fashionable look. Make three small line braids and gather your hair for a single long braid.


4. Crochet Braids on Long Hair

This stylish long braid will be a perfect match for your gorgeous black hair. Gather small portions of your hair to make braids and leave the tip of your hair untied for a cool effect.


5. Braid for Kid with Long Hair

Looking for a beautiful and special braid hairdo for your kid? Then try this hairstyle. Split your hair clean and make a long diagonal braid on the sides, gather and tie them near the nape and leave the hair loose.


6. Braided Updo

This is one of the best braids for long hair and pairs with nature-themed accessories. Start with making a simple loose braid on both sides and gather your hair to make a bun updo.


7. Long Micro Braids

Normal braids aren’t enough to fulfill your desires? Then try these cool, long micro braids. For this hairdo, it’s the same as normal braids, except that the braids have to be smaller and leave the tips loose.


8. Double Braids with Long Hair

This hairdo is a perfect match for a hot summer day with its fabulous outlook. Split your hair into two sections and braid each section all the way down. This hairdo is perfect with blonde hair.


9. Long French Braid

Long French Braid is a beautiful, and lovely hair that matches well with colored hair and neat hair accessories, and nice hats. Split your hair into many sections vertically and braid them alternately in the middle till the tip.


10. Long Tribal Braids

If you’d like a more exotic and daring look, this hairstyle will be perfect for your fierce character. For this hairstyle, you need to split your hair into sections and start making small braids in a line.


11. Side Braid for Long Hair

Get your hair ready as this fancy side braid will surely entice you. For this hairdo, make a braid shaped like a horizontal eight on both sides, then gather your upper hair and tie them above the side braids.


12. Long Cornrows

Try out this wonderful hairdo with its spiral long cornrows that make it beautiful and unique. For this hairdo, split your hair into multiple sections and make a spiral cornrow braid.


13. Long Individual Braids

One of the most underrated braids for long hair, long individual braids add more fun to your outdoor activities. For this hairstyle, split your hair into multiple small sections and start braiding towards the tip.


14. Braided Long Bob

Looking for a fun hairstyle to try at home? Then try this beautiful braided long bob by splitting your hair into sections and start braiding them at an angle and straighten them to a bob.


15. Long Braided Hairstyle for Wedding

Attending a wedding is not a problem with this gorgeous hairstyle with its natural and lovely appearance, just split your hair into four sections and braid them separately, and after that braid them together into a single long braid.


16. Black Braids for Long Hair

A fierce girl like you is a perfect match for this hairstyle’s exotic and wild look. Start by splitting your hair into sections, then make line braids parallel to each other, and that goes down the side of your head.


17. Long Blonde Braid

This beautiful hair is one of a kind with its lovely and luxurious look that embraces your inner self. Start by making small braids on the sides at an angle, then gather all your hair to make a braided bun.


18. Braids for Long Curly Hair

Try out this hairstyle, for those that have curly hair as it will make your hair more mesmerizing. Split your hair into small box sections and start braiding your hair and let loose some hair while braiding to add variations.


19. Crown Braid with Long Hair

Try out one of the most elegant braids for long hair hairstyles that will surely make you feel like a queen. Start by making a braid and circle it around your head, then add some accessories like flowers!


20. Long Braids with Beads

This stunning hairdo is one of the classics with the bead. To make this stunning hairdo just split your hair into many sections and start braiding each one until the tip and don’t forget to add the beads.


21. Long Dutch Braid

Booking a vacation to a summer destination? Then you should try out this lovely hairstyle wearing a wide brim sun hat or a cloche hat. Start by making a side braid, then gather all your hair for a bun.


22. Knotless Braids on Long Hair

This hairstyle is for those into box braids with its unique knotless style, you can add ombre colors for an extraordinary experience. Start by sectioning your hair, then start braiding while weaving it at the start for the knotless style.


23. Long Fishtail Braid

Having a special day with someone? Then this hairdo is perfect for its fine and graceful look that will surely have his eyes on you. Let’s start by making two braids and slowly connect them to form a single braid.


24. Braid on Long Thick Hair

This amazing hairdo makes good use of your ombre hair with its fine and gorgeous outline. Let’s start by sectioning your hair and start braiding them and connect them alternately for a single fine braid in the middle.


25. Braid for Long Thin Hair

Thin hair? Not a problem with braids for long hair. This clean and beautiful hairdo is perfect thin hair. Gather an ample amount of hair and split them, then braid it together with side hairs by interconnecting them.


26. Braids for Long Layered Hair

This hairdo for curly hairs will surely take your breath away with its superb looks. For this hairdo, split your hair, then separately braid them and let lose the biggest section above the nape and leave some hair for the bangs.


27. Long Braided Hairstyle with Weave

This clean and slick hairdo is a beautiful match for women with a darker skin tone and gorgeous black hair. Just like previous hairstyles, just braid your hair but add some synthetic hair at the tip for long hair.


28. Long Braided Style for Straight Hair

This splendid hairstyle is a perfect match with dark-colored hair for its simplicity. Let’s start by splitting some hair into sections, then braid them with the side hairs and lock them at the back of your head.


29. Braided Half Updo

This hairstyle makes your beautiful hair look stunning with its exquisite design. For this updo start by splitting your hair into 4 sections, leave the sides and braid the 2 middle sections separately then tie them into an updo.


30. Loose Braid for Long Hair

Nothing beats a hot summer day with making a loose braid for your amazing hair paired with sun hats. Braids for long hair don’t need to be tight! Do a regular braid and simply keep it loose and slightly messy.


Keep your braids looking at its best with the right conditioner and clips! Braids for long hair are both casual and formal when styled correctly. We hope that you found the perfect hairstyle that looks best for you! Let us know in the comments down below what you think.