25 Flattering Braids for Curly Hair

There are so many types of braids for curly hair but we gathered here only exquisite photos that are truly out of the ordinary. Mohawks, buns, side braids, it’s your choice. You can also combine them and get a look that gets to be remembered by all of your friends.

Creative Braids for Women With Curly Hair

For the most complicated braided curly hair, you’ll need three or four coils of hair extensions but some and a lot of time to spare. Believe us, they worth the effort.

Below braided hairstyles will give you ideas and help you pick the right one for your curly hair.

1. Curly Box Braids

When you look at this box braids hairstyle you can only say WOW! It has it all! Braids, curls and some fantastic jewelry for your locks.

2. Curly Crochet Braids

Crochet braids go so well with highlights! Choose a caramel color and make those curls stand out!

3. Curly Micro Braids

Micro braids look mesmerizing when fully braided. For this hairstyle, you will definitely need loads of patience!

4. Curly Braided Style for Black Hair

Love mohawks? In this case, this hairstyle was made for you! Braid your sides and let your curls loose on top of your head.

5. French Braid with Curly Hair

French braid hairstyles look astonishing if you have slightly waved hair and if you have some amazing highlights.

6. Loose Braid on Curly Hair

braids for women with curly hair

If you like a messy look, this loose braid is perfect for you. Youțll get a romantic elegant look that youțll certainly adore!

7. Side Braid with Curls

For this astonishing look, you have to create a side braid and let your hair loose! Such a bold hairstyle!

8. Curly Braided Mohawk

For this curly braided mohawk, you are allowed to do everything you want from crossed braids to electric purple colors for your curls.

9. Feed-In Braids with Curly Hair

Is blue your favorite color? Or maybe you like a more natural look? Either way, these hair extensions go so well with braids and youțll have a memorable image.

10. Braid with Curly Weave

For this hairstyle, you have to pick long curly hair extensions. Braid just a part of them with your hair and let the curls loose.

11. Curly Braided Updo

For this hairstyle, you have to start braiding from your neck hair towards the top. Create a curly updo and accessorize it with some hair jewelry.

12. Braided Curly Ponytail

Rich voluminous hair is something any girl wants. Braid the top of your hair and pin the curly hair extensions into a ponytail.

13. Braid for Long Curly Hair

Want a hairstyle that will turn heads wherever you go? Braid your har but leave the bottom curls loose, you’ll gain a spectacular hairdo.

14. Braided Curly Bob

Your bob can be any color you want. If you want to combine curls with braids, follow the example above.

15. Braid for Short Curly Hair

If you want a look that’s inspired by the African culture, get some braids on top of your head and let your loops loose.

16. Tribal Braid with Curls

Create a beautiful pattern for your braids and let your hair loose. Also, braid your sideburns and keep them in front of your ears.

17. Braid Style for Medium Curly Hair

If you want an outstanding hairstyle, create a double braid on one side of your head and tousle your hair before you go out. You’ll love your new look.

18. Blonde Curly Braid

Such a beautiful latte macchiato color! If you want to give it a romantic look, create a loose braid and tie it with a tiny lock from your hair.

19. Braided Bangs on Curly Hair

With this hairstyle, you will definitely stand out from the crowd. You’ll look like you have small hearts make from your own hair!

20. Waterfall Braid with Curly Hair

Use a conical iron for your hair if you want to create perfect loops. Create a braid from one side of your head to the other.

21. Kinky Curly Braided Hair

Create three small braids on one side of your hair and accessorize them with some golden pins. Wear some long earrings in the same color for an elegant touch!

22. Curly Dutch Braid

Dutch braids are a little bit different because instead of taking the strands over the middle strand, you’ll be braiding under the middle one. The effect is so eye-popping!

23. Braid for Kid with Curly Hair

Glitter, hair jewelry, and some beautiful braids and your little girl will look gorgeous!

24. Braided Style for Thick Curly Hair

Who doesn’t love thick curly hair? We know we do! You can beautifully braid it into a thick gorgeous knit.

25. Curly Hairstyle with Braid for Wedding

Getting ready for a wedding? Make-up is not the only important thing, your hair has to look perfect. You can create a big thick braid and wear it like a crown.

If you love curly hair and braids as much as we do, you already found the perfect hairstyle for you among these gorgeous pictures. So, which one is your favorite?